Sinclair requires anchors to read script bashing ‘fake’ news

100 thoughts on “Sinclair requires anchors to read script bashing ‘fake’ news

  1. Didn't CNN lead the way of "fake news" when "Russian bots" and "Alt Right" "fake news" sights were out there reporting on things they didn't agree with? Now the term "fake news" hits too close to home? Very odd how when the term isn't theirs anymore, they feel attacked.

  2. "its like mk ultra controlling your brain suggestive thinking causing your perspective to change"- Immortal Technique

    this shit has been going on for years its nothing new there are plenty of video examples on youtube

  3. I like how they pretend to distance themselves and that all media isn’t scripted by higher ups when all the stations are owned by half a dozen men that are mostly friends and part of the elite ruling class that decides how the rest of us cattle live and think.


  5. CNN also is part of a massive media conglomerate and serves it's owners rather than the people. What happened with Sinclair should merely be a warning to the people of America and the world that any business that exists under the umbrella of multinational corporations can't be trusted.

  6. Admit it you all follow a script you all have an agenda you are fake as fuck admit it ! Stop sucking joy behars teet Brian !

  7. “Orange man bad! Orange man bad! If you criticize us it’s because of orange man! How dare you say we’re not all unique individual NPC’s??” – CNN response to being called out as fake news

  8. It’s funny how you can search this more and find what they don’t show you, clips if cnn and msnbc doing the same thing. But cnn will only show the fox and nbc stations doing it.

  9. It's ironic to hear CNN talking about other news agencies taking news.. do I sense a bit of misdirection with a garnish of projection? I think so…

  10. Ummm wasn't CNN one of those? You guys push lie after lie and your ratings are dropping week after week. We aren't stupid enough to fall for crazy xenophobic conspiracy theories against Russian allies.

  11. Dan Rather was right you would lose half your viewers without a conspiracy. We can now stop calling you fake news. We will call you what you are a Democrat Super PAC.

  12. Smh. It sucks bcus we don’t know who make these videos. If it’s a regular person who just caught on cool but posting it everywhere just makes it easy for the government to catch on. We need safe places to post things like this or just start getting off the internet. we the People have so much power just by making the right choices.

  13. Anyone that doesn’t know that ALL MSM is the mockingbird media used to control the thoughts of the masses….that all MSM is used to keep the power in the hands of the few…if you don’t know then you can’t be helped. MSM is used to force people to one side or the other in the fake 2 party system puppet show. It’s used to cause division and put people into groups…why? Because a people divided being sent in all different directions eating nonstop nonsense from all media outlets will never unite to take back control of the country. So go back to sleep sheeple….nothing to see here. SLEEP-OBEY-CONSUME.

  14. Posted by a media outlet that accused a black man of white privilege, and completely altered the casualty count at Salerno (I was there, these dipshits lied or didn't do any research.) The fact they are going to try and expose a media company is laughable, they may as well expose themselves.

  15. I hear ya "Orange man bad, communism good" CNN.
    God bless America
    God bless President Trump
    Trump 2020 – See Clearly

    Damn, you got me. Nice April fools joke.

  16. Who is Alex Freidman ? Oh yes , the Zionist who runs Sinclair Broadcast Group. Trump's aide Avi Berkowitz's cousin.

  17. There are a number of watchdog groups calling out #CNNFakeNews on what has become a daily basis now. It's probably the reason why your viewership has dropped below one million recently. Your dishonesty and agenda-driven, 24/7 Trump hatred is killing your network–but at least you'll die off doing what you love the most: hating people different from yourselves.

  18. We need to immediately break up these large media empires you cant have independent and unbiased reporting when they control over 200 tv stations!!

  19. Sinclair: Uses thousands of local stations across the country to push a right wing agenda under the guise of unbiased news like some sort of Orwellian dystopia that is as boring as it is insidious.
    Clowns: "But….CNN! Muh fake news!"

  20. Of course CNN the Pinnacle of fake news would do a piece on this though gotta that was straight up like Borg

  21. that is funny since 97% of the media is liberal leftist and socialist. In actuality it is to you guys that read somebody script

  22. This is disgusting. They brainwashing is LOUD AND CLEAR. You can’t trust the news, you can’t fuckin trust anyone. Stop being a sheep and start to think for yourself, it’s critical.

  23. Kind of reminds me of CBS. CNN, all NBC stations … heres a non political example from a truth seeker who the MSM wants removed so the public can't see what you've been doing for years:

    Cough** Russigate….

    Hypocrites and Irony are 2 of my favorite things that require Popcorn.

    So was your staff up at arms because only left leaning media is allowed to do this??? No wonder you're in 13th place and falling

  24. CNN what Sinclair is doing is horrible, deceiving and morally wrong. Truth be said they look like Angel's in comparison to you!

  25. It's not just Sinclair, all of them do it. It's not specific to Fox news as CNN implies. More fake news from CNN.

  26. There's a point that was being made, and it's fairly brilliant. Every day the media (,CNN, FOX, MSNBC, WAPO, NYT, etc) increasingly reports more opinions, and less facts. Question what you're told, because you never know who's using their power to push their beliefs on you. That's regardless of which party you align with. Whether that's hiring all partisan anchors, or focusing only on the negatives, and giving positive messages for a certain party only limited coverage, etc. That PBS blocked comments is concerning.

  27. FOX just started doing this since Sinclair bought them out; this has been happening for DECADES with MSM including CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS etc. and there are videos… I watch FOX very rarely, NEWSMAX occasionally, OANN once in a while and indie channels on YT most often. Use your minds, people; do not trust talking heads on TV, internet or in person; TRUST WHAT YOU KNOW!!!!

  28. Guys, we need to trust this reporting. The show is called reliable sources! Notice the 10 comments supporting cnn, those ladies and gents are the last known viewers of CNN. Let us watch and observe them in their natural wildly fake habitat.

  29. Cool, keep it up Mr Sinclair, it's the only way to get a balanced news outlook these days. liberal media are mad you're playing them at there own game.

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