Your Journey into Calligraphy | Lecture 1

Your Journey into Calligraphy | Lecture 1

The tools we need for the first tutorial series: ruler, pencil, penholder straight, black ink Bronze finished right oblique calligraphy nib with top loading reservoir. TAPE Nib – 0.2mm size You can buy this tools at any art store Take a ruler and a white sheet of paper. Recede from the top edge about 2 cm and draw a line parallel to the edge of the sheet. From held line took two centimeters divide the resulting strip in two parts. The top strip is 8 mm, the bottom stripe 12 mm. Prepare ink. If you are afraid to stain the table, it is better to lay a rag Now insert the pen into the holder and carefully put it into the ink, so as not to stain the surface of the holder, when you pull out a pen, remove excess ink on the neck of the jar. Now we’ll write the word “calligraphy”. See how I do it and repeat If you don’t have experience in the calligraphy, most likely your letters will not be perfectly smooth. In the following lessons, I’ll give you exercises to develop writing skills by a broad-pen. Now our task is to write the word and then, after exercises write it again, and compare results on the same page. When we write, it is very important to follow the parallel lines. You can write more slowly than I. Do not be afraid to press the pen. Each letter is made up of elements, try to see them Calligraphy develops attention, patience and concentration. If we focus on specific action, then we become more productive. When you finish and ink on the sheet dries, put your work to a folder.

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  1. Nice video! Congratations for your first job! Go ahead! I like you job! I am waiting for more videos! Hugs and Success 🙂

  2. Besides I don't understand your language, your talent Is awesome. I assure I will watch all your vids. Good luck!!!

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