Staying Organized – Stamp and Die Storage Storage

Staying Organized – Stamp and Die Storage Storage

Hello and welcome. This is Jennifer. I have
another organization video for you today. This one is actually about how I stay organized.
So I have put together a container that has all the supplies I need to organize my stamps,
my dies and my stencils. Now I have this container ready so that whenever I have new products
come in the mail I can immediately put them in their pockets and have them organized.
This is really important for me to be able to do this. This is my job so I’ve got to
stay on top of things. If I don’t put things right away right away than it builds up and
I have a mess and it just takes forever. So I found that by taking a few hours to put
this container together I’m prepared for when I have new products coming in and it saves
me a ton of time in the long run. You’ll see in here I have a ton of pockets ready to go.
You really don’t have to have that many ready. I just did a bunch at once while I was at
it. So I’m good for a long time. I also keep my label maker in there, so everything is
ready. All you have to do is grab this and I can organize and be done. Then I have more
time to create. In this video I will give you a look at the various pockets that I use
for storage and I will also talk about the inserts that I create to go inside each of
them and the container that I hold all of this organization stuff in. I will also give
links to other videos where I give more detail on how I store these pockets once I have them
labeled and ready to go. Okay so let’s talk about the container that I use to keep all
these organization goodies in. This is a Linus container. If you’ve watched any of my videos
you know I use a lot of these containers in my craft room, because they are clear and
super strong. I will link to the one that I use. I think the size is pretty good for
this. There’s room for the label maker to be kept in the front also, so you can just
have everything that you need in one container. I really like this container. However, my
guess is that you might have something at home that would work for you already. Real
quickly. Speaking of label makers. I really love the one that I use. I have a video, which
I will link to here, and in my description below on how you can conserve the amount of
tape you use with that label maker. So be sure to check that out if you haven’t before.
Okay, so let’s dive into the contents of this container. Now I have all of my storage pockets
in this container and I have dividers separating them. A lot of people ask about the dividers
that I use, so I thought I would mention it here. I get plastic folders. You can either
get them online or at an office supply store. They are just plastic folders with pockets
and I cut them up to get this durable plastic. You could also laminate card stock sheets
and create your own, if you want to. I actually found this more cost effective. Especially
this time of year. You can get folders, plastic folders really cheap. Because they are all
on sale for back to school. I have these cut to about 7.25″x9″ and I use my corner rounder
to round the corners. Then I print a clear label across the top. These are the same type
of dividers that I use in my stamp storage and in my die storage, which I will talk about
in a moment. But I have them for dividers for the different type of storage pockets
I have here in this container. So as I mentioned I have white card stock inserts that I put
inside all of my storage pockets. Just for added durablilty and a nice look. I’ll be
showing you these in a few minutes. First I wanted to talk about the insert cheat sheets
that I created. I found I was always forgetting the exact dimensions I needed to create more
white card stock inserts. So I created these cheat sheets. I made mine out of yellow plastic
folders, just like I used for the dividers. I put a label across the top in the exact
dimensions on that label. So now anytime I need more white inserts for my stamp pockets
I can grab this and I know the exact dimensions that I need. So you can see this is cut to
be the same size as the white insert that I have put in my clear plastic pockets. Now
instead of cutting all these white inserts myself, I cheat and I take them to Kinko’s.
Here is what I do. I have my cheat sheet ready here. I’m just going to draw or trace lines
onto a piece of white card stock. This will be a guideline for Kinkos to cut these for
me. You can go to almost any office supply store and they have a machine that can cut
massive quantities of paper at once and it only costs a couple bucks a cut. So you can
cut a bunch of these at once if you want to. So this is exactly what I do. I write the
measurements in here and I draw the lines so they know where to create the cuts and
it saves me so much time. But even if you are cutting your own white card stock inserts,
I think it’s helpful to have this cheat sheet so you can easily know what size to cut. Now
the card stock I use for these inserts is an inexpensive white card stock from Neenah.
I don’t think you need to use anything of high quality at all. I will link to the Neenah
