This Little Girl Has Her Own Letter For The President

100 thoughts on “This Little Girl Has Her Own Letter For The President

  1. Is Nora from Fun Home? I never saw the show, but I listened to the soundtrack a couple times and saw the Ham4Ham show.

  2. Anyone who thinks the letter was written by Trump himself is a dumbfuck idiot. Look at how articulate it is, it's got the best words

  3. To be fair, when Huckabee Sanders asked Trump to be friends with Pickle, he thought she was talking about HIS pickle.

  4. It would be awesome if all the white house press prewrote hard ass questions, gave them to kids and let them ask him in a daily briefing 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  5. the birthday party is an actual thing. I saw a mom on Instagram through her daughters a birthday party, the theme of which was "Make Birthdays Great Again". Crazy.

  6. Seems Pickle is in a pickle… stuck between two parents who are STILL waiting for the "trickle-down effect" to hit their wallets and bank account… and just being a kid.

    To "Pickle's" parents: "Leave your poor kid out of this… he will only be humiliated and picked (pickled) on at school and at the park because of your ignorance and the nick-name you gave him". That's pretty lame.

  7. I think there is a reasonably good chance Russia has significant control over Trump. I'd be freaking out if I was American.

  8. This little girl knows nothing other than what her parents tell her. Exploiting little girls to further your narrative? Classy. How's your buddy Pedosta?

  9. When I saw the thumbnail for this video, the kid looked to me like a child version of the Red Witch from Game Of Thrones XD

  10. get over it you loser! trump won and you bluntly said he would never win, so now whatever negative things you have to say about trump is obsolete! your irrelevent and the only reason you still have a show is because you have material formthe libtard snowflake followers! and by the way, if i'm ever,saw you in the street, i would beat your ugly ass!

  11. Is anyone surprised that a kid that everyone calls "Pickle" likes Trump? What are his parents called? "Skeeter" and "Buckwheat"?

  12. So, when someone takes your picture and you say "Fuzzy Pickles", remember you are mocking a Trump supporter

  13. Don't you love it when a man in his 70's says he is friends with your 9 year old son? Me too!

  14. He's still your President, like it or not. Show at least a little respect; if not for him then, at least the country that gave you everything!

  15. Your diatribe with Trump is a tedious bore,
    Admit it, you're nothing but a globalist whore!

    You ruined The Hobbit, as if it could be made any worse
    You are a like a vampire, a walking curse!

    Your eyes bug out through those coke-bottle glasses
    You need to stop kissing all those globalist assess!

    You are a poor substitute for David Letterman
    Your performance is more like Larry ‘BUD’ Melman!

    You kick and scream like Crispin Glover
    You mind is floating like a DeLorean hover!

  16. Dylan, thank you for your heart. A guy on youtube can ignorantly mock you, but I think it is so inspiring that you stand out from the world and see so much potential in our president! You are truly a gem! YOU'RE AWESOME! Keep doing what you're doing kid!

  17. Hi Mr. President!! I'm you're biggest fan!
    I'm 9 years old. My name is Mayonnaise, but everyone calls me "White Suprema-Sauce".

  18. Alright "Pickle" open your eyes. The president is a terrible person. You have probably been forced to support Trump by your parents, and unless you want to be ridiculed by everyone you "love" I would stop supporting this "President."

  19. Really? Now you're binging kids to help you Cold Bear?
    Poor little Nora, you weren't a bit funny my dear, try something different.

  20. Awwww she loves puppets! She has picked the perfect person- mr. Dump always tries to stick his hand up someone’s….well, you get it . Mustard is a smart little girl!👌

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