Your story is important – wedding highlights

  29 Feb 2020

Hello Guys, how is it going YouTube, Wokash here and today, this video is not a normal video I’m really excited because yesterday my cousin got married. Congratulations Magda and Kuba, this is amazing! And this wedding inspired me to talk about a wedding that I had a chance to film some time ago. with friends for friends. Every film is different, whether that is a feature film, an advert or a wedding video, but they all share exectly same thing – a great story. And telling your storries is what excites me most I love helping you spread the word whether you’re a big company or a private person. It simply makes me really inspired. And so when Iza and Tomek asked me to film their wedding, the most important day in their life, I was so excited and straight away I knew who I’m gonna ask to help me with that. Both wery talented yet coming from very different film backgrounds. Mikolaj and Marcin Thank you guys! If you’d like to check their work the link is in the discription so make sure to have a look. I’m not going to show you the whole video as the wedding day is a very intimate day. I am, however, gonna spread a bit of magic in this highlights that your gonna see now, so enjoy! Amazing day, isn’t it! If you guys got any story to tell yet you don’t know how, just let me know and I’ll be thrilled to help you out. Also, if you enjoyed this video, make sure to like it, share it with friends, subscribe if you haven’t yet and press notification bell so you don’t miss another one in the future. If you’re interested in wedding videos, comment below and I might prepare something for you Also, I will see you on Tuesday and untill than take care of yourself and I’ll see you very soon!

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