Young Couples Attempt To Write Love Letters

Young Couples Attempt To Write Love Letters

– It’s better than a dick pic. (classical violin music) – Probably emoji and gifts. – We text. – And bitmoji, that’s very important,
– Yes, bitmoji’s very– – [Guy on Right] very important. – I am much more of a talker. Like, I’m texting, I’ll just be like… Corey, can I just call you? – Probably to send an email that’s like, I’m thinking of you ’cause
I love you so much. (laughs) – That sounds right. – We’ve never written love
letters to each other before. – Corey writes me really beautiful letters whenever he (bleep) up. – I write emails that explain
myself a little bit more. – Now handwritten, though… – That’s different. – That’s different. – He wrote me a card once. Does that count? – I did? (“Morning Call”) – If I’m just writing a love letter to, like, write a love letter, I honestly don’t even
know what you put in it. – I feel like I should be on
a History Channel special, you know? “Dear Reginald, “it’s been three years.” – Would it be awkward if
I misspelled his name? – I’m gonna do my little emoji trick and just throw some stickers around. – In my Notebook-esque sort
of mindset, I’m thinking how Ryan Gosling can I get right now. But I’m not gonna write too much because she expects me to
go over the top with it plus I know her attention
span’s like pbfft. – Oh, I feel like it’s
about to get serious. – I think I’m just gonna write her about the ways in which I think our relationship makes me a better person. – Let me just go inside and find something good. Or go inside. – Weird to do this with you… here. (laughs) – Maybe we don’t write letters because it’s kind of uncomfortable to put all your emotions
on a piece of paper and like give it to someone. (“Morning Call”) – OK, you read mine first. (laughs) – I did the different colors! – I really hope you can read it. – Dearest Sophie, so, I love you. – I can’t believe it’s already
been a whole three months. That’s like 30 years in gay years. – I’m so lucky everyday to have met you. – I want you to know how much
I appreciate all the things you do for me, just because. – You’re deep and thoughtful,
and want to do good things but you’re not annoying about it. (laughs) – And your hand is just the
right size to hold in mine. – Hold onto mine. – Hold onto mine. – You’re hot! Hot. – That’s its own bullet point. – Thanks, ba– (laughs) – I guess I just want to say thank you for being my best friend, aww. – Don’t think I could’ve
asked to fall for someone more sweet or funny nor caring. Can’t wait for the all times and memories we have ahead of us. – You are loved, you are safe
and you are doing big things. Yours, Corey. Aww, that’s
like a little thing we say. – All I know is you’re damn
close to perfect for me. Love you so very much, Victor. – I guess that was OK. – OK. – So, this is awesome. Thank you. I loved it. – Yeah. – When is it not fun to have someone just take three minutes to
tell you how awesome you are? – And I’ll be honest, I wasn’t expecting for this to be as meaningful as it is. – You really don’t have
to always have a reason to tell someone how you feel about them. – It’s like one of those nice
things that you can, like, touch in your hands, and
be, like, this is something that somebody made for me. – I mean, I’m glad that
we can talk all the time and text all the time and, you know, see each other and call each other, but I think there is something special about having a letter. (“Morning Call”)

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  1. young? these people are in their late 20s and should be married with children already. these are just a bunch of adults with the mentality of highschool kids.

  2. I guess I can say this. me and my boyfriend of 2 years ONLY communicate face to face or by letters which we give to each other when we see each other. it's such a great way to communicate

  3. This makes me really inspired to write a love letter to my significant other. I think they would love it and really appreciate it.

    Mom, you got a love letter coming your way.

  4. Favourite couples of buzzfeed are
    1)Safiya and Tyler
    2)Becky and Corey
    3)A few gay couples I cannot recall the name of of
    4)Quinta and Justin
    5)Daysha and Eli
    That's about it,what about you guys?

  5. I know I'm like only 12 but me and my boyfriend do this and we have kept every single letter and note and poem that we have ever given each other we've been dating since dec 17. and believe it or not there are so many notes that we've given to each other because its so nice to keep something in your pocket to remind you of your loved one and that's not a text but a hand written note that came from the bottom of your heart but I think its so nice that my boyfriend takes the time do that for me. I love him so much and I know he knows that.

  6. i wrote a love letter to my boyfriend, at first i tought "no this is to cheesy", but the last time i was at his place i noticed that he had put it up on the wall over his computer so he can see it when he plays, that made me so happy.

  7. I had to do this for 13 weeks when my boyfriend went to a military bootcamp. XD sometimes the littlest words would make me cry.

