trailer: Cartas para Angola / Letters to Angola

trailer: Cartas para Angola / Letters to Angola

Oh Angola. your edges are our brains from somersaults and saints from your strength that came over here by the red waves bleeding times when we had the same governor orchestrating the whip the same bishop ordering our leaders into conversion for faith in the cross for faith in knowing how to count coins,
and iron and sugar My dear friend Jacinto Fortunato. massango first, I hope you are in good health and your family too I´m taking advantage of a trip to Luanda
that two friends are taking to send you this letter I´ve wanted to do this for a long time… but I didn´t have a messenger for me, speaking about my childhood is
like talking about a kind of… I dont know… of exile. You… who are listening to me,
your face is hidden, nevertheless, I recognize in you the features
of those who walk here, by my side, day by day Walking in these streets the question I ask myself most is this: is a city an external place, where we live, walk
and dream with our eyes open through the neighborhood of friends around us, or is a city an internal place that haunts us from inside our eyes and lives in our hearts like a heavy anchor keeping us fixated on memories and places from another place?

7 thoughts on “trailer: Cartas para Angola / Letters to Angola

  1. Emocionante! Que bom ver pronto, ver emergindo as histórias de cada um ali. Que prazer ter feito parte disso tudo. Beijos e parabéns! Renata

  2. Oi Renata! Foi um prazer e uma honra ter você e o Hugo na equipe do filme!! A trilha sonora está linda! Beijos!

  3. Assisti ao filme HOJE no cine topázio Campinas!!! Incrível, sensível e dá um orgulho de ser brasileiro, de gostar de samba e de poder assistir a essa grande obra!!!

  4. Ola ouvi falar do filme. Estou em Luanda e gostaria de saber se 'e possivel pelo por aqui ou como posso adquiri-lo. Parabens aos produtores!

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