card stock I use. It is a different Neenah card stock than I use for my regular crafting.
It’s a lower quality, but it works perfect for this. Okay, so now that we have all the
basic information out of the way, let’s look at each specific storage pocket that I use
for my various craft supplies. First of all lets talk about the most popular one and that
is the stamp pockets I use for regular size stamps. So these are any clear stamp sets
that are 4″x6″ or smaller or cling stamps. So this is the size white insert that I use.
I will have all of this listed over on my blog. Here are the stamp pockets. Now the
stamp pockets that I use are from Avery Elle. They are available in packs of 25. Simon Says
Stamp also sells stamp pockets that are very similar and they’re in a pack of 50. These
stamp pockets are pretty durable. They have a flap on the top that you can tuck to make
sure that nothing falls out and if I have smaller stamp sets I usually put two per pocket.
If I have coordinating dies I put them in the back pocket. I have been using these stamp
pockets for years and I can not recommend them enough. I would say that about 95% of
the stamps I use fit in those pockets. But there are a few that don’t. There are some
companies, such as My Favorite Things, who make some stamp sets that are taller. These
are 4″x8″ stamp sets. You could be these in the regular stamp pockets that I just showed
you and they would stick out the top, which is perfectly fine. However if you are a little
uptight, like me, you my want a stamp pocket that would fit this a little bit better. So
I have fold some tall stamp pockets and that’s what I use. This is what you see here. These
are tall enough to hold this. Now the difference with these stamp pockets is they are thinner.
So they aren’t as durable as the one’s I showed you before and there is no closure. But I
have found these have worked great. I have been very happy with using these and I just
store these in with my other stamp pockets and they are just a little bit taller. There
aren’t many companies that make this size stamp set, but I think it’s good to have these
pockets on hand for these particular size stamps. Now the particular clear pockets that
I use for these stamps come a little bit taller than 8.25″ like you see here. So I actually
cut a little bit of the plastic off the top of the clear pockets. But that’s okay because
a trimmer will actually cut through several pockets at once. I just like to make these
as short as possible so they don’t take up too much room on my shelves. I think it’s
great to have a pocket that fits these stamp sets but again you could always use the regular
stamp pockets and just have the top stick out. It is totally a personal preference.
Okay so those are the stamp pockets I use for most of my stamps. If you are interested
in seeing a video in how I organize these stamps, what containers I use and how I divide
them up, please click here or in my YouTube description below to watch a video. It gives
all the information that you could ever need and the system is really working great for
me and I know many of you have taken this system on and like it also. There are a couple
other stamps that I do have pockets for. One is for large stamp sets that are about 6″x8″.
I’ve been getting a lot of questions about this, so I wanted to be sure to share it.
I have a larger stamp pocket that I use for large stamp sets like this. There are a few
companies that do large sets. Including WPlus9 and Altenew. Now I will tell you the stamp
pockets that I have for these stamp sets are pretty snug. I wanted to make sure these pockets
were as small as possible. So that storage would be easier. So you can see it fits very
snug in here. Sometimes a stamp set is a little too wide and I just trim a little bit of the
extra plastic off the side. Now these are the thinner pockets again, but I haven’t had
any problems with it and there is no flap on these. But again I have had no problems.
The clear pockets come a little bit tall and I trimmed them down to be 8″ tall, because
I really want to minimize how much space this takes up. I have liked using these pockets
for these large stamp sets, because I don’t have to worry about anything falling out.
Since these stamp sets are so much bigger than the others I do store these seperate
from my other stamp sets. By the way with all these stamp pockets and white card stock
insert sizes I’ll have all the sizes listed over on my blog so you can find them very
easily. There is one more type of stamp pocket that I use and that is for background stamps.
These include cling stamps that are 6″x6″ square or smaller. I really like having all
of my background stamps together so I know where to go when I need one. These pockets
are very thin and I do cut the flap off the top so they are open, but I don’t really think
you need much more when you just have one large stamp in there. For a long time I didn’t
keep my background stamps in pockets and I finally put them in and I’m able to label
the now and keep them in some sort of order and I like that I don’t get ink everywhere.
It just keep everything nice and tighty. I do have some background stamps that will fit
