Vellum Cards

Vellum Cards

Hello and welcome. This is Jennifer McGuire.
Now, I’m finding that I’m always making my cards out of folded card stock. I wanted to
do something a little bit different. So today I’m making cards out of vellum. I actually
decided to do some colorful heat embossing on the vellum, which I think really looks
cool in real life. Now I will admit I got carried away. I made like 8 or 10 of these
cards. They were so much fun to make. It’s pretty cool, because you can kind of see through
the card, but I have a label positioned in the center so that I have a place to write
my message on the inside. So I’ll show you all that in this video. And of course I made
matching envelopes too. So I’m using some new products from my friend Julie Ebersole.
These are from Ellen Hudson, so I picked this stamp set Bohemian Garden. I am in love with
this set. It would be great to use with watercolors. There is a coordinating die set available
also. Now what I did is I took these images and I’ve positioned them on a piece of 4.25″x5.5″
card stock. Just so I can know where my stamping will be. This is just helping me plan it.
Now I’m going to take a picture of this with my phone and I’m going to follow this picture
on my phone as a guide when I do my stamping. So I don’t have to think about it as I go.
I have my little cheat sheet there. I know I’m going to do this die cut in the center.
It’s from Avery Elle. Fantastic die here, because it put little tiny pierced dots around
the inside edge of the label. I just think it’s fantastic. Okay, so let’s go head, now
that we’ve planned where our stamped images will be. Let’s go head and start doing our
embossed vellum. So I have some of the Ellen Hudson vellum. This is like over 40 lb vellum.
It’s nice and thick. But still is shear. I cut it in half. So I have a folded note card
that is 4.25″x5.5″. This is strong enough to be a note card. So now I need to do some
embossing on this, so I have my anti-static embossing tool here and I’m going to brush
that over the vellum before I use it. So I can make sure there is no static on it. Now
I’m going to do all of my stamping with VersaMark ink, because it’s a clear sticky ink that
will hold our embossing powder. I want to also mask off the back of the note card, because
I’m going to do this note card open. So I’m just putting a piece of sticky tape across
right up above the score line. That way I can stamp over the edge and I won’t get stamping
on the back of my card. I’m using a few different embossing powders from Ranger today. They
have super quality, really high quality embossing powders. I really like the Wendy Vecchi embossing
powder colors. They’re gorgeous. That’s part of the Ranger collection. So, I’m rubbing
my anti-static powder tool on here. I have a cutting board. I like to do my heat embossing
on this cutting board so I can pick it up and move it around without my fingers getting
burned by the heat gun. So I’m going to go ahead and start with the flower in the bottom
corner. I’m following that picture on my phone, so I know exactly where to stamp and
I am going to do a few different color combinations. On most of them, I’m going to do a bunch of
different colored embossing powders. This is a pink color from Ranger. Just going to
sprinkle it on and I’m working over a coffee filter, so I can easily funnel the powder
back into the container when I’m done. Then I can get rid of the coffee filter or tap
it off and use it again for future use. I’m going to go through and add stamp and add
embossing powder on several of the vellum cards and then I’ll heat them all at once.
This is a huge time saver. To put all the stamping and heat embossing down, then do
the heating with the heat gun afterwards. It really helps, because when your heat gun
is good and hot it heats and embosses faster. So doing them all at once is so much faster.
Now that I have my embossing powder on all of my vellum note cards, I’m going to get
my heat gun good and hot. Just let it go for about 30 seconds before I bring it to the
vellum. This will prevent any warping, when I bring the heat to it. Because if your heat
gun is good and hot, it will emboss the powder very quickly. Now I recommend getting a high
quality heat gun. I really like this Milwaukee heat gun that you see me use here. You could
use any heat gun, but I’m telling you this heat gun is definitely worth the money because
it embosses beautifully. Now on a few of the cards I did a silver embossing powder. This
is like a soft gold embossing powder. Then on yet I did a silver pearl. So I have some
vellum cards with colorful embossing powder, some with just silver glitter. I just wanted
to do a variety. I’ll show those all to you in the end. Next I’m going to do two more
flowers at once. I’m going to stamp this large flower in the top right corner and then one
of the smaller flowers in the bottom. These I will emboss with the same orange embossing
powder. So that is why I’m doing two images at once here. This will also save me some
time. You could save a lot of time by just doing them all in the same embossing powder
color. But I think its fun to mix it up. Now I’m going to add this, I think its Terra Cotta
embossing powder right on to these flowers. Notice I’ve actually skipped using my anti-static
powder too anymore. It didn’t seem to be sticking to the vellum, so I found that I could skip
that step and be okay. Once again, I’m going to stamp all my images with the VersaMark
Ink, add the embossing powder to all of the cards and then heat them all at once. That
way my heat gun is good and hot and I don’t have to spend too much time heating up each
card to do the embossing. And I don’t have to worry about warping the vellum. Now if
you find your vellum is warping, you might want to try a higher quality vellum. I really
like this one from Ellen Hudson. It’s probably my favorite of all the vellums that I’ve ever
