The Letter to The Church of Laodecia Message – Mark Finley Video Sermon

00:48 We’ve had one beautiful day today. We
have… Amen! 00:52 All the people said: “Amen. ” All right.
00:55 Wasn’t so beautiful outside. I was a day late
00:59 on my rain prediction. Again… Yeah, but it’s beautiful now.
01:02 I saw a beautiful golden sunset while ago.
01:04 Oh, I was inside so I missed that. 01:07 But it has been a beautiful day inside
01:11 and we have enjoyed the blessings of God all day long.
01:16 It’s just really been a feast… 01:19 a little foretaste of heaven.
01:21 And Elder Bradford just led us to the throne again
01:24 a few moments ago. He did! And when we just went off the air
01:28 if you’re watching, Jim and I and John and C.A. were out here
01:31 and we think he was still preaching out back.
01:33 So he might even be preaching… There he is.
01:36 Now he’s back here again. He may get up and preach some more.
01:39 That’s right, that’s right. Praise the Lord.
01:42 He did a great job. Now we have Pastor Mark Finley.
01:44 Yes. And he’s assistant to the president of the General
01:47 Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. 01:49 And Mark is a long-time friend and been
in 01:52 ministry for many, many years and has
held numerous positions 01:55 within the church. And we’re just thankful
that… 01:59 In fact, we just had meetings with him
ourselves. 02:01 Yes. Trying to work together for a big…
it’s evangelistic 02:06 crusade in New York City this coming
year. 02:08 You’ll hear a lot about it.
02:10 But we need every hand and every person. 02:12 We need people praying, people giving
financially, 02:15 people, you know, actually volunteers.
Right. 02:17 It’s going to be a huge crusade and
hundreds of meetings 02:20 going on throughout New York City.
02:22 And 3ABN is going to be part of many other ministries
02:26 joining hands with the church to make this happen.
02:29 And the end result will be souls for the kingdom.
02:32 We appreciate Mark and what he does and his tremendous
02:35 commitment to the cause of God. Not only the Adventist church
02:39 but the cause of God and what he’s done world wide.
02:41 Absolutely. I’ve known him for many years.
02:43 He’s probably the hardest working or one of the hardest…
02:48 most hard working individuals that I have ever known.
02:53 And he really works for the Lord. 02:57 And the Lord has blessed his evangelism
all over the world. 03:01 For many years the speaker of It Is
Written. 03:04 But at the same time he wasn’t just
in a studio preaching. 03:07 He was out there holding evangelistic
meetings 03:10 in some really difficult places around
the world. 03:14 And so God has blessed him. And we’re
going to ask him 03:17 to come now and he is going to introduce
the music that we have 03:22 for this particular program.
03:24 Pastor Mark Finley. Thank you, Jim; thank you, Danny.
03:27 In a little while we’re going home. 03:32 It was 31 AD. The disciples believed
03:37 with all their hearts based on the prophecies 03:40 of the Old Testament that Jesus was
going to come 03:44 and set up His throne.
03:46 They saw Jesus touch the eyes of the blind and they were
03:49 opened. They saw Jesus touch the ears of the deaf
03:51 and they were unstopped. They believed that Christ
03:55 could lead the disciples and the armies of Israel against Rome.
04:00 And even right up to the crucifixion 04:02 the disciples had no idea that Jesus
was not going to 04:06 establish His earthly kingdom.
04:08 In fact, for every prophecy in the Old Testament
04:11 that these disciples studied on the first coming of Christ
04:14 there are eight prophecies on the second coming of Christ.
04:17 So when Jesus was crucified the disciples were bitterly
04:21 disappointed. Out of the disappointment of 31 AD
04:24 they looked to the sanctuary 04:27 and there received the outpouring of
the Holy Spirit. 04:30 And out of their disappointment, they
went out to preach 04:33 the gospel to the world.
04:35 Fast forward 2,000 years almost. 04:38 In the early 1800’s, William Miller
and others 04:43 began to study the prophecies.
04:46 And like these disciples in Jesus’ day, they too
04:49 misunderstood the prophecies. 04:51 Like these disciples in Jesus’ day,
they thought Christ was 04:55 going to come to earth in 1844.
04:58 He was… They were bitterly disappointed. 05:02 Shortly after that disappoint- ment,
William Miller 05:06 wrote a letter to his friend Joshua
V. Hines. 05:11 And this is what Miller said.
05:14 He said: “I fixed my mind on another time.
05:19 And here I mean to stand until God gives me more light.
05:25 And that other time is today and today 05:30 and today until He comes. ”
05:33 And I can almost hear the old man saying: 05:36 “And I shall see Him for whom my soul
yearns. ” 05:42 Tonight with you
05:45 I look forward to the coming of Christ 05:48 and my soul yearns for His coming.
05:51 Listen as Reggie comes and sings 05:54 an anthem of William Miller’s words:
05:58 I Have Fixed My Mind On Another Time. 06:19 I have fixed my mind
06:22 on another time, 06:26 on another time.
06:33 And here I mean 06:36 to stand until
06:39 God gives me more light. 06:46 And that is today, today,
06:53 today until He comes. 07:00 I have fixed my mind
07:03 on another time, 07:07 on another
07:11 time. 07:17 I have set my course
07:20 on the narrow way, 07:24 on the narrow way.
07:30 For I know the time 07:33 is close at hand
07:36 for which I watch and pray. 07:42 And that is today,
07:48 today, 07:50 today until He comes.
07:57 I have set my course 07:59 on the narrow way,
08:03 on the narrow 08:07 way.
08:10 Even so, Lord, come quickly. 08:16 This is my fervent prayer.
08:23 For I’ve caught a glimpse 08:26 of glory
08:29 and I’m longing to 08:34 be there.
08:50 When shall the Son of Man 08:55 appear?
08:57 The trumpet sound its blast? 09:02 And Christ descend
09:06 in glorious power 09:09 with all the saints
09:12 amassed? 09:15 We’ll rise with those
09:18 who sleep no more 09:22 to meet Him
09:24 in the air! 09:28 When shall the Son
09:32 of Man appear? 09:39 The Son of Man appear?
