VOLVO V90 Estate AWD Inscription Test Sürüşü Türkçe / Test Drive (English Subtitled)

VOLVO V90 Estate AWD Inscription Test Sürüşü Türkçe / Test Drive (English Subtitled)

We are with Volvo V90 Station Wagon at capital of Scandinavia in Sweden Stockholm. If we take a look at the test of Volvo with the Station Wagon, we actually see that it has a history that dates back to the 1950s. But before that, let’s come and check it out together If we take a look at the test of Volvo with the Station Wagon, we actually see that it has a history that dates back to the 1950s. So much so that at the beginning of the 1950s, Station Wagon had a single feature that was sought after in cars. He was also concerned with how many passengers he could get, how much baggage he could have. However, as years passed, the quality of the vehicle was the most important factor that changed the performance of the vehicle. As you know, the Volvo 850 Station Wagon named car, in fact it was a milestone. Volvo’s 850 named car can actually be seen on the pistes at the beginning of the 1990s. It is even so that in 1994 these cars had both 4-wheel drive and turbo-engine. It is even so that in 1994 these cars had both 4-wheel drive and turbo-engine. I want to ask you something, before start to introduce Volvo V90 located behind me Why Volvo use these name such as V90,S40,S60? Why three digits? Actually, Volvo originally wanted to use two digits when it was going to start using this refinement. You may think S4, S6 V4, V6, However, when using the Volvo S40 name it is desirable to use it as S4. Since the S4 was supposed to create a question mark in this head because Audi coincided with the S4, it was the S40. The V40 would actually be the vehicle F4. But to be considered a reference to Ferrari’s F40 vehicle, This vehicle has been called to V40 There F4, F means Flexibility. However, when the vehicle is returned to the V40, the letter V stands for “Versatility”. So, on that day, it is possible to see it as 3 digits If you put V40, V60, Xc 90 in one place, S60, S40, C30 will pay attention, you see only 3 letters. And the expected meeting, We are with Volvo V90 Station Wagon at capital of Scandinavia in Sweden Stockholm As you know the Volvo V90, the Inscription and Momentum options that have come into our lives with the XC90 welcome us. Ultimately, among these options in R-Design. When we look at the front of the car, when we see a Volvo from the other side, Is that vehicle Momentum? Inscription? Or R Design? just by looking at the front panel. That is, if the front grille found under this Logon is only black coated, then the vehicle is a Momentum. If there is a Chrome clap on that black cover, that vehicle is becoming Inscription. What about R-Design? In R-Design, there is a piano black coating on the front grille of the vehicle. However, there is a hidden package, which is the Kinetic package. I will not detail the Kinetic package. Because it’s something we will not see in that packed way. Unlike the Momentum, the Momentum is the same, without the Thor headlamp version. Is that just the front grille that determines the package of that vehicle? Of course no.. When you choose an inscription package, there are Chrome details out there, Chrome details you’ve seen here, R-Designda is a more sporty bumper here Chrome details are welcome us located on the sill If the car is looked at in generally, it is actually the same as the Volvo S90. So, even though the Volvo S90 is the sedan, and it’s the lowest sedan in its class, a D-column is here to greet us, even if it’s a station wagon, if we look at the V90. But I want to make an interesting sentence like this to you. Listen carefully, the car is shorter than the S90. Yes, you did not hear wrong, this vehicle is shorter than the S90 when you look on paper. The vehicle has a length of 4936mm and a height of about 1.5 meters. Height from the ground is 10-12 CM The World Press Launch of the Volvo v90 Cross Country took place in the month we passed. The other detail there is that the Volvo V90 Cross Country is more than 6 CM higher than the V90 More precisely, there is a dark navy coat. Be careful, I do not call it plastic. There is a paint coating on it. So if you look closely, you can see that the bumper point of that vehicle is actually a dark color. But when you look at it from a distance, the Volvo V90 cross country seems to be assuming that a black plastic coating is taking place here. But Due to chrome cover ,this vehicle, which comes from the inscription, welcomes us. If you look at the back of the Volvo V90, you see that the great thing to talk about is actually behind the car. When we look at the stop group, we know that the XC90 is familiar, the Stop group is placed in a vertical profile, However, you will see that this horizontal stop group actually reflects the characteristic nature of the Volvo V90. We can also state that it is in a form of L-shape. Due to the protrusion you have seen, In fact, if you look at the side from the side, you can assume that it is longer. However, as I have pointed out before, it is worth mentioning that this tool is a short tool from Volvo S90 on paper. If we look behind the car, it is also related to the Station Wagon, yes a really big baggage volume is welcoming us. That is; The Volvo V90 has a luggage volume of 526 liters. But with the help of these knobs, you can lower the right and left seats and get up to 1526 liters of luggage capacity. However, if we look at other vehicles in the vehicle’s segment, what is it? The remaining 526 liters will be calculated, quite enough in level. Imagine that you have 526 liters of luggage. But you went to a markete and bought a two-bag When you put it here or when you put the parcel, because you can hang up the bag. However, when you receive a small parcel and if you do not keep it here, this parcel shaking in the baggage as you know it. But, With that device in there, you can put your arm on the front and support it from here. This is a very successful and thought-out thing. The feeling is -10 and it’s really cold. İf you wish that It’s time to get to the driver’s seat. We are in the Volvo V90. However, if you wish, you can immediately watch the Volvo S90 video, which we have tested in Trabzon by clicking on the button on the top right corner of the screen. If you look briefly at the Volvo V90, you’ll find a springy storage area like the one on the Volvo S90, with a very long storage space. As a matter of fact, there are 2 USB, 1 Aux and 1 CD player in the armrest. If we look at the back of the Volvo V90’s living space, Both knee distance and head distance are very successful. In terms of technology, the 240 Watt socket-in and touch-screen climate controls under the armrest are quite successful. Thanks to the controls on the steering wheel, you can adapt to the speed limit here, especially Adaptive Cruise Control, Ribbon Tracking System and Vehicle Tracking System. By pressing the button on the right side, You can command the car by voice. But of course there are almost all languages except Turkish. I have used this test tool with D5 code, a motor that produces 235 HP 480 NM torque power. And the 0-100 acceleration is around 7.2 seconds. But if you look at fuel consumption, although it looks like 5.2 – 5.6 liters on paper, The values I have obtained are about 7.5 liters due to air conditioning and stopping and standing up. This car is include in the active plus II package as I used to look at the hardware packages of this vehicle. What does it mean ? The car has a BMW sound system and the air suspension of the suspensions. To get this in Turkey you have to pay more about 35,000-40,000 TRY. However, there is a situation that the starting price of this vehicle in Sweden is about TL 130,000 starting with Turkish. When this price comes to Turkey, I believe that unfortunately it will be at least 300,000 band due to the excise duty, from tax reasons. If you use such a vehicle, you will not be talking about driving dynamics. Because the car is 235 HP, it has 4 wheels and it produces 480NM of torque. Although it is a station wagon, it always makes me think about how long the vehicle is in the bends. However, thanks to the close proximity of the vehicle and the successful suspension system, the speed at which you are entering the curve is actually at that speed. During the time I used the car, I did not get any wind or trim noise when I went over 110 km. However, of course, there is an event that can be experienced in this time. If you look into this engine with a D5 code, it has the same Power Pulse system as the Volvo S90. At this point, Volvo is aiming to prevent Turbo delay and even when it’s really a 0-100 test, it reaches 480 NM torque very comfortably. If I show you, 100-105-110 KM/h The other thing I will point out is that when you park your car and leave the car, the car sends you a notification on Google Map. Thanks to this notification, it is very easy to find where the car is, where it parks, and how far it is between you. Even so, you can take the photo of the car and place the logo part of the car on Google map. In Sweden, the sun sets at 9 am in the winter months, and the sun starts to set on at about 2 o’clock in the afternoon. For that reason, I am planning to take advantage of this vehicle and go to Gamla Stane. Goodbye for now. If you like the video, please do not forget to press the like button and leave a comment. Goodbye