  8. Me and my boyfriend write each other letters every once in a while ^^ It's really nice, we draw things for each other too. It feels much more pure and sincere than texting, but of course we tell the other that we love them every day, whether it's via text, Skype, 'real life' talking, or letters ^^

  9. They're getting love letters from their s/o's of a long time but I get emotional when a child I just met gives me a picture they drew

  10. Dear everyone reading,
    You are loved by the people who aren't stupid.
    Respect yourself and know that you were put on this earth for a reason.
    You do you boo boo.
    Hope (hopelessly artistic)

  11. am I the only one who would hate something like this? I really don't like over-the-top romantic gestures :/

  12. I know it has been almost a year but I hve to say I LOVE every video of Becky and Corey… they are the cuetest couple and get to me every time. Guys, I can tell you love each other from miles away!

  13. One of the things that hits you when you decide to write is what to say. It's easy enough to express yourself when you type, but writing it down on an actual piece of paper requires a lot of emotion and courage. Kinda goes to show why older generations have stronger relationships with their partners and peers because their words actually meant something.

  14. If u draw a picture or make a scrapbook /a pop up book of sorts it seem way more special, because u really put a lot more meaning into it & t makes u soo happy that ur making ur significant other happy 2!! #do more arty stuff

  15. the guy or girl which writes me a loveletter i'll marry right away…but sadly it isn't common anymore to write letters in general

  16. I wrote my friend a poem on a piece of paper and a donut haha and gave it to him for his birthday. We went out a few days after that, still going on strong :D.

  17. I do this all the time to my boyfriend over text. Like, ill be so bored and ill mess with him and say I met this reAlly cool person and ill describe all the things I love about him and then ill send him a pic and say here he is and it'll be a picture of him

  18. Dear __,
    I love you so much, thanks for being in my life.
    -Love, This Girl That Loves Diamond.
    The blank is waiting for the right person to make it fit.

  19. What I call a love letter : A POEM

    Hello love.
    You're the best
    And you know,
    I could have chosen anyone,
    But I chose you.

    You love me.
    You say hi everyday
    What could it be?
    You could have chosen anyone
    But u chose me ❤️

    Lololololololoooolol. I had to get it off my chest

  20. "Cold in my professions, warm in my friendships, I wish, my Dear Laurens, it might be in my power, by action rather than words, to convince you that I love you…" And that good people, is how you start a love letter.

  21. my boyfriend and I are currently in a long distance relationship and every now and then we send each other love letters to just make it seem more real, I think all long distance relationships should send love letters

  22. I used to write letters to my best friend. I miss him soo much. I haven't seen him in a year and a half. he has seen me go through a lot. thank god Im going back home soon.

  23. Sometimes doing it old school is so much better than texting or "Instagramming" etc. There's no more tangible, if not just a tactile sensation than receiving a real letter that demonstrates one's deep affection for another. It's also more special if one spends a lot of time making sure that the handwriting is beautiful and the words are more thoughtful when writing them – as it reflects one's importance to the other.

  24. i loooove writing letters for people. ever since i was in middle school i've written letters to my friends and people who are important to me. for christmas all my friends and i wrote letters and cards to each other to show how much we appreciated each other and it was great.

  25. Seeee I'd do this which is why I'd make a great girlfriend….

    Oh yeah I forgot I came here cause I was lonely and just got rejected

  26. My uncle wrote a song called LOVE IS JUST LIKE GAS…..sooner or later it will pass. They both can light a flame and drive you plum insane. Make you feel a little weak and cause alot of pain. Love is just like gas, sooner or later it will pass 💩💩

  27. I'm 17 and always write my boyfriend love letters, I'm old fashion. I only get asked out in person and they will always come to my door and knock if they're picking me up. Under no circumstances will that person honk at me.

  28. here I am; single, in my PJs at 8:30, have not been out all day, eating burger king on my bed.

  29. A handwritten profession of love is magical. Unlike a letter that relies on electricity or battery to read, ink on paper is always there. Pick it up and hold it, knowing that beloved also held that paper. After my husband died, the cards, notes and love letter he wrote became not just special, but treasured. Sacred. His fingers formed those words, each stroke each curve. I cherish those mementos.

  30. It's really cute watching young couples do the old way of expressing their love for each other. In terms of love and commitments, old fashioned way will never go out of style.

  31. no one is talking about how sweet sophia and victor are to each other victor is so soft-spoken theyre literally looking at each other like they’re the most precious thing on earth

  32. Anyone else here after the engagement video? From being a young couple to getting engaged? Wow they’ve come so far.

  33. I had to write a love letter for my character in a play from her husband who was in a war my teacher read it out to everyone in my class somone in my class cried the letter was just me thinking of my girlfreind

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