Yo! S1 E17 – Scratch n Sniff Stamps, Dank Mono Coding Font, Cool Backgrounds

Yo! friends it’s Rob from One Page Love
this week I’m covering scratch and sniff stamps Cool backgrounds, a slick
coding font and more in the design and development space. So I’m keen to try
something new the top news story every week will get its own standalone video
with a little bit more depth of a review so please just email me tweet me comment
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the US Postal Service are releasing the first ever scratch incentive stamps for
a tenner you can pre-order a booklet of 20 stamps designed by Margaret Berg the
new stamps titled frozen treats are printed with unique coating that invokes
a sweet summer scent when scratched page flows is a resource providing excellent
references to popular app user flows it’s not free but incredibly valuable if
you’re in charge of this area of your business the home page has 12 free demos
to showcase how they roll and a must submit the video plus timeline combo is
very impressive cool backgrounds is a new online tool released by MOA Mayer
generating colorful backgrounds for your blogs or websites the options cover all
modern trends including triangles particles CSS gradients and more
overflow the user flow diagramming tool is now in public data on Mac OS and it’s
totally free since I featured overflow in yo 7 more than 35,000 designers have
signed up and feedback has been super positive why’d elements is a set of common UI
elements with a hand-drawn sketchy look but the kicker is they’re implemented as
web components so along with rough jeaious you can quickly whip up
interactive wireframes and mock-ups with a unique hand-drawn style have this is a
useful Chrome extension that allows you to quickly download any Dom elements
within a web page straight into PNG format you simply click the icon to kick
it off highlight the Dom elements and then you’re conveniently prompted to
save the image I’ll sponsor flywheel managed WordPress hosting have released
a free guide on how to boost your WordPress site security this ebook will
teach you why WordPress sites get hacked in the first place and then walk you
through 11 easy ways to increase security I’d say if you’re new to
WordPress this is essential reading as getting hacked is much easier to prevent
than fix a quick shout-out to this new coding font by full plaque a thing
called dank Mona it’s a premium product for sure but considering you’ll be
staring at it for 12 hours every day what’s 40 quid our first most-loved award is this
wonderfully unique one-page portfolio for freelance graphic designer William
Richardson when you click anywhere within the blank canvas a new portfolio
item appears each draggable and resizable what an awesome touch with
additional features to clear the canvas delete a single item and even download a
screenshot of your curated version of Williams portfolio to reference later
check out these impressive parallax effects in this landing page for font
face dojo a browser extension to identify and bookmark fonts from any web
sites also take note of the progress status of the intro screenshot carousel
within the actual carousel arrows final shout-out to the quality animations in
the features table lastly is this magnificent one pager taking us to the
slopes of st. Moritz the image rich website features a subtle Mountain slope
parallax effect as you scroll unique flying typography a train moving mid
page multiple gallery sliders an interactive product and my favorite
feature a chat style interview with World Cup alpine ski racer
Tina where other mandal otto is a unique almond-shaped
typeface by designer and developer Stefano Gila Bertie the font is
compatible with 90 languages and includes 505 cliffs and 5 weights
another font worth mentioning is the free beyond creative market this week
called royal Kingdom the vintage style typeface is perfect for logos and
branding once in an old school yet premium feel vanilla is a free HTML
landing page template by UI deck the template built using bootstrap framework
features all the elements you’ll need for a standard long scrolling landing
page features include testimonials pricing tables enquiry forms and more
creative Ella have put out this freebie titled ethnic abstract textures the team
describes the freebie as unleashing the power of watercolor intensity with
ethnic motives to add natural spirit to any kind of design that’s it for this week’s episode just a
final shout out to this week’s show sponsor flywheel managed wordpress
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