09:46 Even so, Lord, come quickly. 09:53 This is my fervent prayer.
09:59 For I’ve caught a glimpse 10:03 of glory
10:06 and I’m longing to 10:10 be there.
10:13 For I’ve caught a glimpse 10:16 of glory
10:23 and I’m longing 10:27 to
10:33 be there! 10:39 I have set my course
10:42 on a narrow way, 10:50 on another
10:56 time. 11:10 Amen!
11:16 I have set my mind 11:20 on another time. And that is today,
11:24 today, today. Let’s pray. 11:26 Father, as we open Your Word tonight
may the Spirit 11:29 that inspired the Word come and touch
our hearts. 11:32 May the Spirit that spoke to prophets
in ages old 11:36 speak to our hearts.
11:38 May the Spirit that speaks to our hearts every day
11:44 drawing us out to sense that this world is not our home
11:48 may that Spirit heavily rest upon us tonight
11:51 and touch us and change us. In Christ’s name, Amen.
11:56 It was just at the end of Sabbath School 12:01 and the teacher was letting the children:
7, 8, and 9 years old, 12:06 go back into the main sanctuary.
12:09 And she thought she ought to give them a little caution
12:13 so she said: “Children, when you go back into the sanctuary
12:19 walk very quietly and don’t say anything. ”
12:23 “Children, do you know why you have to go back
12:26 into the sanctuary so quietly? ” 12:29 One little girl seven years old raised
her hand and said: 12:32 “Oh yes, teacher. Because so many people
are sleeping 12:35 in there. ”
12:38 Take your Bible, please, and turn to Revelation
12:40 the third chapter. My topic tonight is
12:42 The Laodicean Message. Amen. 12:45 Revelation chapter 3.
12:47 If it wasn’t so tragic it would be funny. 12:52 Revelation the 3rd chapter.
12:55 We are looking at Revelation chapter 3 and we are beginning
12:58 with the 14th verse. 13:01 Revelation chapter 3 and verse 14.
13:05 The Laodicean message is the last in a series
13:09 of messages that God gave to seven churches. 13:14 Now keep in mind that these were seven
literal 13:17 geographical locations.
13:20 There was Ephesus and Smyrna and Pergamos and Thyatira
13:23 and Sardis and Philadelphia and Laodicea. 13:27 The book of Revelation describes the
spiritual condition 13:32 of seven literal churches that existed
13:36 in John’s day. 13:39 The reason why God chose those particular
7 verses 13:44 is because… or those 7 churches rather…
13:48 is because those 7 churches would represent the church
13:54 down through the stream of time 13:56 in 7 specific epics of time.
14:00 So the spiritual condition of Ephesus, 14:02 the spiritual condition of Smyrna
14:04 and Thyatira and Sardis 14:07 and the spiritual condition of Pergamos
and Philadelphia 14:12 and Laodicea would all be represented
14:16 in those 7 ages down through the stream of time.
14:18 In Revelation chapter 3 we begin: 14:21 “And to the angel of the church of Laodiceans
write… ” 14:25 Where was Laodicea?
14:28 What can we learn from the spiritual condition
14:31 of that church in Laodicea 14:34 that would apply to the church today?
14:37 Well the first thing we notice is that Laodicea is
14:39 the last in the series of seven churches 14:42 so it obviously would speak to the last
generation 14:45 of Christians living upon the earth.
14:46 And particularly, if Laodicea is a church, 14:50 the message would speak to God’s last-day
church 14:52 from the context of the passage.
14:54 The second thing that we would notice about it is this:
14:56 the meaning of the word Laodicea. 14:59 I often ask many audiences what does
the word Laodicea 15:02 mean, and typically I do not get the
right response. 15:06 But I know this is a well-educated audience
15:08 at 3ABN and I know the audience watching on television is
15:12 well-educated. The word Laodicea: 15:14 do you have any idea? What does that
mean? 15:17 Oh, I… The condition is lukewarm
15:23 but the word does not mean lukewarm. 15:25 The word means “a people adjudged. ”
15:29 A literal translation of the word Laodicea 15:32 is “a people adjudged. ”
15:34 So Laodicea is the last church. 15:37 It is the church in the judgment hour
just before Jesus comes 15:41 and its condition is lukewarm.
15:44 Where was Laodicea? 15:46 Laodicea was in southwest Turkey.
15:48 I’ve visited the site on many, many, many occasions.
15:51 When I first began to visit Laodicea 15:53 it was a very pure virgin site. In other
words, 15:56 it wasn’t excavated yet.
15:58 And it was marvelous. We would tramp up on the site
16:00 and it’s quite a large site. Laodicea was a city
16:03 that had a population of about 150,000. 16:07 Do you know how we evaluate the population
base 16:11 of the ancient cities?
16:12 If you take the stadium in the city 16:15 and we can excavate… archaeologists
have excavated 16:18 the stadium… If you take the stadium
16:20 and you take the number of people that could be seated
16:25 in the stadium and multiply it by ten 16:28 that’s approximately the population
size of the city. 16:31 So that stadium in Laodicea
16:33 might seat 10,000… 12,000. You might be able to cram in
16:37 more, but we estimate the population between 120,000
16:40 and 150,000 roughly in Laodicea. 16:43 So this was no backwater city, it was
no backwater town. 16:47 In fact, Laodicea was a banking capitol.
16:50 It was extremely wealthy. 16:52 Gold coins were distributed from Laodicea.
16:55 It was a city that was wealth… had a lot of wealth.
16:59 Laodicea was destroyed by an earthquake 17:02 in 61 AD… AD 61.
17:05 When Laodicea was destroyed 17:07 the Roman government – because Laodicea
was a very… 17:12 city that was loyal to Rome –
17:13 the Roman government said “We will help you rebuild
17:17 your city. ” And the Laodiceans said: 17:20 “Forget it. We’ve got enough money to
rebuild the city 17:23 ourselves. ” Tacitus, the very famed
Roman historian, 17:27 writes about Laodicea, and this what
he says: 17:30 “Laodicea arose from its ruins by the
strength of her own 17:34 resources and with no help from us.
