#VLOG Something Is Missing, అదేంటో మీరే చెప్పాలి | ఇప్పటి వరకు ఎపుడు ఇలా లేను |

#VLOG Something Is Missing, అదేంటో మీరే చెప్పాలి | ఇప్పటి వరకు ఎపుడు ఇలా లేను |

hello so welcome back to our channel
geetha vlogs and a long narrow ingested Naru so unlucky happy weekend so we can
a the monkey prettiest heartedly so you are like this are today so we might kill
and uncanny ready for breakfast or a computer police so mr cannot decide
kal-el do so just to simply couch on and Michael jump I’m on the cation choppy so
I pray that time almost 11:00 11:30 out only by the way me and they took a task
is to none on matter so something is missing on my face
so now face low a dome is sign D so are then turn in make a task is to no no so
be rich upon day now face no 8th me sign though okay now so me Rachel ballet Miko
comin into task is to none news so mean almost certain of logs what enough yen
and follow the narrow so myriapoda Kate gets jason dolley and so you put work is
it in the paternal a no sund any good blue it just not leon panetta thumbs up
there so miracle job deep gonna face observe JC so Amy sign anaphase slow
smiler gave me side the miniature Polly so something is missing on my face on
there so it me damn ego Comanche task is to not know so a miss I know a Amy sign
though so comment just a fun day so we just know any comment cosas
so in college is to nom om all given la mancha peso Maha be curvature on matter
so in thrombi a go martyred control register namu
so in da Monday fridge no Jairam us alone in this or Bindu Jairam a salon
yoculan cantankerous so the Aditi Allah Hildy and each
element it is normal to scan ID Chalabi stern mata
so one could I just to system Karachi Allah hell they go into the monetization
or through Nathan relax all taxes in taru so man healthkit Solomon’s Eden
mata under monarch a minor gas problems or not a fourth acidity problems so I
divide the problems when she put up by tapara choose so milk or a thousand Andy
you put a lover somewhere or just in car so he drinks a cheap at kun da mangiare
Adam Arclight cool – namu and it’s my job to none o your politely Shivratri I
pain those are next today and she would clear catalysts inanimate are consumed
independently and conveyed and pissed only so marking liquid a bunch of air
and beast only so in a in a column of chestnut lemon a
key Shiva 3i poor thing so in Cara martyr Cunha move so it went important
such a bad context digestion circa Kaanapali lattice coach
Khadija be martyred Kunta namu so meet Craig and H Allah heal Lee and Mataji
domicile an ID so coming subscribe to Sinterklaas o chala hillier d swing game
Adam having a well to namu so any new Mojave Papa Luke remove so if it
occurred storage organ that matter so are they Indian take my children they
couldn’t no monkeyville la mancha Bianca namu but Don woulda said I am on matazo
by Crivelli tappero he said I am mu so they couldn’t have all given la moon not
the Guru Mel Allen lays in the coal in the container Monday Mojave birthday so
cone job Aaron are like a kind of well actually on Yun ku namu so on the Cawood
k bar because the makers of games or pitch on KOCO molecule isothermal
champion Kuno who can EA Monday ma Babu they do not go mark anti-tank emails
names and he tells and matter so he preferred a malcontent Ibaka identify
she says saddle so we are marking la mancha pian are losing out put it beside
a poem aleihi by curtain Toscana male yarmulka vellum on madam so thank each
allies to movie Armand Phoenix mucker games Chalobah Volta a so I killed a man
champion Kony decide a way I could kill poem ooh so in the corny bar which I
promoted into winter on chappie Martlet animals or bike like a mullet for Norman
matter so we can take it about echo time spent estamos so we can sir no Babu chip
in my tamanna will now emerge a pitch after nod and matasso in canton new boom
Ikaruga opinion modulated Nani kana so in Kaduna mana malkov Alton a mousou new
conjunct alibi Kyle I’ve thinned output tells in and what I intend on job P this
only sunglasses I did shallow volaterrae in a noon the vehicle at the clock
factory Lotus kunana so description box low are also clock factory haul junk in
the description box winds could have provide this are new so I could to set
up a little mask could happen couldn’t Haru
so Bob Manila chases thermometer but aim at a helmet occurred in Duluth row space
space but kun da mu and a lot game sunglasses fit kun da moon plus mass
capita kundiman matazo charla does student together bite a pollution want
the policing along in a Colchester Leonie so you combine watches a movie
are multi so we are mulch all and not just in the last we could have a lemon
Madhavi our monkey so he create me and a I am Chuck Tanner and damaja beaker just
a five-minute story and JP or kurti Pater and mater justify I mean it’s like
