SURPRISE DUET!! The Script Join Abdul On Stage On Indonesian Idol 2018 | Idols Global

Daniel: By the way, we already watch The Script’s performance Do you guys love The Script? Abdul: Yes I am Maria: Yes me too Daniel: Yeah, Ok. Daniel: And Abdul, we saw There is in your social Media, there is a request to you to sing The Script’s song, The Man Who Can Be Moved And it has many likes, now it’s the fact And it’s so many likes, It’s About 2,9K likes and mmm. Ya, let we see Please, Next Week sing The Man Who Can Be Moved and Fix You. This is request from many people that’s not realitation yet Wooow, And there isn’t dislike You can see that all of people likes that The comments till 254 How do you guys think if We Ask Abdul The Man Who Can Be Moved, right? Yes of course The Script already here, but no pressure Yeah that is so pressure for me Yeah, lets sing Ok, Hanny & Co (the band), Please *the music starts* (Abdul starts singing) (The Script surprise him and singing too) Ok, Thank you. Stop! I’m so sorry i have to cut that. Oh My God! That was such an epic performance. Let’s give a big applause. That is so surprise! The Script is back guys!

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