” 17:37 See, that’s Laodicea.
17:39 It’s wealthy; it’s proud; it’s affluent. 17:43 “We don’t need anybody to help us. ”
17:45 Second thing about Laodicea. 17:47 Laodicea had a special type of wool
found only there 17:52 in the world really.
17:54 It was a very unique kind of wool. 17:56 They bred a black sheep
17:59 and they had hundreds, thousands of these black sheep.
18:02 And if you shear them, the wool was very glossy.
18:06 And the women were really attracted to these black
18:10 garments. They produced at least 4 kinds of these black garments
18:13 and they shipped them all over the world, they exported them.
18:15 So Laodicea was this fashion center. 18:18 If you wanted to buy the latest in fashion,
18:21 particularly these very finely- woven beautiful black garments,
18:26 you’d go to Laodicea. 18:27 The third thing about Laodicea
18:29 is that Laodicea had a medical center. 18:32 It was an educational medical center.
18:34 They developed the very famous Phrygian eye salve.
18:37 And the salve came either in a powder form
18:39 that you mixed liquid with or it came in a tablet form.
18:43 And it was exported all over the world. 18:44 Somebody has said: “Laodicea was like
the Bank of America, 18:49 Macy’s, and… ” one other one…
18:54 “Bank of America, Macy’s, and the Mayo Clinic
18:58 all rolled in one. ” That was it! 19:00 Bank of America, Macy’s, Mayo Clinic.
19:02 I mean, Laodicea was just this fantastic city.
19:06 It was a city of pride and affluence. 19:09 A city that was self-sufficient.
19:11 A city that believed that it needed 19:13 nothing else from nobody else.
19:16 God chose that city. 19:18 Now what was the church like in Laodicea?
19:21 Do we have any description in the New Testament
19:24 at all that helps us know the spiritual condition
19:28 of the local congregation in this secular, godless,
19:32 materialistic, educated culture? 19:35 Do we have any at all? We do!
19:36 If you take your Bible, please, and turn to the book of
19:38 Colossians. Now Colossae wasn’t too far
19:42 from Laodicea. 19:44 And Paul actually wrote a letter to
Colossae. 19:48 And according to the book of Colossians
19:50 he also wrote a letter to the Laodiceans 19:52 which eventually was lost.
19:54 But we get a hint of the spiritual condition 19:57 of the church at both Colossae and Laodicea
20:01 from Paul’s writing. He writes to Colossae and he says to the
20:04 church at Colossae – chapter 2- 20:06 “Send my letter that I have written
to the Colossians… 20:10 send that also to the church at Laodicea.
” 20:14 So let them read it. In Colossians 2
verse 1 20:18 Paul talks about the trouble in his
soul. 20:21 Paul talks about his spiritual anxiety.
20:25 Paul talks about the fact that he is a spiritual father
20:28 and he’s really worried about the church at Laodicea.
20:31 Colossians 2 verse 1: 20:33 “For I want you to know what a great
conflict I have 20:37 for you and those in Laodicea.
20:40 For as many as have not seen my face in the flesh
20:43 and their hearts may be encouraged being knit together
20:46 in love and attaining to all the riches of the full assurance
20:49 of the understanding of the knowledge and the mystery of God
20:52 both of the Father and of Christ 20:54 in whom are hidden all the treasures
of wisdom and 20:57 knowledge. ” Now don’t miss the last
part 20:59 of verse 1 chapter 2. He says:
21:01 “I have a conflict with you. I am troubled in my soul
21:03 for you and for those in Laodicea. ” 21:06 In other words, he looked at the church
at Laodicea 21:10 and he had gotten reports about that
church. 21:12 And he got reports that the church at
Laodicea was 21:15 rich, it was cultured, it had a form
of godliness. 21:18 It was apathetic; it was sentimental
spirituality. 21:23 They had not denied the gospel; they
had not denied Christ. 21:26 But this church at Laodicea had the
form of godliness. 21:30 They honored God with their lips
21:32 but their hearts were far from Him. 21:35 That was the literal church at Laodicea.
21:38 And so Jesus addresses that church. 21:42 Revelation chapter 3. What an apt description
21:48 of the church living at the judgment hour.
21:51 A church that is proud of her accomplishments. 21:54 Many of them it should be.
21:56 A church that is proud of its institutions. 21:59 A church that is proud of its world-wide
membership. 22:03 A people that are proud of their doctrines
that they’re 22:07 doctrinally right.
22:09 But Jesus addresses a special letter to them:
22:13 the letter to the Laodiceans. 22:16 Let’s read it. Revelation 3:
22:19 “And to the angel of the church of the Laodiceans write:
22:23 these things says the AMEN, the faithful and true witness,
22:29 the beginning of the creation of God. ”
22:31 It is so easy to skip over verses that are so fraught
22:36 with meaning. It is so easy 22:41 to skip over verses that speak to our
hearts. 22:44 Now let’s look at these four descriptions
of Jesus. 22:49 He is the AMEN.
22:50 When do you place Amen in a prayer? 22:54 At the end of the prayer.
22:56 So the church at the judgment hour 22:59 is being addressed by the AMEN at the
end of human history. 23:03 This is the last church, because after
Laodicea there is an AMEN. 23:09 There is no such thing as the remnant
of the remnant. 23:13 Does somebody hear me tonight?
23:16 There is no calling out of Laodicea 23:20 for another remnant to arise.
23:23 There is the message to Laodicea 23:26 that brings revival in Laodicea!
23:29 Amen. 23:30 “He that has ears, let him hear what
the Spirit says to the 23:33 churches. ” If God says “Amen” after
Laodicea, 23:39 it’s “Amen” at the end of human history
23:43 and God will have a church. 23:44 The AMEN: the faithful and true witness.
23:47 His witness is faithful and it’s true. 23:50 We may want to avoid it.
