Why Don’t We “8 Letters” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

Why Don’t We “8 Letters” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

Daniel: It was so, like, crazy to be working
with the people we got to work with on this song, because we dreamt of working with them. Johnny is just the freshest man on this earth. He has a different mind. His pants fit so good. Jonah: He did have the freshest pants. Jack: Oh yeah Zach: Usually we plan out the days we’re going
to record the song, but like writing is different. We’ve had like 5 studios going every day,
so there’d be days some of us would be in one studio, some of us would be in one studio. Jack: Zach will be here, Danny will be in
another room, I’ll be playing basketball Zach: We literally probably made 70 songs. Daniel: It was pretty gnar, gnar Jonah: You don’t have anything to hide behind
anymore, they like know everything about you like all your secrets, all the juicy stuff. Jonah: When something drastic like that happens,
to you emotionally, it’s hard to let another person into that same space. Normal instincts would say don’t let that
happen again. So, it’s a process of saying no, this is someone
completely different, and this isn’t the same situation Jonah: We’re talking about kind of the past,
and your feelings of maybe meeting, and the early-on beginnings of a relationship. Just trying to get a vibe for each other,
and understand who they are as a person, if this is someone you really want to attach
yourself to, or not, or I mean, those are crazy conversations to have. Zach: I mean, it was the past, you were young
when you said it, it’s everybody has done it. It’s obviously a lie. I mean, you don’t know it at the time, but
when you lose them, you’re like, why did I say I love you? It’s like, it didn’t mean anything to me. Zach: When you think that you want to say
that to her so many times, it just means that she means that much to you. Jack: It stands for “I love you”. Jonah: Someone could hear it and perceive
it differently, and be like, oh it means Corbyn: Fartface Jonah: Fartface Jack: Yeah fartface is a good one. I like that. Jonah: It’s hard to call someone a fartface Corbyn: Yeah Corbyn: Why am
I overthinking this, why am I struggling so hard to say it. Jonah: Like in your heard Corbyn: Why can’t I just say it? Jack: I’ll get like, super needy, and I’m
like, dang it, come here. And then, I’m like, wait nevermind. Jack: Corbyn, like, posted this Instagram
picture, it was so fire, he like took 3 pictures of himself, and he was in his own way, and
then he posted the lyrics. Corbyn: Oh yeah Daniel: You’ve found the one, you know, you
guys match perfectly, and I feel like, even if you haven’t found the one, everyone has
like, that girl or that guy that they go to, or that they think about. Daniel: There’s that person I was talking
about, that is just like perfect in your eyes, and you think is perfect for you. But, it’s always the case where they don’t
feel the same way to you, or maybe they do and you don’t know, because you haven’t spoke
your mind. So that’s just kinda what that’s on, is like,
I need to just man up, man, I need to just do it man. Jack: Like personally for me, I love love
in general, like I love being in love. Like, it’s such a powerful feeling to me. So like, when you have someone super close
to you like that, I think it’s a really special thing.

100 thoughts on “Why Don’t We “8 Letters” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

  1. "Sometimes I get super needy. I'm like,
    'Dang it! C'mhere!' and then I'm like,
    'Wait, nevermind.'" –
    Jack at 3:00 basically the most cancer zodiac sign thing ever ;D

  2. I'm from 9 months later and something came across my mind…

    what if it actually means "fart face" when they were writing it😂

  3. Some of them are either so bad at explaining the lyrics or they just haven't wrote it themselves so they are assuming what the lyricist meant

  4. Why don’t we boys: what’s auto tune?
    (Guys I know they use some auto tune but like are you kidding me there must not be much but they sound almost the exact same as they did in the original song)

  5. who's watching in 2019? they've come so far from this it's just so crazy ahhh i'm so proud of them and i love them so muchhh ❤❤

  6. 8 letters:

    i love you
    i need you
    i miss you
    i hurt you
    i am sorry
    come back

    all 8 letters and all so hard to say haha

  7. i hate the fact that real artists (like alessia cara, wdw) in genius videos gained hundred thousands of views while artists from social media (like danielle bregolli, loren gray/beech, jacob sartorius) gained millions of views.. fuck it

  8. I love how Daniel says 'that girl or that guy' at 3:36 and I'm not making any conclussions over here, but you know, not everyone includes both sexes while talking about love and then at 3:44 he said 'person' like… I don't know but, I hope you can understand me🤷‍♀️

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