Welding in Cricut Design Space

(upbeat music) – Hi, I’m Joanne with
expressionsvinyl.com, and today I just wanted
to cover another feature in Cricut Design Space, and that one is Weld. And if you use a lot of fonts, this is something you’re gonna
want to watch really close. Welding will just put your images together and make it so they don’t overlap and cut different ways. So, I’m gonna go over to Design Space and we’ll start to get it started. Okay, so we’re over here in Design Space and I just have the word simplify. And what I did, it’s a
font called Antelope, I like this font, kind of swirls, and you see it when it starts out, they’re separated from each other. And once you line it up together, you can use different
features in Design Space and line it up together. But what it does, they overlap
the letters a little bit, but it still has the same cut lines. So what you’ll wanna do is weld it. Once you’ve got your images or your text the way you want them, select on all of them and then use the weld
feature down at the bottom. Just click on Weld and it
welds those letters togethers like it was one word, instead
of each individual letter. I’ve got a couple that
were done up here already and I’ve got the weeding box around them. What I did, the top one I didn’t weld, I just moved the letters together and you can see the
little lines in between. And that’s exactly where it’s gonna cut. It’s gonna cut all those extra lines. The second one has it where it is welded. So it looks like all one word. So once you’ve got everything set up the way that you want it to, then you just send it
to your machine to cut, and you’re ready to go. Okay, so I’ve already
got one cut out here, I just wanted to show you a little bit of the difference. This one right here is
the one that’s welded and it might be hard to see, but you can see in there
that all the letters touch each other. They won’t break apart. They’re all one continuous word. But if you don’t weld it, if you just move the letters together and don’t weld it, this is what will happen. The I will break apart and
it’s a separate letter, and then you’ve got all the spots where it was touching the next letter. So now where the M connects
over here to the P, you’re gonna run into the
same thing with that one. All these little pieces of vinyl. And it’s hard to work with
if you’re doing iron on, or a vinyl phrase for your wall. You don’t want all those
little extra pieces. So, it’s a good thing
to use the weld feature in Design Space so that you can avoid all those little pieces like this, and your words will all be one word. So if you like this, if you have any questions, comments, leave them below. Make sure you leave us a like and don’t forget to subscribe to our page. Have a good day. (upbeat music)

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