23:52 We may not want to accept it. 23:55 It may make us uncomfortable and squirm
in the pew… 24:00 but it’s still true.
24:02 “Pastor Finley, I’m so glad you’re preaching the
24:05 Laodicean message. Those brethren need it! ”
24:11 “I’m so glad. I can’t wait to get this tape to show it
24:15 to my local church because they’re not 3ABN fans
24:18 and they really need this one. ” 24:21 That attitude defines what a Laodicean
is all about. 24:27 Laodicea applies the Laodicean message
24:31 to somebody else. That everybody needs it except me.
24:36 The scriptures says – Revelation chapter 3-
24:40 “These things says the AMEN” – at the end of history –
24:43 “the faithful and true witness. ” 24:44 Jesus is witnessing to my heart tonight.
24:48 Jesus is witnessing to your heart tonight. 24:51 His witness is faithful about me.
24:54 His witness is faithful about you. 24:56 He is the faithful and true witness.
Now notice: 24:59 He’s “the beginning of the creation
of God. ” 25:04 Now that strange expression: He’s the
“beginning of the 25:08 creation of God. ” What does that mean?
25:10 That God created Jesus first? Not at all.
25:12 In the Greek language there are… the word for beginning
25:16 here is the Greek word arche 25:18 and it means beginner or first cause.
25:20 That Jesus started all creation. 25:23 Keep your finger in Revelation chapter
3. Go back to 25:25 Ephesians 3 verse 9.
25:27 Ephesians 3 verse 9. 25:30 Who is the One that addresses the church
at Laodicea? 25:35 Ephesians 3 verse 9.
25:38 “And to make all people see what is the fellowship
25:41 of the mystery which from the beginning of the ages
25:44 has been hidden in God who created all things
25:47 through Jesus Christ. ” 25:49 Jesus is the beginning of the creation
of God 25:52 in the sense that He is the beginner
of the creation of God. 25:56 He is the One that brought forth all
creation. 25:59 He spoke and it was done.
26:01 “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God
26:03 and the Word was God. And all things are created
26:06 by Him and in Him, and by Him all things are created
26:09 and exist. ” So it is the Almighty Creator 26:12 that brought light out of darkness
26:15 that speaks to Laodicea. 26:17 It is the Almighty Creator that hung
every star in space 26:21 and caused the planets to revolve around
the sun. 26:25 It’s the Almighty Creator that said
to the tides 26:27 “you come hither and go no further.
” 26:30 And it’s the Almighty Creator
26:32 that brought life on this earth that speaks to Laodicea
26:35 and says: “I can re-create your hearts. ”
26:38 “I can bring light out of the darkness of your mind. ”
26:41 “I can turn the form of godliness so that you’ll have
26:44 a new beating spiritual heart. ” 26:46 It is the Creator that speaks to Laodicea.
26:49 So the Laodicean message is full of encouragement.
26:52 It’s full of hope because Jesus, the Creator, says:
26:56 “I can re-create my image in My people. ”
27:00 Now listen here. The Faith I Live By page 306:
27:02 “The counsel of the True Witness… ” the prophet to the
27:07 remnant says this: “The counsel of the True Witness… ”
27:09 What is that? The counsel of the True Witness?
27:11 What’s that? The Laodicean message. 27:13 “is full of encouragement and comfort.
27:17 The churches may yet obtain the gold of true faith
27:21 and love and be rich in the blessings 27:24 in the heavenly treasure. ”
27:28 The message to the Laodiceans is full of courage and comfort.
27:33 If you think tonight that the Laodicean message is one that
27:37 God has given to whip His people and beat them
27:40 till they feel so discouraged, you’ve missed the whole point.
27:43 Tonight as we study the Laodicean message 27:46 I want to show you how full of encouragement
it is for you. 27:50 There’s somebody watching tonight.
27:52 You just happened to tune in. 27:54 You’ve got a formal religious experience.
27:58 Your prayers don’t go any higher than the ceiling.
28:01 You rarely study the Bible. 28:03 God’s going to speak to you tonight.
28:05 God’s going to touch you tonight. 28:06 Jesus is going to break through. There’s
somebody here tonight… 28:09 God sent you to this meeting for a purpose.
28:13 You may have come into this meeting tonight knowing
28:16 that there are things in your heart that are not right
28:18 with God. Sure, you’re a Sabbath-keeping, tithe-paying,
28:20 health-reforming Adventist 28:21 but you know in your heart that you’ve
lost something. 28:24 That you’re missing something.
28:27 That there’s a void in your heart. 28:28 That the fire in your soul that once
burned was not there. 28:32 You know you have to force yourself
to get on your knees 28:34 to pray and then you’re on there for
about 30 seconds 28:38 and your mind wanders.
28:39 And you have a very superficial prayer life.
28:43 You know that, oh sure, you love to watch speakers on television
28:47 and get your religious teaching second hand.
28:51 But as far as opening the Bible yourself and listening to Jesus
28:54 speak to you and let your heart be warmed, you know
28:57 that those were days past. 28:59 You know that your religious experience
with Jesus 29:01 has become quite apathetic and quite
superficial. 29:04 That you have a form of godliness.
29:07 You believe the doctrines but you’re missing something inside.
29:09 Tonight Jesus is going to speak to you. 29:12 Tonight Jesus is going to touch you.
29:14 Tonight your heart is going to be warmed in some amazing
29:17 new ways as God from the text speaks to your heart.
29:20 Take your Bible, please. 29:23 The True Witness is speaking…
29:25 the One who can re-create our hearts. He says:
29:26 “I know your works, that you are neither cold nor hot.
29:29 I wish you were cold or hot. So then because you are
29:32 lukewarm… ” Indifferent, apathetic… 29:37 “and neither cold nor hot I will spew
you out of My mouth. ” 29:41 Notice Jesus says to Laodicea
29:43 “You’ve taken a bath in lukewarm water. ”
29:46 The water in Laodicea was very lukewarm. 29:49 You go visit there today and you look
across the valley to 29:51 Hierapolis and you see the hot springs
coming up 29:54 out of Hierapolis, and they come across
about 6 miles. 29:57 You can still see the ruins of the Roman
aqueducts. 30:00 And the water was hot when it came out
of the springs 30:04 but by the time it got to Laodicea it
was lukewarm 30:07 and it was nauseating. So the church
at Laodicea 30:12 had taken a bath in lukewarm water.
