Watercolor Look with Blender Pen & Mail Art Brush Lettering

59 thoughts on “Watercolor Look with Blender Pen & Mail Art Brush Lettering

  1. I love both the card and the envelope!❤❤❤ This SSS card kit is amazing! Thank you for the inspiration!😍😍😍

  2. Kristina, I ADORE both the card & envelope ensamble, they’re GORGEOUS!!! As always thanks so much for sharing your time and creativity, YOU ROCK!!!

  3. I think the cream card stock under the "just because" is better than white would have been. You get both the white and cream from the flowers the way you did it.

  4. I think the vellum with the white embossing kinda lightens it up. The way you did it with the ivory paper was perfect and unexpected

  5. Oh my goodness Kristina, this card and envelope design is EVERYTHING! This would make an incredible wedding invitation set.

  6. I love the way you colored the leaves with the blender pen. They look great. I’m going to try that! Thanks.

  7. Love both the card and envelope! You are always so amazingly creative! Love this card kit and can’t wait to get it!

  8. Absolutely gorgeous card Kristina! You're so talented. And so sweet of you to send your cards to the lucky picked. Such an honor for those who receive one of those beautiful cards. Tfs.

  9. Stunningly beautiful, as always!! I love the paper and stamps in this card kit, and the way you used them. Dawn is a very fortunate lady to get this gift of your artwork in the mail!

  10. I love all the care and detail you put in your cards. Every recipient must feel so special to receive such a gift! Beautiful card and envelope. I’d never heard of using a blender pen that way; thanks for that info!

  11. Beautiful card!!I can’t wait to try it with my kit. Have you ever used Chameleon pens? I’ve been thinking of buying them to do something similar to what you did on this card. I’d love to hear your opinion of them because they are quite expensive.

  12. Beautiful! That patterned paper is GORGEOUS and your coloring goes perfectly! I wish I could do lettering like you. LOVE the way you letter!

  13. Kristina…Post Office also told me that my card would return if I had address on back. I take a risk too. I have mailed cards in my home town with my address on the front and the recipient never received it and I never got it back! So go figure! I just love your writing!

  14. Smacking myself in the forehead!!!!! I have had NO success with no-line watercoloring. Why did I not think to try using my blender pen? Duh!!! This is great! Thank you so much, and the card is extremely beautiful! I like the transition of color the cream-colored cardstock makes between the soft yellow in the patterned paper and the white embossing on the vellum. A preciously, gracious card! Homerun!

  15. Beautiful !! Love the dark envelope. Wish I could trim around stamps like you do. I failed cutting with scissors in elementary school. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Such a clever idea! Beautiful results….but don’t think I would do this as I have so much difficulty coloring. But thank you!!!

  17. This video solidified my decision to subscribe to the SSS kit. I wasn't sure about it but now I'm sure.

  18. Hi Kristina lovely tutorial thanks for sharing your tips 🦋x have a lovely weekend Lin in South Wales uk

  19. I nearly broke my finger pushing play when I saw this was a new one of your mail art videos! THANK YOU!

  20. Ask the postal people to hand cancel and it should go through the mail just fine. Same with odd sized letters

  21. Love when you do envelopes. I am still afraid to do one but I am getting inspiration from you. Thank you for sharing

  22. Beautiful!! You are so creative. I love doing matching envelopes when I have time and I appreciate your creations. I am going to have to try the blender pen technique. Thanks, Kristina! Re: the return address….after having several of my Christmas cards come back, I gave up and put the return address on the front. Big sigh.

  23. Beautiful…as usual. You are so talented. I think the results of using that blender pen makes a big difference in how those leaves turned out. I must try that. I caught a glimpse of a different video that mentioned your recent birthday. Just wanted to wish you HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (I get one of those, too, in a couple of days.)

  24. Gorgeous card! I can't believe how well you were able to match the flower and leaves to that paper. And that embossing just makes it that much more beautiful. Same with the envelope 🤗
    God bless ❤ XOXO

  25. I really like this pretty patterned paper. I always appreciate the fact that you use vellum in your card designs! I feel like vellum is under used for card making. The vellum on this card is so incredibly beautiful! This card design is so lovely, Kristina. The blender pen coloring is so organic and quite beautiful. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone use a blender pen in this way. Oh so cool 😎. Thank you. ~😺Katz

  26. As a snail- mail lover I have to say I appreciate your attention to detail and how beautiful this is ♡

  27. That's really interesting information about the address on the back flap and the potential for the cards to be returned. I've never heard of that before and I put my address on the back flap 99% of the time – none have ever (crossing fingers) come back to me. I do have a postal worker at my post office that actually measures envelopes and has a piece of cardboard with a slot cut in it that is the minimum size of a mailbox slot that she tests to make sure the card will fit through….she is the only person who has ever done either thing. I take my cards in because I want to make sure they pass inspection. She has never mentioned the address on the back flap. Also, the card and envelope and beautiful!

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