into the original stamp pockets at the beginning of this video. But I have switched them all
over to these bigger pockets so all my backgrounds could be together. I also have a video on
how I organize these background stamps, the container I use, etc. I will link that here
and in my YouTube description below. So that’s a look at the very stamp pockets that I use.
Hopefully some of them will work for you also. There are a few other types of stamps out
there that don’t fit into the pockets that I’ve mentioned such as the Tim Holtz stamps.
I just have those stored seperately. I just know to go and look there also. Now this brings
us to one of my favorite products. And that is dies and the pockets that I use for them.
I’ve been using these pockets for some time now and I really like them. They are smaller
than the stamp pockets. They are very thick, they have a flap that you can tuck in to close.
I find that these hold most of my dies. Even my border dies often fit diagonally in these
pockets. I like that they are a little bit thicker because dies are metal and I don’t
want anything poking through. I’ve been really happy with this. These pockets were actually
intended to hold a CD or DVD, so you can buy them in large quantity packs. Now I do use
these for most of my dies. However, sometimes there are dies that don’t fit in these pockets.
In that case I use my regular stamp pockets. The Avery Elle ones. I have a section in my
die storage for larger die sets. If you are interested in watching more about my die storage
system, I have a video that I will link here and in my YouTube description below. The last
type of storage pocket I use is for stencils. Now I will say you could instead use the same
pockets that I talked about before for background stamps. Those will work for stencils too.
I just came up with these stencil pockets before I came up with the ones for background
stamps. The background stamp pockets are a little bit bigger. Okay, so stencil pockets.
These are a very thin, once again, and I cut the flap off of the top. So basically it’s
just a sleeve that kind of protects other things from your stencil. So if you have an
inky stencil or don’t clean it completely like I tend to do you can be sure that it
won’t get onto anything else and it won’t tangle up with other stencils. I will say
that a few of the brands of stencils that I have are taller and will stick out the top
of these pockets. But that doesn’t really bother me. I just want something to keep them
in to keep everything tidy. If you’d like to see a video on how I store my stencils
I will put a link here to the video and in the YouTube description below. So that wraps
up the type of storage pockets I use. Now in my little stay organized container I have
all of my pockets with the inserts in it, ready to go. So when I get a new product in
the mail I can take them out of their original package, but them right into one of these
and then go ahead and print the label. I hope this information was helpful to you . I’ve
been getting a lot of questions, so I wanted to make sure I put a video together with all
the information in one place. Remember to go to my blog. I took a lot of time to really
write everything out. All the measurements, the sizes the options. So I’m hoping it’s
helpful to you. Also if you are interested in more organization videos. I have a YouTube
playlist which you can click here or in the description below and there might be some
helpful information for you there also. I really feel by staying organized you can find
much more time to create and much more energy to create. No as always if you have any questions,
you can leave them in the comments below or you can go over to my blog at
I link to the supplies that I talk about here in my description and over on my blog. Thanks
so much for spending some time with me today. I appreciate you watching and I hope to see
you again soon.

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  67. Amazing organization. I have a small cubby where i do my crafting, so I am always looking for organization ideas to store my craft supplies. xxx

  68. I so wish I had known about this method way back when I started my "collection". But, that was years ago…and way before I ever heard of you. But,, thanks for providing this type of info to your fans.

  69. Years ago I bought a guillotine paper cutter that can cut up to 2" of paper at a time, and it was so worth it. I think I paid about $120 for it and now you can get them for under $100. I've even used it to cut off the spines of 'perfect' bound books so that I could ring-bind or coil-bind them instead.

  70. Jennifer, I can't thank you enough for this video! I ordered the Avery Elle pockets along with the magnetic sheets & now just need to make the dividers. I have a small collection of dies because I'm very new to die cutting. I was using the Sizzix envelopes with magnetic sheets but I was very surprised how much room they take. In the same space I had 7 Sizzix envelopes, I managed to get 15 Avery Elle pockets – I'm thrilled that it's all organized now. Thank you for being thorough in your videos, you're a joy to watch & listen to!

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