Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE) : Installing and running on Skyrim 1.6 or later

100 thoughts on “Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE) : Installing and running on Skyrim 1.6 or later

  1. This video has not only been super helpful but also indirectly taught me so much about how mods work in general. Thank you.

  2. Not only does it not let me run the game through the SKSE loader but its not working in my game. The GetSKSEVersion command did not work and my SKUI still is not detecting SKSE64 so that does not work but at least the SKSE64 is showing up in my Vortex so at least I have that going for me. Where did I go wrong? Send help.

  3. Unfortunately right now the only version of skyrim with updates etc is Special edition and the new SKSE doesnt seem to work very well with windows for some reason. I played and modded before and used SKSE as instructed in this video, but now for some reason the SKYRIM SE wont even accept me to create a newgame in a completely unmodded save only using SKSE script. The probably changed something with the main files again to fuck with modders. I cant make it work for the life of me, tried for 2 days. The game enters main menu, when you hit new game the music keeps playing and nothing happens, or you try to open a previous save (done without the script) and the game CTD. Anyone knows about this new bug?

  4. Extraordinary video, but don't get too far from the point, you really didn't had to hide or show the extensions when copying the files. Awsome video!

  5. Explaining it in depth, and in a few different ways, on each part of the Guide.
    Makes it very easy to understand what's going on and how to exactly do stuff.
    Thanks, I know a few Computer Illiterate people that this video helped. <3

  6. thx man no podia hacer funcionar correctamente el mod.pero era por la version de skirym q tenia a un asi tu video me ayudo un huevo

  7. i'm trying to install a mod that requires the latest version of SKSE, although the one at the website is an outdated version, what do I do?

  8. So, I followed all of the steps and now the game won't even launch when using the loader. Any suggestions?

  9. so being that im using special edition on steam this folder has no tesv file in it and trying to run it didnt work for me

  10. Hey guys! In case you got problems installing SKSE aswell:

    I recently had problems installing this mod. In my case i guess, it was because there are now newer versions of it. I installed it exactly the way Gopher recommended it BUT i only used the newest version of SKSE. In my case it was also necessary to install the classic build 1.7.3 and THEN the SE build 2.0.16. Both exactly the way Gopher told us.
    I use the basic version of Skyrim in Steam without VR or anything special. Then aswell start the game with the SKSE loader exe.

    Hope i could help.

  11. Good God its too fucking complicated to install these MODS. You download one then need this program then need this program then need this program then you don't feel like playing the fucking game anymore.

  12. Sure would be nice if this information would be updated to go with Vortex, since Nexus Mod Manager has been defunct for like a year and a half now (as of Aug 2019). The layout is quite different and for newbs to Skyrim or Skyrim SE, the instrucitons that send us to this video from 2012 can be a bit awkward for some instructions (at best) and not be even remotely the same (at worst) due to the major GUI changes with Vortex.

  13. Since I have Skyrim SE, I downloaded SkyUI from the Skyrim SE page on Nexus. Followed link to silverlock page, downloaded SKSE for SE. Watched this video more than once, followed all steps carefully, used the loader – and the GetSKSEVersion command returns "command not recognized". If I start the game, I get an error message stating the SKSE is not running. No errors during installation of mods or SKSE. Now what?
    Edit: On the SkyUI forum on the Nexus site, I found out that all I have to do is to first launch the Steam client then use the loader to launch the game itself. Problem solved!
    While I’m at it, I would also like to praise the clarity of this video, which is exemplary.

  14. tenguo un problema tengo el juego por steam y realice todos los pasos que hiciste y no tengo TESV si no SkyrimSE.EXE que hago , le cambio el nombre ?

  15. yo since the new update i only get a failure message which says i have the newest version but i have to use an older version which i have no more can anyone help?

  16. Thank you soooo much for this video it has helped a lot. Followed every step, check to see if running and it works like a charm….!!!

