‘The Lighthouse’ Script Offered “Limitless Degree of Intensity” Says Robert Pattinson | TIFF

‘The Lighthouse’ Script Offered “Limitless Degree of Intensity” Says Robert Pattinson | TIFF

– I remember the impression. The first impression in rehearsals was just after basically the first day. We did sort of nine ’til
seven p.m. rehearsal, and Willem, there’s not even a dent in his energy by the end of it. (Willem chuckles) He’s like, “Again!” (laughs) and I was in the chair,
“Oh my God, oh my God!” (laughter) I need a massage. (laughs) And I was dead after
the first one, I’m dead. (laid back beats) – Nothing good can happen when two men are trapped alone in a giant palace. (Woman laughs) – Never, we really want
to make that clear, that. (Men laugh) – Yeah, yeah. (ominous music) – What’s a timber-man
want with bein’ a wickie? – Just lookin’ to earn a
living just like any man. Start anew. – On the run. – Very particular language,
very beautiful events, huge question marks, where
the adventure would take you, but clearly an adventure. Also coupled with reading the script, and we would be out in the elements and there’s the two of us and some other secrets,
but mostly the two of us. (Men laugh) And so I was good to go. – I think there’s
something about the script. There’s very few scripts
that you come across which allow for such basic kind of limitless degree of
intensity in the performance. I mean, some of the scenes in it, I remember reading the first time and just being, like, I
mean, it’s very invigorating to read something with this kind of, a. they’re so drunk they’re
not, barely human (laughs) and you have these kind
of incredibly lyrical, like two-page monologues to do while simultaneously being wasted. I mean, it’s incredibly rare
to find a script like that. – [Female Interviewer]
Tell me, what’s the secret to doing a two-page
monologue while wasted? While your character is wasted? – You try to hear angels. (Robert laughs) You try to connect with the muse. – Channel. – You try to connect with
the music, the rhythm and that’s, you’re a servant to that. But at the same time, you have
to not make a show out of it. You gotta root it. You gotta try to communicate
what the purpose, what the action is of that speech. – You know, kind of
pretty charged adrenalin a lot of the time. I mean, I don’t understand to this day how I didn’t get sick in,
like, the entire movie. The way the costumes were made, it’s like, I mean, you’re not even cold. I mean, it’s so bizarre to
be in a full wool uniform, and you get out of the ocean, and you’d sort of be fine afterwards. (Men laugh) Just completely different, I mean, (Men laugh) I mean, ish. (Men laugh) Oh yeah. – And we also got a
fisherman in Vinalhaven who was an old-timer to – [Robert] Yeah. – Record some of your lines. – Yeah, he was great. And I think it was
literally just one syllable, how I think it was the fisherman who said, “pine, like pine.” And I just really liked the way he said it and I just remember
walking around Halifax, just go like, “pine, pine, pine.” (Men laugh) And that’s, you kind of
build a character from that. It’s like. (laughs) (laid back beats)

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  3. Willem is pure magic. I'm still mad at Rob for Good Time because it changed my whole perception of him. I'm so excited to see this movie.

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