Sony Vegas: Zoom H1 Scripts and Keyboard Shortcuts

Sony Vegas: Zoom H1 Scripts and Keyboard Shortcuts

refusal of wiping tears in h one hand
you recorder and you’re probably an audio file that looks like this it’s a lot of microphones billing
records in one channel f channel and normally i would fix things uh… so
i would have sound in both channels would be to right click on the air audio
vent and go to channels and select worked
only name data model file plays in both speakers and then would recruit began and go to
switches which should be to normalize and the
files normalize and now i would have to do this with all
of my idea first proscribe resume h one so as you can imagine that any kind of time-consuming and mundane so i found
some scripts or actually automate this process uh… from him and forums uh… and i’ve
compiled them into actual scripts with women toolbar sonar values looked a lot a lot of pick
that and it’s looks like channel easily in
the normalized selected it’s normal as not to do this even
quicker i decided to create some keyboard shortcuts to do the same exact
thing so the process of eleven faster and how did that was uh… it went to
options and uh… because of his keyboard and then in this window here where it’s
a show commands containing i can take a key word from the script such as
normalize it’s you can see and hear normalize
selected comes up and sorry if you were short reynolds and the let’s say i want
to try something else and i liked control and pulled out of control and press and then
delegates already committed to the uh… new command so i decided not to write that to do alts and it works it’s available certain hit
ok and do the same thing with use live show
audio anything at all tell so now one adrian life islanders had alltel
dislikes left just to select what channel an adult and teen normalize it
police krister fell below a description because they didn’t exist before uh…
outside of forums were compiled them and made him and uh… put a script format
you can easily alluded to the issues in the technique in the last trip to europe
so no we went to that below as well also going to include reuse original script
acacia using a different idea recorder the records a model signaling to the
right channel instead of the left so views among microphone recording
injuries and which one had recorder and sony vegas pro the scripts could come in very handy

20 thoughts on “Sony Vegas: Zoom H1 Scripts and Keyboard Shortcuts

  1. I like a lot of your content, but lately you have been showing a lot of tipps that are really only useful for Sony Vegas users. I tried watching one or two any maybe gaining something out of it, but nothing seems to be so general that I could use it with another editor.

    I know this is asking a lot, but could you maybe try to at least include a few more general comments into those Sony Vegas episodes so they are not completely useless for the rest of us? Thanks.

  2. You can do that. Personally, I don't like the extra 2-3" protrusion the adapter and mic create sticking out from my recorder.

  3. I am so happy to have found you and to have subscribed to you. You really are making my life easier, and I thank you for that

  4. Hi. Is there a way so sincronice the video and audio automatically with Sony Vegas, or you need to do it manualy?

  5. Can you upload those scripts to somewhere else, because access to those in the description is denied?

    I espcially need that UseRightChannelAudio script.

    I know that there is that original source on that forum but I can't get it to work with my skills, I copy/paste it to notepad and save it as a .cs file, but no luckerino.. Don't know what I'm doing wrong..

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