a storage up there and down so the Aveeno Video Disco approach ie
bargain tune and JP chop the Norma happy but meanwhile Eminem could not know but
my Baba silver the lady would do first to Pike in Lihue games are the mana
epiha can see skeleton madam so Chalobah except only a crack in no comment just
to five minutes low on metal storage up to leave under weight about up to
intervene now Maduro Meucci Chalobah chopped only but video did Amanda Baba
seller than JP pike disk Alvarado so Chalobah go to the new genre we are mall
so I predict we are Malmuth onto piston ooh so we put a McMullen that you pissed on
who we are mal Bangalore Lowell Antony so I could try Sarah Amazon it was China
by London and Mata in Malta Monaco uninstall sunt ie
Apple store room didn’t I plan it only so income and a go-ahead condemned
forever kindom accent only so Charla stores and I shall our coup and the food
items could have finer food co2 Tony so he could a child about 1/2 HR a
different varieties and ie so Chara peaceful garden piston and also chale
chale up with the with the brand stores are noon to now you know so PI Naima
Monaco IMAX underneath so but approval ll you may move is P Phoenix melaka
underneath he could to Sarah iPhone 11 starting from 58,000 and I coulda Donna
capture just and honor in the cultural and it’s all about and histories of
course I for in this Coon ammonia and piston and my table but enough own body
child up or code for in Hackney Sangha so two down actually I’m a hobby not but
take each in a gift and matinee use just her phone
so he’s a hurry could and in phone say – these contain extra – it Acuna munch
appear and Kundu nanu you magical person I got the vanilla three cameras on today
so it put a multi-value not Gouda I plan it like really ninja spoon down on my
town I furniture spoon – nah no nella gonna record I’m I couldn’t be more
happy they could a MacBook only so for cone Jamar dementia P I registered on
but a Chawla costly as a Lou okay for one chosen one Mota Apple iPhone I let
you say one lakh twenty thousand done pitch in the phone crime with a costume
Tehran and pitch in Hanoi town but chewed on he put like the cartoon
cockatoo yes there was a man at least contain a bone so Kristen Canyon use
just a phone Charla bhavani’s anger a so opponent
video shoot j17 iPhone run at you just – no no shoot Justin a no so me and
luckily particle Adam I paint only so I lost the night videos are Navy so to set
up enough food cut interpret the window so a new night matter caves you never
girl can make tea and income almost soon D so Nagasaki acutally so easier I could
have creme a movie now and matter last time will not put up my move Guntur
chicken biryani turn on colors or not Barack attorney
interpreting oranges are more different vision is already a superstar via more
arches I know so again I’m at a bar Buki sorry buy one get one offer on indeed so
thank you doughnut cover and shop area and matter so carpatica a minimum
purchase just Colin could have food box on chappie took a card that this koala
separate girls Oconee brands Cooney food the court LaMotte remove normal garima
non-payment assess quality score choke on econia llama drama Monaco food box no
mana McCarthy’s Coney under low money transfer just could eat a food box card
to purchase Just Cavalli in case money – qualia and couldn’t take it out so
marketing foot box I put all my maka – yes back at this corner move foot box on
your card so our thought is called and mater Food Mart Romano Makara so he
could have er Molloy toca rule only so acre away the Phoenix mando cordially do
but a Milano he ruled in that matter at least your Dorothy’s call and I could
have mana move foot box low card low pity these cards in their foot box out
of a cartoon doesn’t matter so he sorry buy one get one I know Caron in the
donut soma Babu children day two different varieties of dollars this
kanaru so pissed on me cool so choose our canal
hidden toboggan though I donut so either would James donut and Andy
they move by in a KitKat only chocolate ice or chocolate these super nettles are
excellent gone and he’s a nanny so choose them denia be a big addition a
colosso actual gotta know James Carville and his Koneru so chocolate Mohammed is
Colonel but above all in taste yes added matter so Nakada chocolate donut chala
Bhavana chimney so integral prepare tester donate button on the little hill
a yellow so I could to Sarah donut could have none no thin beam on
chappie chapter noodle so you Matthias hello chinny chin if you could have none
Nathan beam on chapter Nidal Mattar like a bread omelet a turtle versus Thanos at
the Kurama minute in battalion hunter ooh
moon they taken is a mu poori those are learn to be don’t Alessi cheap light
reverse it into never do but nowadays onion in it narrating be challenge
appeared chapter inherent motto so not a syrup then correctly do Pookie
