Soft Watercolor with Heat Embossed Flowers

Soft Watercolor with Heat Embossed Flowers

– [Voiceover] Hey
everyone, Kristina here. Welcome to another
card video at my YouTube channel and blog. Today I’m going to be using
the Spring Flowers stamp set from Simon Says Stamp. This is part of their new
release, it just came out. In fact, today’s video is
part of a blog hop as well. So before I did
any stamping I did an under layer of watercolor. So I’m gonna walk you
through all of the watercoloring, it’s gonna
be sped up just a little bit so it doesn’t take too long
to show you the process, but I am gonna walk
you through what I did. So the first thing I did
was cut down a piece of Saunders Waterford
watercolor paper to five and a half inches wide
by four and a quarter tall. And then I taped that down to
a hard board so that I could do lots of water-heavy
washes on top and it would prevent really
severe warping of the paper. So I tape that all down and then I did a wash
of water all over the entire piece of paper. I dropped in really faint colors and then I used my
heat tool to dry it just a little bit. I wanted it to be just
be slightely drier than completely wet but I didn’t
want it completely dry either. I wanted it just
sort of in between. And then I dropped in clear,
clean water. And what that did was it
pushed away the color and made really,
really pretty blooms. Dropped in a few more
areas of more intense color and then used my heat
tool to heat set that. So now I’ve taken the different
stamps from the stamp set and I’ve stamped them
onto the watercolor paper in VersaMark ink, sprinkled
on a little bit of Hero Arts white embossing powder and then heat set that
with the heat tool. This is going to give
me a nice, bright white design of all the stamps and it’s also going
to help me when I start watercoloring. It’s gonna give me a
guide for where all those colors are going to go. So I’m going to take
the watercolor piece and put it back on the board because I’m gonna be
watercoloring on top. And I’m just using some 3M
blue painter’s tape to do that. I like to use this
blue tape in particular because it really holds
the watercolor paper but at the same time it’s very
easy to remove when I’m done and it doesn’t tear the paper. The watercolor paints
I’m using today are from Winsor & Newton. These are professional
artist watercolors and I’m mixing some
custom colors on my palette off to the side, these are kind of more
muted and toned colors. And the way I’m painting
the flowers and leaves is I’m bringing in more
intense color into the center of each shape and then I’m getting
my brush wet with clean, clear water,
dabbing that off on a paper towel so
it’s not super wet and then bringing it
back over to the piece and sort of pulling that
color away from the edges of each shape. So that’s how I’m getting
that kind of intense color right where the
flower shapes are but then I’m pulling out
that color off to the sides. I think it’s a really fun look and it just screams
to me watercolor. You can’t really do
this particular effect with other types of mediums because watercolor is
transparent so it’s going to give us a really
fun layering effect as I pull out all
the different colors. So the kind of tealish-gray
color that I’m adding now is a mixture of a couple colors. I’m using a turquoise color and I mix that with
a tiny bit of black and I’m also using the full
strength of that teal color because I wanna get
a nice, intense shade and have enough color
that I can spread that out around each of the leaves. I’m adding more and
more water areas, just to get those blooms
kind of coming out and that smaller flower
off to the side was looking a little bit anemic so I
brought in a little more color. And now I’m going to pick up
my brush with some color and bring it over to the piece and just tap it with
another brush so it puts on little
droplets of color. I did that with a couple
colors, I did that with the more corally color and
then also the leaf color. And then I also used a
distress sprayer to sprinkle on some water droplets. I picked everything
up with my paper towel just so it didn’t
make it so intense and then I dried the piece. I removed it from the
board and trimmed it down to be slightly smaller
than the original size. And I’m going to use this
little tiny “thanks” stamp from the Cute Snowflakes stamp
set from Simon Says Stamp. I really just wanted a
really small greeting for this card so it
wouldn’t interrupt that large watercolor area too much. So I’ve stamped the thanks in
VersaMark ink onto some vellum and then I sprinkled
on some Hero Arts white embossing powder. It’s the same embossing powder
that I used for the flowers. And I heat set that
with my heat tool and then I cut it down to
be a really narrow strip and I also cut off the end
so that it’s at an angle. This is going to give
me a nice shape to have it come in off the edge
of that watercolor piece. So I’m going to take that
little tiny thanks piece and put it up to the edge
of the watercolor paper and then I’m going to use the Tim Holtz Tiny Attacher
Stapler to just staple this on. Because it’s vellum I don’t
want to have it glued down, I really want the vellum
to kind of lift up from the watercolor
paper a little bit. It gives it a little bit
more of an airy feel. The card base I’m using
today is made out of Neenah Solar white cardstock. This is the 110 pound version. And I just scored that
at five and a half to create a side
folding landscape card. I then put a bunch
of foam adhesive on the back of the watercolor piece and I’m adhering that
down onto the card base. So that’s the card for
today, hope you guys enjoyed. Like I said before, this
is part of a blog hop for Simon’s new release
so make sure you head over to my blog and you can hop along with
all the different stops on the blog hop. There are some giveaways
that Simon Says Stamp is giving away so you
won’t want to miss those. Thank you so much for
watching today’s video. I’ll be back with another
card video very, very soon.

97 thoughts on “Soft Watercolor with Heat Embossed Flowers

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