Te ATREVES con el VELLUM??? Nivel medio [PASO a PASO]

Te ATREVES con el VELLUM??? Nivel medio [PASO a PASO]

hello hello and welcome to Irenka Decora and today what I’m going to do is a letter from
wishes for 2019 and what is called here in france a “letter of
desires “then I have advanced a little the process to gain time but
I will explain everything step by step not you you worry
I have already prepared the material picked up a white cardboard worth here
is where I’m going to put the floor this is candle now I explain how I have
done in the dots and the zig-zag dark blue cardboard
this is my card or my card with a little glitter and the envelope that
goes to game that also has brightness they swept the paper and the other one is
cardboard then this for the moment I’m going to leave the mark everywhere
because it’s going to be the final assembly what first I want to ride is this is
say the part that will go up then as I made the veil
by parts the veil and I put it like that so you can see it first thing
fact has been with the white pen the glass maker voucher is for glass
metal porcelain serves for a whole little bit and I think in some house if not
I remember badly I have taught them, it is true and in fact
I also have a painted glass with the pink star then
The first thing I have done has been turn it around
ok I do not know right now I do not remember where is the turn where the
back but what he has done has been him has given where I did not want it to look
the brightness I think this is the part of in front of who has the dotted but what
I’m going to teach from behind and that’s how they’re going to come out an effect of very small snowflakes
very cool, it’s worth the top What I do is put more points
and on the bottom I put less like that the groups will see better
above stall plus amount of points
put the finest chubby me and first that are the finite facts well
I’m going to do this rather well thick and so it shows a little bit the
difference on the one hand and on the other ok nothing happens if they touch or if they are
more separated less is worth and what is important is that by going here others and below are
they are a few OK
then as you see on one side of the ice cream fine snowdrops and for the
another one I have put some more snow chubby is to say you tight more the
white marker valen I took advantage of this marker because I know it’s valid
for the crystal for many things and I know that the veil is a paper a little bit
special is a little plasticized is the paper this vegetable is worth then
on the one hand and on the other the cut that I made here is worth
I do not have cuts then in fact as the engineers here
I put this is a normal square OK
with a dot all around inside then what I have done so I have
placed in the corner and passing the other two inside I do not know if you see it
there would be a thing like that but we have this now you will see how the
block so I think that has been happening
A) Yes Right-handed forgiveness is worth saying
that I have cut this but this here does not
these two is 500 of kino equally if do not you dare put the plates of
cut to this height from here to below cut back so to speak if this is
the proposed limit from here down it’s worth this here has left
completely the impropriety when it’s just the machine is worth just in the in
the forgiveness line that repeats it many times but I think I want it to be
He wants forgiveness to be clear because he does not I could record it then it’s good
this condemned equally if you have Do not hesitate to write and I’m delighted to
tell you more little things or more tricks about the about the report
well once I have done this what I want to do is like you see, it’s just fair
custom made, I cut two times the same measure they are 13 x 13
5 inches and a quarter of 13 x 13 then I have cut these
two of 13 x 13 that I want to do a marquito simply cut out
and I have a white marquee all around background and this blue over to see that I lose a little bit worth we’re going to
by the base for the base this at the moment I’m going to leave it parked and you see that it’s
finished it has dried super soon and you have copitos and all the games of
All sizes forgiveness colors are not all white
I’m going to show you something here in the center you scare them but I’ve done tests
then I have done tests I have done two tests one to see if the color was a
darker little bit worth I’ve done tests with him with the tree to see
how it was and to see how it was left a little bit of silver I do not like the
silver result I prefer it in navy blue because it goes very well to
this color from here then as I already has done the test I did what I like
what looks good in what is not well this part of here is not going to see
I have taught him then out of curiosity and in fact the cardboard is very saved
of other work that I have done with color finally we are going to focus on
this is what I want everything will go Pegadito is not going to go with volume is not going
to see nowhere this face down ok then I’m going to catch
the seal that I want in this case the from a pine a fir tree is worth in the deal a color that I want and before this and I do not want bass because insurance
sure grains there are infinities below as if it were a little smaller
and the peak I will go putting more as if it were a different forest
heights and you’ve already seen what little has been given
and we already have the detail and fact I think the truth is very good