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  1. eleştiriyi kabul edermisiniz bilmyiorum ama gördüğüm eksiklikleri size belirtmek isterim öncelikle videonun süresi zaten kısa (13dk) başka otomobil inceleme kanallarına baktığımızda 20 dk'nın altına düşmüyor (tabiki istisnalar var) ayrıca 13 dk nın 7 dakikasında volvonun tarihinden ve dış tasarımından bahsettiniz bakın dış tasarım kişiseldir yani kişiden kişiye değişebilir iç tasarımını genişliğini bagaj boyutundan bahsetmeniz hoşuma gitmedi değil çünkü çoğu kanal bunu es geçiyor ayrıca siz arabayı kullanırken sizi izliyoruz yolu veya gösterge panelini değil buda eksiklik yani belki 2. bi kamera almak yada sunroof'un camına yapıştırıp yolu ve kadranı da izletebilirdiniz ama sizi izlememiz cidden çok saçma bakın bu işi cidden profesyonel ve kaliteli yapan kanallar var 150k 200k izlemeleri var hatta 500k eğer kendinizi geliştiremez ve tanıtamazsanız kaybolursunuz bunların içinde bunların hepsini dostane olarak söyledim çünkü bunlar büyük eksiklikler bir an önce geliştimeniz dileğiyle 🙂 (özet: arabanın dışını ve içini toplam 10 dk anlatacağınıza 3 dk da sürüşle alakalı konuşacağınıza tam tersini yapın) iyi günler dilerim 🙂

  2. merhabalar!
    Murat Çilingiroğlu'nun eleştirilerine kulak vermeniz gerekir,13 dk. tanıtım yaptınız ama önemli hususları bir cümle ile geçiştirdiniz,mesela;aracın tüketimini sanırım 5.3 lt. demiştiniz,keşke burayı biraz daha detaylandırmış olsaydınız.ama dişarıdaki hava sıcaklığı -10 derece demiştiniz ama otonun içinde klima ile ısınmış olmalısınız,mamafih emeğinize teşekkürler.

  3. Güzel bilgiler veriyorsunuz, "İskandinavyanın başkenti" ifadesini açarsanız sevinirim, yanlış bildiğim birşeyi düzeltirsiniz. İskandinavya coğrafi bir tanımlama, siz ülkeymiş gibi mi ifade ettiniz sanki? Onun dışında tebrikler tekrar.

  4. Araba sürmesini sen böyle mi ogrendin ? Biraz daha geride Otur ve de Ben araba sürmesini biliyorum. Biraz daha hizli Konus da daha iyi anliyalim. Be 850 yaris pistinde kazanan araba da dört çeker degil di onu da diyim…

  5. Moskovadan selamlar burda almayı düşünüyorum. Bu arabanın hayranı biriyim. Burda suan 2018 modeli 2. Eli 2.7 milyon ruble yani ortalama 250.000 TL civarında ve harika bir araba burda cok fazla var v90 v70 araçlar ve bir aile için harika bir seçenek. Çok güzel bir video olmus eline sağlık

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