Tranh Cưới | Quà Cưới

Tranh Cưới | Quà Cưới

the process of drawing a picture as a wedding gift happiness hundred years of fullness of love spouses love forever Use Holbein watercolors to draw roses drawing vase of flowers Draw leaves and stems Use red to write content happiness thank you for watching please subscribe and like

12 thoughts on “Tranh Cưới | Quà Cưới

  1. Xin chào công việc rất tốt, lời chào tuyệt vời, nhiều phước lành, thực sự tuyệt vời. lời chào Tôi ở cùng nhau

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  3. Amazing Art work. Fantastic Calligraphy. Beautiful Wedding Gift. Fantastic video, we really enjoyed watching till the end. Thank you so much for sharing, my Friend…👍😘💞

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