Tarik Carroll Is Flipping The Script On Masculinity In Fashion | Seen | NowThis

Tarik Carroll Is Flipping The Script On Masculinity In Fashion | Seen | NowThis

I’m one photographer, but my contribution for the culture came from me getting tired of the work that I was doing. And I didn’t want to be comfortable
anymore. I wanted to change the industry. One thing that always stuck with me, working in the fashion
industry, is we’re always selling a fantasy. I got to a point in my own journey as a person, I had to start asking those questions:
Well, whose fantasy are we selling? Once I started doing those exploratory questions, I started to think, like, why aren’t we seeing a more diverse group of men in media, especially in fashion? I decided to open the conversation and create The EveryMAN Project. The EveryMAN Project is a body positivity
initiative that encourages body diversity in the fashion industry. And
actually, all industries in the entertainment
sector, as well as dispelling toxic masculinity and really redefining what
it means to be a man. Being a man means being strong. Being strong, in that sense, means being stoic, means being emotionless, and that’s not real. We are all complex beings, no matter where you are on the gender
spectrum. And to be forced into that way of living, like, it’s — it’s destructive. And that’s what we want to show with The EveryMAN Project, that men can be vulnerable, that men can have feelings, that men can cry, it’s ok to be weak. And to be able to show that. I think there is, like, there’s a real beauty in that, and there’s something that’s real about
that. And that’s something that people need
to see. Growing up as a child, in terms of seeing myself in media and visuals and ads, like, I never did. And even being queer, like, I felt like I had a fit a certain body type to be desirable or to be seen as attractive. And that’s something that stuck with me all the way into, like, my late 20s. And just not feeling, like, desirable, honestly. Because we have these images that are projected upon us, things that we’re supposed to conform to. Like, I really felt truly like an outcast. And I know I’m not the only one. You know what I’m saying? And I wanted
to be the voice for that. If no one else is doing it, I will use my voice and my skills as a fashion photographer and put out campaign-worthy sh*t that is going to change thought. In people seeing me, I hope it just encourages
people to be as authentic as possible. That’s the best thing that I can say, is just whatever authenticity means to them, be it. I had to learn who I was to be authentic. I had to literally strip myself of everything, even strip myself of my ego, to then, like, do the spiritual work to figure out who the f*ck I am. And once I did that, why would I want to be anyone else? Who am I? I’m a bad bitch.

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  1. The fashion industry does promote a fantasy rather than an ideal. The reason it always has is because deep down, we want to be fit. Being fit or fat says something about us. If Tarik is happy as he is, good on him. But don't tell me he wouldn't be happier if he was in good shape.

  2. Seeing this fat ugly guy say “it’s ok to be weak” makes me want to be thin, strong, and good-looking. This dude is a bright and shining example of WHAT NOT TO DO.

  3. Top down ice cream cone man feels alone and miserable. Uses newspeak and half baked rethoric to convert people into molten plastic like him.

  4. That's not what stoicism is.

    It's more about acknowledging and managing the emotions and working out why you are feeling that particular way, as opposed to being controlled by them.

    But, really, if you've seen the video I needn't say more.

  5. Thanks Anon, about time someone posted the sauce, now I can gladly say I'm incredibly dissapointed, not in the sauce, it's just what I expected, a dissapointment.

  6. This motivates me to hit the gym hard every day.

    If i miss a day, i watch this video, and then i make a pact with God himself to never allow me to entertain such inpudence again

  7. there is nothing wrong with being sensitive, or weak, staying is
    and being "masculine" is more than shooting guns, being fit and strong
    stop coping and start improving yourself

  8. To be honest? There is NO PROBLEM with being weak. There is a PROBLEM with STAYING weak. The 'man' in this video has already given up.

  9. It's okay to be weak, but it's not okay to give up trying to improve yourself. This man has decided that he will not improve himself and will remain stagnant



    All of your precious gains will disappear unless you post SHOO SHOO GIGA GAINS GOBLIN ITT!

  11. If you do the opposite of what this person says and does, you will lead a healthy and longlasting, worthwhile life.

  12. Oh sure let's celebrate all the bad traits in a man. Gluttony, no self control, no self discipline, no desire to live long enough to see your kids go to college. We will never accept this disgusting agenda.

  13. I was feeling sorry for myself and didn't want to go to the gym. Watched this video and hit a PR.
    It's not ok to be weak. Being strong isn't about overpowering others, it is about not allowing evil men overpower you and those who cannot defend themselves.

  14. It's not about being emotionless while practicing stoicism. Your father failed you and strength in men is an absolutely necessary foundation.

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