Unity – Change Default Script Template [Quick Tip #01]

are you tired of always changing the default
scripts after you make a new one? Here is a solution. Hi everyone and welcome to tips
& tricks from EYEmaginary. This is a whole new concept where I teach you little usefull
things about unity and programming related stuff. You can change the default template
of the scripts. These are located in the Unity installation folder. Normaly its under: C:/programfiles/unity/editor/data/rescources.
Here you can see the script templates. Dowload the script from the description and replace
the one in this folder with the one you just downloaded. When you now create a new C# script,
you can see you now have a custom template. you can change this file to your own preferences
and start coding right away. I hope this tip was usefull adn if it was. please make sure
to do the thumbs up! I’ll see you in another video and for now, bye bye!

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