Stenciled Ombré Shimmer Paste

Stenciled Ombré Shimmer Paste

– [Kristina] Hi,
everyone, Kristina here. Welcome to another card video at my YouTube channel and vlog. Today I’m going to be using these two products
from Simon Says Stamp. This is the Love stamp set and Love die set that
coordinate with it. I did those two
products for Simon for their last release. I’m also going to be using that stencil from Heidi Swapp and three colors of
Cosmic Shimmer Paste. I’m using Lavender Mist,
Apple Red, and Pink Blush. I’m going to start
out with the stencil and the shimmer paste. I’ve taped down some
white cardstock. This is Neenah Solar
White cardstock. It’s cut to 4 1/4
by 5 1/2 right now. I’ll trim it down later. I taped that down
to a craft sheet, and then I’ve also taped
the stencil on top. I’m gonna start out with
that light pink Shimmer Paste and I’m going to
apply it directly onto the stencil
just at the very top of the cardstock piece. I’m smearing it on using
this palette knife. I believe this palette
knife is from Ranger and it’s very inexpensive. I think I bought three or
four of them at the same time. I like to just have them on hand because sometimes
these palette knives can get kind of gritty and kind of messed
up if you don’t clean them off right away. I’m kind of notorious
for that, (laughs) so I wanted to have a
few of these on hand. I spread out some of
that Shimmer Paste on to a craft sheet, and then I cleaned off my
palette knife right away. I’m going to go
into the red color, the apple red color, and I’m gonna add a little bit to that pink Shimmer Paste that’s on my craft sheet. I’m going to mix these
two colors together. This is going to make
it a little bit easier to create kind of an ombre look in all of this shimmer paste. I’m mixing that up and then I’m
applying it directly on to that area below the pink. I’m kind of mixing
that a little bit while on the stencil. I’m going to clean off my
palette knife once again. I’m going to clean it off and then take some
red from that jar and put it over
on to my project. While I’ve got that red shimmer
paste on my palette knife, I’m going to go ahead and take a little bit more and add that out
onto my craft sheet. Now I’m going to
mix the red shade into that Lavender Mist shade. It’s the same thing I did from the pink to red. I’m creating a transition color. Now, I need to create
a transition color between the red and the purple. This is going to make it so that as I create
this ombre looking, go from color to color, that I don’t have a really
harsh change of color, if that makes sense. Another thing that really helps when you’re doing this
kind of ombre shimmer look is to make sure
that you have colors that are somewhat
similar in hue and tone so that as you transition, it’s not such a hard, harsh line when you’re transitioning. For instance, if you were
going from, let’s say, yellow to blue, you might want
to pick a third Shimmer Paste of green that goes
in the middle there. You can definitely
mix your own shade, like I’ve been doing here, but it sort of helps to just
have a color in-between. Instead of going from that
light pink to this purple, I added the red in the middle. You’ll also want to
remember to make sure to clean off your palette knife after you’ve mixed the colors before you go into
a jar of pure color. That’s going to help save
your jars of Shimmer Paste. I cleaned up my work
surface right away, and then I peeled
up that stencil. You can see the really cool
design that this leaves behind. I think it looks really neat and the ombre color is a
really nice transition. I’m gonna go clean off
my stencil right away. I just run it under cold water and I use a soft brush. I use a nail brush, actually, to wipe away all of
that Shimmer Paste. Now I’ve got that die set
that I showed you earlier. This is the Love die set. You can actually buy the
stamp and dies together in a set called Kristina’s Love, but you can buy them
separately also. I’m gonna separate
these two dies and I’m going to be using
this DIY Party Vellum pack from We R Memory Keepers. I thought these vellums
were such pretty colors and I could definitely
use them on cards. I’m going to pick
out a color to use for the background
area of this die. I chose to use the light pink. I thought it would go really
well on top of that ombre. I’m going to cut out
the outline shape using the light pink vellum. I’ll just run that through
my Big Shot machine. I used some Neenah Solar
White 80 pound cardstock to cut the actual word. The word is cut out of white and then I’ve got the
background piece out of vellum. I’m going to adhere
these together using some Ranger Multi
Medium Matte adhesive. I’m just dabbing that on, little tiny dots all
along that die cut. Then, I’ll use my
tweezers and position that over the top of that background
vellum piece that I die cut. Some of these die
cuts as they are cut, they can stretch a little
bit and warp a little bit. I’m just using my
tweezers to help get that in the right position,
so that it’s centered within that background die cut. I’ll press that down, making
sure it’s nice and adhered. Then I’ll take a
clear acrylic block, or you can use anything
that’s a little bit heavy, and just place that over the top of this die cut. That’ll just help it stay
stuck together while it dries. I’m using the stamp set
now and I’m stamping on to some Licorice Twist
Cardstock from Bazzill. I’ve prepped the area with
an anti-static powder tool. Then, I’m stamping
two segments of words. I’ve got the words sending,
and then and comfort. I thought this would be a nice, somewhat cheerful sympathy
card or an encouragement card. I have some friends
that are going through some tough
things right now, so I thought I would
send this off to them. I’m sprinkling on some
white embossing powder. I stamped that in VersaMark and then put Hero Arts White
Embossing Powder on top. I heat set that
until it was melted and then I placed everything on top of that Shimmer
Paste cardstock piece. I realized it needed
something behind it so you could really read
the words more clearly. I cut a strip of red vellum from that same vellum pack and then adhered the
love die cut right on top and then adhered the sending and comfort using
some foam strips. Those black background
words are standing up from the surface
a little bit. I put some foam
tape on the back. I’m gonna add some
tape runner adhesive on the ends of this
red vellum piece. This is going to make
it so that as I wrap it around the Shimmer Paste
piece, I can just fold over those edges and adhere
everything all together. I also wanted to mention
that I did trim down that Shimmer Paste
Piece so that it was four inches wide by 5 1/4 tall. This is going to make
it so that I can have a little bit of border
around the edges on top of my card base. Speaking of my card base, I’m using some
Neenah Desert Storm. This is the 100 pound version
of that cardstock color. I’ve scored that at 5 1/2 to
create a top folding card. I, then, adhered that down onto the card base using
some foam adhesive. That finishes the
card for today. This is a really easy
and simple looking card, but there’s a little bit
of technique in there with that ombre Shimmer Paste. I hope you guys
enjoyed that idea. Thanks so much for watching. I’ll be back on Monday
with another card video. Until then, thank you
so much for watching. (playful music)

84 thoughts on “Stenciled Ombré Shimmer Paste

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