The Script – Flares (Official Audio)

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  1. I see a lot of people connecting this song at Newt and me too now because I found this song on edit of the maze runner 2years ago BUT I DON'T UNDERSTAND WHYYY the song remind people at newt (sorry for my english I'm french) please Mazer runner family answer me pleeaase I need a clear explication

  2. Why the hell is everyone talking about the Maze Runner series with this song? Was this used in one of the movies or something?

  3. The fact that we, as a fandom, have collectively banded together and declared this Newt’s song is amazing, and says a lot.

    He deserved so much better, but his death did make the books what they are.

  4. A small percentage of these comments: aw, this song is so sad I can't even…

    The rest of the comments: NEEEEEEEEEEWT😭😭😭SOMETHING 250 RELATED OMG AAAAAAAH….

  5. Я одна сюда пришла с видео про чигуков. Робот. И теперь как только я слышу эту песню плачу и вспоминаю это видео😭

  6. But did you see the flares in the sky? Were you blinded by the light?
    Did you feel the smoke in your eyes?

    did ya?
    did ya?

    Did you see the sparks fill with hope?
    You are not alone.

    'Cuz someone's out there….

    sending out flares…

  7. I came to this from Camila Cabello lefting fifth harmony group…😭😭😭😭😭💔❤️💯😍😔

  8. 98% of these comments are about Newt from Maze Runner (and I agree)
    0.5% is the lyrics
    0.5% is talking about the song.
    0.5% is about other characters
    0.1% is this message
    0.4% are others that I don't have either the time nor the patience to talk about.

  9. I’ve heard this song after kissing my ex-girlfriend for the first time. Now, when I listen to this, I’m so nostalgic about all of her. I love her and I’ll always love her.

  10. Everytime I listen to this song, I either tear up or cry because, everytime I listen to it, I think of Newt from The Death Cure.


    I hate how he died. Everytime I think of him, I actually feel a physical pang of sadness in my chest. At times, it's small, but other times, it's huge. I miss him so much. When he died, it was like I lost a part of myself with him. He was just a kid. He didn't deserve to die like that.😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  11. I just discovered this song and it's one of the best, most beautiful and most meaningful and relatable song I've ever listened to, thank you❤❤

  12. Comments: Newt
    Me: blank and lost like who the hell is Newt?
    Comments: Maze runners will get it
    Me: oh okay-triggered-okay… 😁

  13. Everybody sais this song reminds them of Newt but everytime I hear this I Think about Thomas… Don't know why…

  14. Your face isn't a mask
    Don't cover it❤

    Your skin isn't paper
    Don't cut it❤

    Your head isn't a target
    Don't shoot it❤

    Your neck isn't a hanger
    Don't hang it❤

    Your heart isn't a door
    Don't lock it..❤

    Your life isn't a film…
    Don't end it..❤❤

  15. "i look around at us, you know what i see? losers. i mean like folks who have lost stuff, and we have man we have. all of us, homes. our family. normal life."

  16. Hi, we're trying to do a french version of this song because it is so beautiful and thoughtful. Are we allowed to do it? And is there somebody who know how to find the soundtrack? More important: thanks for this song !

    5:8 LETTERS

  18. And what I feel with him I can't feel with anybody else…which we can be together again cz I'm honestly unable to make it with life without him…i selfishly want him…🇩🇿💔

  19. This song has officially become the Maze Runner fandom’s tribute song to Newt. We’ve taken it over XD #RIPnewt #NewtDeservesParadise #TMR #Flares #page250

  20. Why is everyone thinking of Newt from Maze Runner? Like, was there a video of him with this particular song, or it's just a big ass coincidence?… No hate to Newt btw! It's just that there are a lot of other characters i could think of while listening to this song :))

  21. Words can’t describe how beautiful this song takes me and my imagination whenever I close my eyes and sink myself into this amazing song🥺❤️

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