It was not hot; 30:16 it was not on fire for God.
30:19 But it was not cold; it had not rejected truth.
30:23 So Jesus says: “Because you say: ‘I am rich
30:27 and have become wealthy… ‘ You are doctrinally wealthy.
30:31 You are spiritually wealthy from the sense of doctrine.
30:35 ‘that you have need of nothing’ 30:38 but you don’t know that you’re wretched,
30:40 you’re miserable, you’re poor, 30:42 you’re blind, and you’re naked… ‘ ”
30:44 Laodicea said: “I’m rich. ” Jesus said: “You’re poor. ”
30:47 Laodicea said: “I’m a banking capitol” 30:49 and Jesus said: “You’re poor. ”
30:51 Laodicea said: “I am clothed with the garments.
30:55 Look at our garments; look at our fashion. ”
30:57 Jesus said: “You’re naked. ” 30:59 Laodicea said: “I can see. We produce
this eye salve. ” 31:03 Jesus said: “You’re blind. ”
31:06 And then Jesus makes this offer. 31:07 The heavenly Merchantman comes and knocks
on the door 31:10 of Laodicea and knocks on the door of
your heart. 31:13 He knocks on the door of my heart tonight.
31:15 What does Jesus offer and what does it mean?
31:20 Jesus says: “I counsel you… ” 31:23 The True Witness is speaking. He is
speaking to you; 31:27 He’s speaking to me.
31:28 If you’re here in this 3ABN audience, the True Witness
31:31 is speaking to you. 31:32 The heavenly Merchantman is speaking
to you. 31:35 If you’re watching by television,
31:37 Jesus is speaking to you. 31:39 “I counsel you to buy of Me gold tried
in the fire. ” 31:43 We stop there.
31:45 What is the gold tried in the fire that Laodicea does not have
31:51 that Christ appeals to us to get? 31:54 What is that? Let’s let the Bible tell
us. 31:57 First we go to Peter. Take your Bible,
please, 31:59 and come to Peter with me.
32:01 The first chapter of Peter. 32:03 I Peter chapter 1 verse 7.
32:07 I Peter chapter 1 verse 7. 32:08 What is the gold tried in the fire?
32:12 The gold that Laodicea needs 32:15 Laodicea needs more than a form of godliness.
32:17 Laodicea needs more than to honor Christ with their lips.
32:21 Laodicea needs more than a doctrinal correctness.
32:24 Laodicea needs more than simply an external label.
32:29 Laodicea needs the gold tried in the fire.
32:32 Gold is precious. 32:35 I Peter chapter 1. We look there…
verse 7: 32:40 “That the genuineness of your faith
32:42 being much more precious than gold 32:45 that perishes though it is tested by
fire 32:49 may be found to praise, honor, and glory
32:52 at the revelation of Jesus Christ. ” 32:54 So the gold is the preciousness of your
faith. 32:58 What is faith?
33:00 Faith is trusting God as a friend well known.
33:05 How do you develop faith? 33:08 Romans chapter 10 verse 17 says: “Faith
comes by hearing 33:12 and hearing by the… ” What? “Word
of God. ” 33:15 So when Jesus, the heavenly Merchantman,
33:19 invites us to take the gold, He’s inviting us to develop
33:24 a faith that will stand the crisis of time.
33:27 He’s inviting us to enter into a study of His Word –
33:32 personally, practically – and let the Word of God
33:37 transform our lives to develop a deep relationship of faith
33:41 with Him. Look at what Peter says. 33:44 After he talks about this gold tried
in the fire, 33:47 this faith, he says…
33:50 I Peter chapter 1 verse 23: 33:54 “Having been born again, not of corruptible
seed 33:58 but incorruptible, through the Word
of God 34:01 which lives and abides forever. ”
34:03 How is it that when we drift into Laodicean complacency
34:08 we can be born again? How is it that as our experience
34:12 with Jesus becomes apathetic our hearts can be changed?
34:16 That we can be moved from being indifferent? 34:18 Peter tells us.
34:19 “Having been born again, not of corruptible seed
34:22 but incorruptible, through the Word of God. ”
34:25 II Peter. What is it that will bring revival
34:30 to God’s people? What is it that will transform
34:33 the Laodicean spiritual experience? 34:35 It is as men and women on their knees
34:38 open God’s Word and allow the precious promises
34:42 of God’s Word to transform their life. 34:44 There is nothing that substitutes in
the Christian 34:47 life for taking time with Jesus in His
Word. 34:51 You cannot be a solid, vibrant, committed
34:56 Christian unless the Word of God transforms your life
35:00 and changes your mind. 35:02 “We are not conformed to this world
but we are transformed 35:05 by the renewing of our mind. ” II Peter
chapter 1. 35:09 Notice he says… II Peter chapter 1:
35:13 “By which… ” verse 4 “have been given to us exceeding
35:18 great and precious… ” What? 35:20 “promises that through these you may
be partakers 35:24 of the divine nature having escaped
the corruption 35:28 of the world that is through lust. ”
35:31 We escape the corruption of the world 35:33 and are partakers of the divine nature
35:36 as we fill our mind with God’s Word. 35:39 Listen to what James says. James chapter
1. 35:44 There is a danger. The danger is
35:49 that we substitute listening to sermons 35:53 on DVD to listening to the voice of
God in His Word. 36:00 I thank God for the media ministries.
36:02 I thank God for 3ABN. 36:04 I thank God for Hope Channel.
36:05 I thank God for every Adventist ministry… all of them!
36:09 Breath of Life… praise God for it. 36:12 It Is Written… praise God for it.