tried. It’s the perfect weight to create a card, but still be sheer and fun. So I repeated
the process of adding all of these colorful heat embossed images all over the vellum card
and now it’s time to remove that tape that we put across the top. So with this example
that you’re seeing here. I actually just used a silver glitter embossing powder for all
of the images. I think that is so elegant. Would be great for a wedding card. This is
a Soft Gold Sparkle embossing powder. This is also from Ranger. This one is the Ranger
Silver Pearl embossing powder. Absolutely beautiful. Then you can see all of my other
cards which are the mix of all the different colorful embossing powders. So I’m just removing
the tape and I’m kind of re-scoring all of my cards so that they lay nice and flat. You’ll
notice that I really don’t have any warping with my vellum. If you do get a touch of warping
with the vellum you can put it under something heavy overnight and remember this will be
in an envelope in the mail for a few days, before the person gets it. So it should be
nice and flat by the time they get it. Now it’s time to add the label to the front of
our cards. I did a few different sentiments in the center of the labels. I did use that
Avery Elle label die for all of the cards though. I have this older set from Julie Ebersole.
That has this great Thanks sentiment. I’m going to go ahead and stamp this with VersaFine
Pigment Ink. This is a good black ink and it stays wet long enough that you can add
clear embossing powder on top of it. This will give you a black heat embossed image.
I’m not a fan of black embossing powders, because that powder seems to stick everywhere
and you don’t really get a crisp image. So I like to use the VersaFine black ink and
then add clear embossing to it. This way we have this shiny black heat embossed sentiment
that will match the shiny heat embossed look that we have on the vellum. This is the new
stamp set from Julie’s line from the newest release. I love the sentiments in this and
that huge flower. So I decided to use hello on a few of the dies also. For a few of the
other cards I used the Hello Gorgeous sentiment. This is from one of Julie’s older sets. This
is just a favorite sentiment of mine. I’ve used it on lots of cards and videos before
and I thought it would be perfect for these cards also. There is one more sentiment I
wanted to use on a couple of my cards and that is this BeYoutiful die. This is new from
Julie. I die cut it from some black card stock. Now here’s a trick for adding these kind of
delegate intricate die cuts to your cards. I take a piece of sticky tape and I put that
on the from of my die cut. So this is just like a Post-it Tape. So there’s not too much
stick to it. This tape is just kind of going to be a holding place for my die cut. So I’ve
got my die cut how I perfectly want it, then I’m going to lay the tape right on to the
front of it. Now I can keep it still while I add a little bit of liquid adhesive to the
back of the die cut. Now, there are many ways that you can add intricate die cuts to your
card, but I find that this is what works best for me. I just put tiny little dots of Multi
Medium. It’s a matte adhesive, so if it squeezes out the side a little bit you’ll never see
it. Now I pick up my tape, I lay it exactly where I want it. I can see through it. Lay
it exactly where I want it on to my die cut. Then I peel up my die cut and I press it down
firmly. There we have it. Perfectly positioned on to my label. I really like that trick of
using the tape. So now I’m going to use some adhesive on the back of that label and put
it right onto the center of the front of my card. So I have it perfectly positioned there
in the center. Now here’s the thing we need something in the inside of the card to write
our sentiment. I also want to cover up the adhesive that you see on the back of this
label when you open up the card. So I have another label die. Put some adhesive on that
and I’m going to glue that right on the back of this. That way you don’t see through that
and see the adhesive on the back side of the other label. Now I have a third label, I’m
going to put adhesive on that and then put it adhesive side up on the other and I’m going
to close the card on to this. This will perfectly place that label on the inside of my card.
This is a place where I can write my personal message. So all of these labels are all lines
up with each other. Then I’m using a fourth label and putting this on the back of my card.
This is where I can do my hand stamped by Jennifer card. So there are four labels. All
the exact same labels, perfectly lined up and adhered front and back. That way you can
write your messages on it and you don’t see through the card and see the adhesive on the
back of the labels. I do this for clear cards also. Now there is one last touch I added
to all of these cards and that is just tiny little white dots. I used this new pen; I
think it’s called the Kirarina Wink Pen. It’s a white kind of like a paint pen. I find that
it’s really great for adding bright white dots or letters. Or coloring of any sort onto
colored card stock, or in this case, on vellum. I just thought it would be fun to add little
dot accents onto all of the vellum. I did this on all of the cards. Just was a great
way to add little touches without adding any dimension. Now I did also stamp my envelopes
so that would match perfectly. That is a trick I always do. I think it is a great way to
pull your final card together. So there you have it. A way you can get more from your
vellum by actually using it as your card base and you use some colorful embossing powders
on top. Now, if you are interested in seeing all of the different cards I made I have them
posted over on my blog at I also have links to the products I use there
or in my YouTube description below. Thank you so much for stopping by and I hope you
will return as soon.

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