Write happy birthday  bubble letters ice cream heart

Write happy birthday bubble letters ice cream heart

an art teacher for many years and today
I want to show you how to draw a happy birthday card in the heart covered with spilling Ice cream and ice
cream bubble letters so first right the word happy birthday writing the word birthday capital easy tall letters then write the word
Happy starting with the p over the H and then
complete the word so it comes out in the center a long word now turn these letters and
the bubble letters by adding ovals around each line of each letter like
this. If you want to see how to draw all bubble letters for beginners in a video
letters for beginners in my video wait till the end of this video I’ll leave a
link there and also in description box under this video just continue bubbling up the letters with these ovals around our capital
letters and if you want to see how to add the
dripping and melting ice cream to each letter stay with us till the end of the
video and I’ll do it then. Ok now that we’re
done lets make two dots for our heart one on the
top and one on the bottom and let’s draw a heart surrounding the
words happy birthday just make it lightly from dot to dot now we’re gonna draw the ice cream here on the top a our heart so erase a little bit then draw ice cream
like clouds clouds and curved lines that are facing downwards and now will make the scope on the top nice and round and we’ll finish with a heart ice cream
dripping here on the side now we will draw the ice cream cone with a cherry on the top just make a big circle and finish it with a few clouds in the bottom draw a cherry swirl with a stem and now a triangle for our cone and some more dripping ice cream hearts on both sides make these hearts curved now I’ll take my black artist pens size
medium it’s a M size. You’ll see more information
on the pen under this video and I’ll go over on all the outlines over letters keeping
the lines chubby bumpy as ice cream is. Remember to wait till the end of this
video I will show you how to draw the dripping melting ice cream to each letter. I’m trying to stay as close as my
guidelines but I’m changing it a bit OK … Happy Birthday this I look like a candy. Here’s a
dripping T H D A y great now that we’re done
with our letters will go over the ice cream cone we’ll draw it , add some swirls and curls finish up our cherry and stem , dripping ice cream hearts and our cone. I use a thinner artist pen which is an
‘F’ for the word ‘Fine’, it makes fine lines to make these
lines more decorative and delicate. again you’ll see more information about
these pens on the video in the Description box okay now that we’re done with our ice
cream cone we’ll go and continue through the ice cream on the top of our
birthday heart just go over the line and now we’ll add some shadow under the ice cream by
making part of our line thicker filling in the space okay its gonna give us and illusion a shadow and now we’re gonna add the spilling ice cream around the heart go over the heart and add dripping ice cream and I like to
leave some white spaces here and there to make it look shiny Great! now that we’re done – erase all our pencils. How to draw
the dripping letters so again I’m using my fine artist pen and I’m drying dripping letters just loops going down and up and then I feel it in very delicately with my pen again my ‘fine’ pen for fine lines and I’m leaving some white spaces here and there on the bottom side or on the right side of our drips. Birthday if you want to know more about bubble
letters heart drawings and other flowers card
ideas just click on the videos here Visit my youtube channel Overnight

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  1. You are a Awesome artist. And the ice cream is very cute. Loves the video. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ

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