36:15 Amazing Facts… praise God for it. 36:17 But if you think that you’re going to
develop a deep 36:21 spiritual experience by becoming a religious
groupie 36:25 and following your favorite TV preacher
36:29 be it Mark Finley or anybody else, 36:33 that will not provide the depth that
God wants you to have. 36:40 The answer to Laodicea is found in the
Word of God. 36:46 The book of James.
36:47 There is no substitute for opening God’s Word.
36:52 There is no substitute for letting God speak to you
36:56 through His book. There is no substitute 37:00 for the transformation of character
that comes. 37:03 The gold tried in the fire
37:07 is the development of faith 37:11 through a mind immersed in the Word
of the Living God. 37:15 James chapter 1.
37:18 Verse… looking there in the book of James
37:21 chapter 1 verse 21. 37:24 “Therefore lay aside all filthiness
and the overflow 37:29 of wickedness and receive with meekness
the implanted Word 37:34 which is able to save your souls. ”
37:36 The implanted Word! I love that expression. 37:39 Has the Word of God been implanted in
your mind? 37:44 Has the Word of God saturated your consciousness?
37:48 Has the Word of God molded and shaped your thinking
37:53 and transformed your life? 37:55 Revival – genuine, authentic revival
– will not come to this 38:00 church simply because there’s some music
that makes you 38:03 want to clap your hands.
38:06 That may lead to false revival. 38:11 A false revival’s going to come.
38:13 It’s going to be based on emotionalism and sentimentalism.
38:17 And for a people that are not used to disciplined study
38:21 of God’s Word and that want a quick fix in religion,
38:25 that want a candy-coated, sugar-coated gospel
38:30 that makes them feel good, 38:32 the devil will provide a counterfeit.
38:36 Shallow calls to shallow 38:39 but deep calleth to deep.
38:41 I do not call you tonight to a shallow, superficial,
38:47 easy-going, crossless Christian experience. 38:52 Tonight I call you to the depths of
God’s Word. 38:56 I call you to fill your mind for it
is written 39:00 none but those who have fortified their
minds 39:04 with the teaching of scripture, and
I quote: 39:07 “will stand through the final crisis.
” 39:11 Revival comes through saturating our
minds with the Word of God. 39:15 This is what Jesus is talking about
to Laodicea: 39:19 the faith, the gold, the Christian experience
39:21 that comes through God’s Word. 39:23 Psalm 119.
39:24 What is the source of revival? 39:27 What is the very heart of revival?
39:30 What is the very essence of revival? 39:32 Psalm 119.
39:35 And we look there in the 119th Psalm 39:38 in the 107th verse…
39:41 Let’s look at verses 105, 106, 107. 39:44 Psalm 119 105, 106, and 107.
39:50 “Your Word is a lamp unto my feet and light unto my path.
39:54 I have sworn and confirmed that I will keep Your
39:56 righteous judgments. I am afflicted much.
39:58 Revive me, O Lord, according to Your… ” What everybody?
40:03 “Revive me, O Lord, according to… ” What?
40:06 “Your Word. ” 40:08 What is the source and the heart of
revival? 40:11 Revival comes as we pray over God’s
Word. 40:14 Do you see why the Laodicean message
is full of 40:18 as the prophet of God to the remnant
says: 40:20 “hope and encouragement? ”
40:22 Because as we fill our minds with God’s Word
40:24 the same Holy Spirit that inspired the Bible
40:26 inspires our hearts. 40:28 The Creator God who spoke and it was
done, 40:31 who commanded and it stood fast,
40:33 the creative energy and I quote again: 40:36 “the creative energy that brought worlds
into existence 40:39 is in the Word of God. ”
40:41 The same Jesus who spoke worlds into existence
40:45 speaks to us through His Word and our lives are transformed
40:49 through the very Word of God. 40:50 Back to Revelation chapter 3.
40:52 What does the heavenly Merchantman invite us to do?
40:56 First, He comes knocking on the door of your heart
40:58 and He says: “Will you give Me time? ”
41:00 “Will you give Me time? ” 41:03 In Revelation chapter 3:
41:05 “Will you give Me time to build within you a faith? ”
41:10 “Will you give Me time to build within you
41:14 a strength of character? ” 41:17 “Will you spend time every day
41:21 allowing Me to speak to you from My Word? ”
41:25 Revelation 3. 41:27 “I counsel you to buy of Me gold tried
in the fire 41:31 that you may be rich
41:33 and white raiments that you may be clothed. ”
41:37 What are these white raiments? 41:41 Well, Revelation chapter 19.
41:43 Take your Bible there: Revelation chapter 19.
41:46 And you’re going to look at Revelation chapter 19
41:49 and you’re going to look at verse 9. 41:52 Revelation chapter 19 verse 9.
41:55 What is this white raiment? 41:58 Revelation chapter 19 verse 9
42:01 describes what this white raiment is. 42:05 Revelation 19 verse 9.
42:09 We’ll start with verse 7. 42:12 “Let us be glad and rejoice and give
Him glory 42:15 for the marriage of the Lamb has come
42:17 and His wife has made herself ready. 42:19 And to her it was granted to be arrayed
in fine linen, 42:23 clean and white, for the fine linen
is the righteous acts 42:26 of the saints. ” What is this white
raiment? 42:29 It is Jesus’ righteousness that transforms
our lives. 42:35 What is Jesus saying when He says: “Come
to Me 42:38 and receive this white raiment? ”
42:40 He’s saying: “Bathe your mind 42:44 in an understanding of My grace and
My righteousness. 42:48 You are frail and weak and sinful
42:52 and all your righteousness is as filthy rags.
42:55 Even your righteous acts are tainted by selfish motives
42:59 but come to Me… immerse yourself in Me. ”
43:04 I love that old hymn Not I, But Christ… 43:06 be honored, loved, exalted.
43:09 Not I, but Christ, be seen, be known, be heard.
43:12 Not I, but Christ, in every look and action.
43:15 Not I, but Christ, in every deed and word.
43:18 Jesus says: “Come and allow Me to fill your heart.
