The Script – Fall for Anything (Audio)

29 thoughts on “The Script – Fall for Anything (Audio)

  1. Thanks for the upload! It's more official this way.

    Been looking for the clean version everywhere. Finally a good video that does it right!

  2. Does anyone know what's the cover of this music that plays in the end of episode 5 from Switched at Birth's season 5? I totally love that voice!!!

  3. These guys don’t have a bad song, but if I had to pick their best one, it’s this one. So much emotion and strong melodies, such an eye opener of a song with such intent urgency coming from it. And on top of it coming from guys, such a refresher honestly. I feel the dignity and respect these guys are trying to instill in a girl. Gives me chills honestly.

  4. Confronted and suddenly your veiw conveniently just changed.

    Everyone has to learn this love … Avoiding only prolonged the pain .!
    We must. … " Stand for something or we will fall for anything " .!

  5. I have a question for anyone that sees this. Why do i remember this song, was this in a game of some sort?

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