  17. So, did it this way, and yes it works, HOWEVER, Idk if I screwed something up or I didnt do the right archive, but I did it the way shown on the video, and the Loader didnt load up. I had to go to the Skyrim files page, get the folder from there, and now it works as shown on in-game command. So I BELIEVE it should be working now. Thanks for the help on this vid. P.S. I've seen this vid several times, I just kept forgetting how to set it up. 1.9.32 version? I think that's what the SKSE version says it's at now.

  18. I followed the steps but when I click on the SKSE launcher icon, it says that SkyrimSE.exe can't be found…

    Edit: Okay so I got the SKSE set up but when I open it, it loads all the way up till I should be able to play the game

  19. thank you bro for the explanation..
    simple and easy to follow..
    2019 and your instruction and video still the best..
    thank you

  20. when i start from that file no mods load but if i start from the normal .exe they load but dont work basicly get the message that they need skse

  21. I just copied the data and pasted it into the other folder where I put the skse64 stuff into with my skyrim app on steam. It never asked me to replace existing files and it is saying I can't use SKyUI bc skse64 is not installed

  22. when i go to launch the game from the skse loader.exe i get the little black screen, then my whole screen goes black like its gonna launch.. bt then it just goes back to my desktop like i never tried to run the game…. anyone know whats wrong?

  23. dude you are a life saver. thank you. I am using the brand new version of windows, but after a bit of fumbling and translating the overcomplicated bullshit of the new system, it did what you were showing.

    p.s. works for Skyrim SE

  24. Bless you for this vid, there's a ton of info that I already knew and didn't need, but I appreciate the patience and detail that you put in this for complete beginners. 10 thumbs up

  25. Couldn't get past the first step. i downloaded the 7z archive to my desktop but it never gave me the option to extract. this is what I get for trying to switch from nmm to mod organizer 2 for classic skyrim…

  26. Hi, I can’t find the TESV.exe file in the special edition, are there another version of SKSE to use, or how should I install that for SSE. Thanks!

  27. Gopher, I want to thank you for helping me take my "playing" to the next level. It helped me understand SKSE Install etc. But, now I would like to learn to mod. I can write dialogue and branch them, set up conditionals on player and target, etc. But, setting up even the most basic script is beyond me. I do not have creation kit set up properly. There is so much stuff out there that I assume is outdated and I think trying them is damaging my sanity, if not my system. Is there a good tutorial you would recommend?

    When I cannot get

    to compile, I know it is not the code itself, it is a setup problem, but what would seem to be a simple fix seems to be hidden deeper than a medieval alchemist guild.

  28. Just wanted to say, despite my having modded for year, 6:19 – 7:21, where you describe to those who don't understand or know about the buried functions in their OS….I didn't skip it literally because it was the most respectful walk through of something I had thought mundane. You're thorough, and it should be appreciated.

  29. UPDATE: you new guys who started modding the game please use Mod Oganizer 2, is a lot better, this video was done in 2012 when Nexus mod manager was okay. I THINK NOW IS DISABLED FOREVER.

  30. Just so people know, (because it gave me a heart attack earlier) Skyrim Special Edition doesn't have the TESV.exe anymore. That's okay, just follow the instructions in the video/in the readme.txt, except put the first batch of copied files into the folder with SkyrimSELauncher.exe.

  31. Do you really have to launch SKSE specifically? I've always run Skyrim normally and no SKSE dependant mod ever had a problem with it.

  32. Thank you. I was so lost before any of this. I used this for SSE with Vortex- and it still works like a charm. For someone who really is new to modding- this is so helpful.

  33. Thanks for this – I was struggling a bit and the video enabled me to install it properly. Slight modification – the skyrim exe. file was called SkyrimSE.exe, not however it was named in the video. Easy to work out though,

  34. 8:48 your welcome, this guy starts explaining how to hide EXE files in folders when all we need is a install method. JEZUS what a waste of time.

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