43:22 Come and allow me to change your life. 43:24 Come and allow Me to be your Savior,
your Lord. 43:30 Come and allow Me to transform you and
make you over again. 43:36 Drink deeply of My grace
43:39 and My love and My salvation. ” 43:42 Jesus says to you and to me tonight:
43:45 “Spend time immersing your mind in My grace,
43:51 My goodness, My righteousness. ” 43:53 Dwight L. Moody once said
43:55 “The man the world has yet to see: 44:01 that man, that woman who is totally
consecrated to God. 44:06 I will be that man. ”
44:08 Do you hear the call of God to your heart?
44:12 “I will be that man… I will be that woman.
44:14 Lord, all I want is to reflect Your love.
44:17 All I want is to reflect Your grace. 44:19 All I want is Your grace to flow out
of me. 44:22 I want to reveal Jesus
44:24 in kindness and compassion and gentleness. 44:27 I know, Lord, there’s no goodness in
me. 44:29 I know that there is no way that my
righteousness can 44:33 save me. Nobody else has to tell me
how wicked I am 44:38 because I know this man’s heart,
44:39 I know this man’s mind. ” 44:43 Nothing in my hand I bring,
44:47 only to His cross I cling. 44:51 Redeemed, how I love to proclaim it!
44:54 Redeemed by the blood of the Lamb. 44:57 Redeemed and so happy in Jesus!
45:00 Laodicea… an appeal to the cross. 45:06 An appeal to kneel before Him
45:09 and praise Him for His righteousness and His goodness
45:13 and His love. 45:14 What is the message to Laodicea
45:16 in Revelation chapter 3? 45:19 It is a message to develop faith and
strength of character 45:23 through His Word.
45:24 It is a message to be immersed in His love
45:27 and allow His grace and righteousness and goodness
45:31 to transform your life. 45:35 The last part of the verse says
45:37 “that you may be clothed. ” Verse… chapter 3 verse 18.
45:43 “That the shame of your naked- ness may not be revealed. ”
45:46 Without Jesus and His righteousness clothing me
45:52 the x-ray of the divine eyes of eternity 45:56 see through my fig-leaf garments of
works 46:02 and I’m seen as naked before God.
46:05 But as I fall on my knees and say: “Jesus, I’m a sinner
46:08 but You are altogether righteous. 46:10 Clothe me with Your righteousness, Lord…
46:13 clothe me with Your righteousness. 46:15 Transform my life through that righteousness.
” 46:19 As a sinner I am declared righteous
through the 46:23 righteous life of Christ.
46:27 But as a sinner, the faith that receives 46:33 His justifying grace is the same faith
that receives 46:37 His sanctifying power.
46:40 The same faith that receives justification 46:43 for my past and present failures
46:47 receives His power and sanctification to transform me.
46:52 Salvation comes as I spend time with Jesus in His Word.
46:57 It comes as I cast my helpless soul upon Him
47:02 and let Him clothe me with His beautiful robe of righteousness.
47:06 And He declares me before the universe as righteous.
47:09 And that which He declares me to be 47:13 He promises to me that He’s not only
the Author 47:16 but He is the Finisher of our faith!
47:19 He promises me that if I stay with Him 47:22 and don’t drop out of the school of
Christ 47:26 that He will get me through.
47:28 Because “He which hath begun a good work in you” –
47:31 Philippians 1 verse 6- “will finish it. ”
47:34 I’m not all that I want to be 47:37 but I will be all I can be
47:41 through the righteousness of Jesus Christ. 47:44 He surrounds me and clothes me with
His righteousness 47:47 and works in me through His grace and
power to transform me. 47:52 So as John says: “Behold… “Behold
now are we 47:56 the sons of God.
47:59 But we do not yet know what we shall be.
48:01 But we know this: that we shall be like Him
48:06 because when He appears we shall see Him as He is. ”
48:09 Jesus is taking Laodicea, whom He has clothed with His
48:12 righteousness, transforming their hearts to make them
48:17 a loving, kind people to be a witness to the world.
48:20 This is the message of Laodicea. 48:23 Let Jesus do a deep work in your heart.
48:25 Let Jesus finish the work in your heart that He began.
48:28 Let Jesus be not only the Author but the Finisher
48:31 of your faith. Revelation chapter 3 last part
48:33 of verse 18. 48:38 “And anoint your eyes with eye salve
that you may see. ” 48:41 What is the eye salve?
48:43 It is the Holy Spirit bringing us conviction of who we are.
48:46 It’s the Holy Spirit showing us our need of Jesus Christ.
48:51 Oh Jesus, I don’t want to be so rushed, even in my ministry,
48:57 that I miss receiving the gold 49:00 and that the faith and strength of character
is not developed 49:03 in me to stand in the final crisis.
49:08 I don’t want to be so clothed in the accomplishments of my
49:12 works that I don’t kneel before You 49:15 and receive Your grace.
49:18 Lord, I don’t want to be so blind 49:21 that I don’t see my nature that drives
me to Jesus. 49:26 And Jesus says Revelation chapter 3
verse 20: 49:28 “Behold I stand at the door and knock.
49:31 If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will
49:34 come in to him and sup with him and he with Me. ”
49:36 In the Eastern world, supper 49:39 was a meal that you sat down in fellowship.
49:42 You don’t run by. 49:43 Jesus says: “I’m standing at the door
knocking. 49:45 Can I come in? Can I come in?
49:48 I’m standing there at that door and knocking.
49:52 Will you make a total complete surrender 49:55 of your life to Me? ”
49:57 “Will you allow Me to fill that aching void in your soul? ”
50:02 You’re an Adventist. You’re a tithe-paying, Sabbath-
50:06 keeping, health-reforming Adventist 50:08 but you’re running through life. And
deep down in your soul 50:13 there is an aching for a genuine spirituality.
50:16 You are saying: “God, there must be something more! ”
50:20 And Jesus says to you: “Come. Come. Open your heart.
50:26 Let Me change your life. ” 50:30 I want to read you a remarkable letter.
50:33 This letter was written 50:37 about 40 years ago.
