[Shedule] Cron Job | CronTab – Run PHP Script Command cPanel

[Shedule] Cron Job | CronTab – Run PHP Script Command cPanel

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miss another update hello everyone this is Ashok from domainracer.com and today I am
going to show you how to setup cron job in cpanel the step by step process to setup cron
job with an example so let’s start with the process. so in this example in this process I would
like to schedule this cron.php after each 5 minutes so far this we have to go into cpanel
main dashboard and type cron then in advance section you will find this option to click
on cron jobs the best thing about cpanel cron job is it is very easy to set up so let’s
go down and the option common settings so in this we will find some predefined configuration
options we wanted to setup for each 5 minutes so click on this option and the command and
type PHP space -q space the cron job URL so in this case this is hosted in the home / iseen
test/public underscore HTML / cron.php so I am going to paste over here ok this is this
way we have filled all the required data. and click on add new cron job so the new brand
job has been added this way we have setup this cron.php.

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  1. I have tried it in cpanel but the problem is that when I schedule it for every 1 min or every 5 min then it runs but when I specified some time such as 23:59 (11:59 pm) then it doesn't run. I have tried almost everything by changing timezone in .htaccess file and in php.ini file but nothing happens. Any idea what should be done.

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