allall watch our thin bechara mu so they can together for and off years five
years of sin ie so in particular me anything P Charlie
everything near it in which a little song that full ready
the army the efficient customer Romney’s anger so Nene tefillin digesta no no he
could a donut chocolate donut excellent Iran in his anger
so me low-income and icky donut anti-system so mounted a chili stuff but
me low in the Malik is Dominic a common gesture Bernie morning son such a father longer day so
it’s a retic wench of different colleges economist so he mo normal chicken
biryani and a lot ago Franz period neurologist could not also excellent
accountants and he’s and got chicken biryani and Franz biryani baba super
different it tastes mm is anger and actually me mood is good in the nagas
and chipiya curtain and mater food court should cut payroll nagas uncut a new so
uh Coretta Scott last time OSHA poor may Mukunda chicken biryani Cisco namu
Charla taste accordingly so he said it normally occur chicken meat a Nyoka
Franz biryani at least Kuno mu so I could do sir out cuz I do contain an
anti-police momentum of me and chef in the number to Naraku so then give you
life India tonic doughnut in a sarcasm so to Sara of pertinent into no no no
fucker donut can be munch a pitch up to another sort or etiquette energy cada in
our code athina donate in P Charlie so he said I taken some different ground
only actually in agus mundo pero cheer I’ll say Marucci lordship Yorker pero
Nene pattern now where is he madam am Archana to Naru Nagas on chappie
excellent ago on Thurs er under normal conditions Atlanta vato ITA normal
biryani Mata mochi log on to nip aluminum chicken biryani and con on ER
yah Mon Conde non mulga biryani vases and – chicken pizza faces gesture and
the middle fish biryani an unco same are they billion new Tanika put it on me the
fish pieces all day are they Franz biryani a normal girl
Vidya noon Duty done by nephrons pizza Sunday honey it could Onaga slow quench
of different around Tulsa and Te’o cook abelian e o cooker lager only Pony in
order chess in demo normal chicken biryani put my husband equal to crystal
Franz biryani and the last time you choose not alone Timmy Mukunda chicken
biryani order to subbu our eyes totally different to you
littles are like pushkar I said long torso a lonely excellent drawn in his
anger so under reprise Gouda reasonable Ghanaian Tony may Muthu biryani sriracha
some carnival is Franz peony and are lucky in cocoa tea chicken biryani or
Isamu so rendu Kalpa take a degree of 500
line these but uh could happen to point there’s a knock a thing of life I’m
ultimately chest such as our under Philip in Lee
so he did you Sarah Franz be and in with a different window and the chocolate
Jesus I do carry tray sorrow and akitaka reaches had a green color lonely so on
the low cauliflower coup de la mancha vegetables I said there’s a France
biryani low-beam Cesaro excellent on the knees and the France between and the
pieces could HR like oh hey Sarah Franz pieces will so super Gandhi ever in a
taste challenge in today’s chained in August low food Morimoto engineers are
not failure theories in there what I’m working the in people paulandhannah
pitches Indy but above a silver girl together more money so the name opener
games are cool tune in a loop I no fun city under color so on the Lord could
naruse on the latina toys anti sorry lastly we have a minion flying minions
he’s Kannada so he said to set up three toys this could not do so having fun
said Lord Theo Chennai anti toys and a name up in the Orca maxi we have his
torso to digest proven in London Coney shopping crutches I know pattern in a
vlog no cioppino on coming of a Locksley premature piston Louisville on in
Shoppach Jason Lee so he could to set a three toys or chai anti-siphon city
Louis or China Bionic oil remote em super Gong little honey’s and Gong me
marooned 1132 volka lava lemon mata monkey they can take her to that Iwakuni
in tomarlo over two three hours so Baba Mottram
full happy iPod ro by tickle late on a crystal minor games are pitches and
crystal mine everything Benjamin Coe a do-gooder mark Inka happiness and
matters with a known happy on day so – saravana color central so in that
chalice torsional in the low under hills and glow child on and met up at a local
anthony an explorer child Heather in the convenient is con cada would Kevin lead
normal kathiria’s estamos or in purchase Shana pronoun purchase just never item
it the compulsory she ate just thank Allah so in they pertain anyway vlog and
Chester no no me and there cannot children and contain a gnome so
naturally don’t they please do like comment share and subscribe to my
channel and thank you so much for watching when Wingo Comanche block the
molecule at the home until then take care bye bye

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