50:41 It was written, in fact, 1968-1970. 50:46 A group of Communist infiltrators came
to America. 50:53 They began working on college campuses.
50:56 And a Communist I will say “evangelist” 50:59 converted to Communism a number of American
young people. 51:04 One of the young men that accepted Communism
51:09 in the late 60’s when Communism was in its hey-day
51:13 he believed in the ideology of Communism. 51:16 That the classless society that Marx
had offered 51:21 was the way forward for all the world.
51:24 This young man who had been a Christian left Christianity.
51:28 And he had been dating a Christian girl, and he
51:31 broke up with her. I want to read you 51:34 a copy of the letter that he wrote
51:39 to his Christian girlfriend 51:41 and why, as a Communist, he had to break
up 51:44 with a Christian… why they couldn’t
date. 51:46 “My dear, I am writing this letter to
inform you 51:51 that I can no longer continue our relationship.
51:55 I have become a Communist 51:57 and must sacrifice everything for my
commitment to the cause. 52:01 We Communists don’t have time for fine
cars 52:05 and luxurious houses and movies
52:08 and T-bone steaks or fancy clothes. 52:11 We are all consumed by the cause of
Communism. 52:15 Communism is my love.
52:17 It is my mistress; it is my sweetheart. 52:21 It consumes my time and absorbs my thoughts.
52:24 Its hold on me grows stronger not weaker every day.
52:28 I give back to the cause every penny 52:31 except for my living expenses.
52:34 And I’m willing to give up my life for the cause of Communism.
52:38 Therefore I can have no relationship that is contrary
52:42 to the cause and we must break up. ” 52:46 When I read that I said: “Oh, Jesus,
52:49 oh Jesus, how pathetic 52:55 my commitment to You is at times.
52:57 How superficial! 53:02 Jesus, You are the great Creator.
53:07 Come and re-create my heart. 53:10 Come and transform my life.
53:13 Come and make me like You. ” 53:17 Do you hear God speaking to you tonight?
53:19 Is God speaking to your heart? 53:22 Is there the call to something deeper?
53:25 Is it a call to spend time with Him in prayer?
53:28 Is there the call to spend time in His book?
53:31 Is there the call to your heart to a deeper surrender tonight?
53:36 Would you like to bow your heads with me as we pray?
53:40 Is there somebody here that you know God is calling you
53:44 to make a change in your life? 53:48 I don’t know what that change is, but
you hear His voice 53:50 speaking to you tonight.
53:52 Somebody watching by television: 53:55 God is calling you tonight to make that
change. 53:58 Would you just raise your hand right
now? 54:00 “Lord, I need a change. Lord, I need
a change. 54:03 Lord, I need to be anchored in Your
Word. 54:05 Lord, I want to be ready when You come.
” 54:07 Jesus, thank you for being the great
Creator that’ll 54:09 change our hearts.
54:10 Oh my Father, thank you that the message to the Laodiceans
54:14 is so full of hope and encouragement. 54:16 You have not spewed us out of Your mouth.
54:19 You will create a mighty revival, and the winds
54:22 of revival are blowing. Oh Jesus, tonight 54:25 we open our hearts to You.
54:27 Come and fill them with Your power, Your strength,
54:30 Your goodness, Your righteousness 54:33 and use us in Your closing work.
54:36 In Jesus’ name, Amen and Amen. 54:40 Go tonight knowing… Go tonight knowing
54:45 that you are Christ’s and He is yours. 54:49 Amen. Thank you, Mark.
54:51 And all the people said once again: “Amen! ”
54:56 Wow! We’ve had a wonderful time. We want to thank all of you
54:59 for coming… those of you at home for staying with us
55:03 at Camp Meeting. Many of you are watching 55:04 from around the world.
55:06 And this is a spiritual time. 55:08 It’s for revival and reformation
55:11 and it’s good for all of us. 55:12 And though we’re in the business of
ministry 55:14 we need to be in the business of coming
to Jesus every day, 55:17 right? That’s right. Coming to the foot
of the cross. 55:19 And sometimes a lot of us are out speaking,
55:22 and it’s great to sit down and be fed by other folks.
55:25 Amen. You know, we will have another Camp Meeting
55:28 in the spring. And those dates are: May 30-31, June 1-2.
55:35 And so we’re looking forward to that. 55:37 Put it on your calendar and plan to
be with us. 55:40 You know the amazing thing, Danny? There
are more people 55:43 here at the end of this message
55:45 than there were at the beginning. 55:46 And they just kept coming back in.
55:49 And… I always say when I go to churches on weekends…
55:52 I say: “Most Adventists will miss the second coming
55:55 by about 20 minutes. ” Yeah. 55:57 ‘Cause that’s about how late… Church
starts at 7. 55:59 By 7: 15 there’s quite a few there
56:02 and by 7:30 most everybody that’s coming comes, you know.
56:06 That’s right. But however late you came 56:09 we’re glad that you came and… for
sure. 56:12 Well… and what we want to do is leave
you with a blessing 56:17 because how many of you have to travel
now? 56:21 Got quite a distance to travel.
56:23 We want to pray traveling mercies over you.
56:25 And our prayer, too, is this word that has gone forth
56:29 not just for you here but all of you across the nation
56:33 and throughout the world that have had this word
56:37 that have received so beautifully from Bro. Bradford,
56:39 have we not? And from Pastor Finley. 56:42 That this word that has been planted
in your heart 56:45 that it will be sealed there by the
power of the Holy Spirit. 56:48 That the enemy can’t come and steal…
not any of that 56:51 word out of your heart but that that
word will be planted 56:54 deeply within your heart and it will
produce 56:57 not 30-fold, not 60-fold, but how many
of you want 57:00 100-fold return on this word that’s
gone into our heart 57:04 today? So that’s our prayer tonight
57:06 for everyone that’s here… for everyone around the world.
57:09 That the power of the Word will be planted 57:11 deeply within your heart
57:13 and that it will have a mighty return for the kingdom of God.
57:16 Amen. Jesus is coming soon. Amen. 57:20 Good night. God bless you.

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