the subject of the person who has asked for it to be a little more
classic with which we will be able to and take advantage since I have the same color
snow coquitos and others of the same color there was a uniform not too much
too much ink as is the case here and the s it is well notice the detail of the s we have here are the two cuts as
you have taught and the following you will see what effect this
he left it parked and as I told you I bought it simple then simply drawing your person is very blurred
call to another
super slowly survivor
I personally like it seems to me more easier to use than
pads half the effect also decreases us
I’m telling you the effect is not the same but yes and that reminds me a bit of the fabric
cowgirl I’m going to give him everything but as You can make very cool effects
It’s good to blur from corner to corner and the other white part
but the truth is that this is only in colour
because I called I want then I’m going to finish giving everyone in this feeling a beginning of the ass go
to pick up a normal piece is that it’s the first exclusion
but although the cut does not paint it has Cleaned ink is ready for another
authorization It was what I was looking for but otherwise singing so it’s true that now that I notice
in the trees you can hardly see but it also serves well in a shade of
same background I do not know whether to take another color a little stronger run subscribe come not late
I want to show you also that I have caught in amazon and a brush
and give brightness then that if it’s with a brush with edwin kof
stellar bronze is perfect for writing adding brightness in a controlled manner
when used in projects and prints the tip of the brush allows you to trace
both thin and thick lines enough offering you a great
artistic freedom So, for the moment, in the meantime,
I’ve gotten into my head so what I do I’m going to do is try it on
in this project so I want to do is in this piece give
that frame class book we are the little flag and now a point that we have it ok you have seen that they will talk to you about
the great and bet now I understand ok you have to fill in that part
and one of them filled began to come out wolves the glitter pay me I passed I will recognize this a little bit to 5 and a quarter to put to 5 and a little to four and seven states I’m going to leave i to three quarters
sorry because it does not come on camera but I I know what I have to fold is here
in which there are three quarters all right
this is a melon that is pretty hard pretty tough and it’s worth
you will see why What I’m going to do is bend it
here stick it on the back and paste it
here with season 2 in thinking of you this season
agree and so you should not know anything of glue over here because I’m going to
hit here back do not tell anyone but here
you have a bell to not miss nothing if you want even so you do not see
from behind you can do it in peak cut it out a little the peak so you do not see yourself from behind so what I’m going to do is going to be
place it one described has simply placed
doublet I do not want to put here then
for that what I’m going to do is next I’m going to square how well the next
in all its forms that you see from here you can already put the double glue
face ok then I’m going to make myself
taquitos this is turned around so what I’m going to do as is
glued lift leave a little and put it down
I put it upside down go here so that when I give him the
turn well then what I’m going to to do here is simply to put
double-sided glue it would be
the card with the brush and the little snow and the veil
I really like it a lot I really like it now, it’s just
we are going to place the card I want that be a classical opening I do not want that
open upwards but to one side so As you can see, the whole marquito will be given
around a very very cool detail here I’m going to put double-sided tape
obviously because it’s vélez and if not it’s going to hit me but in everything else you can put
also glue normal what you have from normal at home
since I am then look, I am going to give you the four sides but if not already I say
which glue glue white glue the
bar any other paper glue with paper or cardboard with cardboard
also very well as you can see, nothing is noticed where we have put the glue
you do not notice anything the brightness is beautiful or is not appreciated in the video anymore
I feel but the shine a finite shine superchulo for what is the occasion that
to a shine of freshly fallen snow very very nice, very nice, I’m sorry that
the video is not appreciated and it’s worth it and you know how to make snowflakes too
in front and behind so they have different different intensities of
white larger and smaller and nothing because that would be the result and the
card so nothing I hope you liked
and do not hesitate to write me if you have questions or want to see some kind of
suggestion if you have any work that I can do something like this
tutorial on the subject so nothing a very big kiss see you soon
and I hope you liked it goodbye if you already you have come here I leave you here
two videos that can come in handy with a link to subscribe to my
channel and do not hesitate to ask me comments everything you need a
big kiss and thank you for having seen the video see you soon goodbye

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  1. Jo qué bonita!! Me ha gustado mucho ese glitter voy a comprarlo 🤣 la verdad que te ha quedado muy elegante Irene 😍

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