Yo! S1 E22 – Font Memory Game, Scrolling Gradients, Epicurrence is back!

Yo! friends – it’s Rob from One Page Love and this week I’m covering a font memory game, scrolling gradients, and Epicurrence return and more in the design and development space. A big shout-out to this week’s show sponsor a Flywheel managed WordPress hosting, once your site is up they take care of everything from nightly backups, speed optimization, security and more. just another quick shout out to flywheel who did an interview with me
over on their website if you’d like to know more about the process the
struggles the future of the youtube channel it’s linked below and definitely
worth a read just a routine reminder that everything i mention is blogged at
rubber comm /eo so sit back relax and enjoy the show the team over at better web types have
built an online game to help you improve your font identification skills the fond
memory game contains ten paired cards it’s up to you to match them within 25
moves or two minutes to unlock a discount code if you give it a go please
drop your scores in the comments below I completed this in an embarrassing 31
moves font playground is the ongoing personal project of wenting zhang where
he collects beautiful variable fonts he likes lucky for us we can also
experience these fonts through his neat interactive user interface when ting is
looking to expand the directories if you’re a variable font designer please
get in touch his details of blue gradient advocate MOA mayor has added a
new gradients background section to his popular CSS gradient resource the new
addition allows you to browse several gradient background generators to help
you find the perfect color burst for your next design bloomberg have reported
that Adobe planned to launch a full version of Photoshop for iPad in 2019
this will be the start of a new strategy to make all Adobe products compatible
across multiple devices and lastly with a sea of subpar stock photography sites
out there our show sponsor flywheel managed wordpress hosting have curated
the best free stock photography sites in 2018 the roundup covers overall quality
of images ease of use and image use guidelines so before you head out on
your next Harrow image quest give this article five minutes and a promise it’ll
save you time the freebie over on creative market this
week is this gorgeous script font called at Silla –the the calligraphy style
Taipei’s features tons of alternatives and ligatures for all your branding or
logo type needs another limited time freebie on creative market this week is
this vector pattern set called meadow the download includes over 50 seamless
repeatable patterns in a ie PS PNG and JPEG formats box icons is a collection
of over 750 SVG icons to get started you can use the paths to the convenient CDN
or download the files individually or in bulk and another great free font this
week is lemon bird a digitally hand-drawn typeface courtesy of designer
Ian Barnard the typeface is only uppercase but with a bit of creativity
in your font toolbox you can piece together a unique and quirky design dev tube is a new hub for developer
videos for sure most of the content is on YouTube but its differentiator is the
dev related tags and filters to help curate content within your niche if
you’re into the current gradient trend Mike reed-muller has penned this demo
where the colorful gradient background changes as you scroll another hot trend
you would have noticed his angled edges within landing pages front-end developer
and WordPress core contributor Joseph Fusco has put together the sass mixin
for creating angled edges on sections by dynamically encoding SVG’s and lastly
Jen’s Simmons has put together this video answering a common developer
question where is CSS for her comprehensive answer takes us on quite a
journey through all the CSS versions but if you’re short on time here is the TLDR dan pedi is back with another awesome
epic currents events and of course announced with an even more awesome
one-page website the design just oozes style from unique button hover effects
select parallax scrolling a beautiful color scheme and gorgeous illustrations
there’s loads to love in this wonderfully unique one pager for
apostrophe copywriters check out the fun alphabetical client shutouts the
gorgeous big typography the team BIOS written by each other
the original contact form and not to mention the fittingly cheeky copy and
lastly check out this captivating one-pager taking us to the slopes of the
famous Japanese island of Hokkaido features include rich big imagery
looping videos a unique gallery slider and a fascinating Tokyo lifestyle
section with parallax scrolling elements that’s it for your 22 just a final shout
out to this week’s show sponsor fly well managed WordPress hosting and make sure
you subscribed as next week I’m dropping a brand new video series

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