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  1. Awesome idea…thank you for spreading some kindness in our world. Please consider this a hug to you……

  2. I love this idea so much. I will be sure to join you in sharing handmade kindness. I'm already coming up with a list of people in my head. Thank you as always for your incredible inspiration.

  3. I literally stopped the video as soon as you shared that kindness stamp set to go purchase it. I was surprised it wasn't sold out. it probably will be by tomorrow. Thanks for all that you do. I'm jumping in feet first with this one. I'm fairly new at card making so this should be a fun challenge for me. Thank you, Jennifer!

  4. Totalling agree Jennifer, and love your thinking, and this wonderful idea. Love these stamp sets, hopefully I can get it in Australia. 😊 thanks Chief Super card Marker! Xoxox

  5. this would be great to give to senior centers/ nursing homes… they are so often forgotten & the staff can pass them out

  6. Great video. Love listening to you and watching your videos. I always know that I will learn something from you. Thanks for doing this and for spreading kindness.

  7. I have an older friend who volunteers at our local senior center and a few weeks ago we talked about making some cards that she can give to the seniors to encourage, commend, and thank them. I have about 15 ready now. Maybe I will email some pictures to you. You are doing a wonderful thing and the world can always use random acts of kindness

  8. You are a very kind, wonderful person! What a difference you are making. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself!!!

  9. My sister and I have "adopted" our local nursing home and make cards for the residents. The activities director tells us how many Birthday cards we need each month and then on holidays we make cards for all the residents. A lot of residents in nursing homes never get any mail. They say these cards really make the residents happy. My mission is to just brighten someone's day.

  10. Lovely gesture I will absolutely join in x I have a few small thank yous to send out my sons driver to school he's hired due to the distance we live from the school but he's so kind to Jayden and want to say thank you x also a few others who have touched my heart xx thank you xx

  11. You make a huge difference. And, inspire me to reach out further with my Monster Ministry. ❤️❤️❤️

  12. Great stamp sets and I like all the different embossing powders you used. When I hear on so many of the you tubers about getting nasty comments, it is so upsetting. We have a ton of kind people around and we need support their actions and encourage more of it. Where did you get that silver fine tip that you had on the glue?

  13. Hey Jennifer,
    I love the cards and reason for you creating them! If only everyone would show a little more compassion & kindness the world would be a much better place. I noticed your fine metal tips on your glossy accents and multi medium matte bottles. I didn't see a link to them in your description. If you don't mind sharing, please do. Thanks!

  14. How did you do the butterfly 🦋 card beautiful love ❤️ watching how you make your cards Iam still learning how too do it

  15. This is so so so so so good! You've got a very good heart. Bless your cards reach the hands of those who just needed it the day.

  16. Love the video AND the idea of sharing homemade kindness with those we know as well as the strangers or acquaintances we have in our lives!!! Bless you for encouraging us to do more in the way of making others feel recognized and appreciated!

  17. This is a lot of fun. Brings many surprised smiles. Great to do on Valentine's day for your banker, post office, grocery clerk etc., as well as throughout the year.

  18. This is a fantastic idea. I know your mind is always busting with great ideas. We love you. Lori t

  19. lovely idea Jennifer. Just an idea (I didn't photo mine) I sent cards to my parents Home Carers , Retirement Home staff & hospital staff & volunteers to thank them for their kindness to my parents

  20. I have to say, aside from your wonderful message my favorite part of this video is the use of many company's products together. Very rarely do I create cards using products from only one company. Sometimes it feels as if we need to have every item in every release from a company because we never see them used alone or with other companies.

  21. Hi Jennifer ~ I am totally on board with you on this!! There are way too many unfortunate things happening in the world around us right now and this is such a wonderful idea. A smile, a card, any small gesture can make the world of difference to someone. You never know what burdens someone may be carrying. I'm not surprised that you've begun this campaign up again. ~HUGS~
    #kindnessmatters #sharehandmadekindness #youarebeautiful

  22. Wow, I love this challenge! It is meaningful, small daily acts of kindness matter! Love the kindness stamp set you guys created. Also, those turnabout stamps are just so stinking cool!

  23. Thank you Jennifer!! Likely you don't see yourself as a hero! Perhaps you just see yourself (as) doing what each living being should be doing….and that is showing/spreading love and kindness to our fellow man. But you ARE a true hero in my eyes!! You ARE a kind soul…encouraging your audience to spread the same kindness as yourself…and that is a beautiful thing. I love this challenge…and will try and do my part to spread some extra kindness through my card-making. Thanks again for all your wonderful inspiration!! <3

  24. Thank you for your continued inspiration. Your videos are so complete and easy to follow. I love your cards but more than that you are a loving and giving person that has great positive impact on so many. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  25. What a GREAT idea. I have never done this, but would like to share pretty cards with anyone. I will give this a try. I'm sure I can find people to give them to, to brighten up their day. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful ideas.

  26. I will certainly make cards for this challenge. My life is crazy most of the time. I am partially disabled but can craft with no problems. I am so happy you work so hard for ending bullying in schools and anywhere else. You have touched my life in many ways. When Lila was crafting with you this week it brought me to tears. They were mostly happy tears. I should have a grandson now, but God took him back to Heaven and even though it's been almost 2 years, I can't get past it. To me, children are so special, and their innocence is so refreshing in a world that seems to be so cruel at times. I haven't shared my art online yet, but I guess it's time I shared. I think my cards and handcrafted items are pretty good, but I don't know if they are really that good. I will do this challenge if you promise to give me an honest critique about my artwork. HUGS!!!! Jonie Isenberg

  27. Thanks Jennifer, I am in the UK I don't have all the products that you have and I only have a limited income, however, I love making cards and I have loads in my stash so I am going to add my own "Kindness" sentiments and send them to people who I think deserve to know that they are appreciated.  I think it's a great thing that you are doing. x

  28. Awesome, hope in Mexico the people appreciate more the lovely art of cardmaking…sorry about my english… I need that stamps…thank you Jennifer for share with us. You are awesome.

  29. I have been watching your video's for ideas and this is a wonderful one.
    You are a sweet person, hugs and best wishes to you always.
    Thank you.

  30. Such a great idea . So many are feeling doubtful and uncertain. This provides a little encouragement. Thanks you for the inspiration and never stop being so kind!

  31. I think YOU have no idea how far-reaching your superpower is! 🙂 I thank you for YOUR kindness and all you do! hugs!!!

  32. Hello Jennifer, what terrific cards! I love that you consider card-making to be a super hero pawer – LOL! YOU should never underestimate the effect and impact your "blabbing" and inspiration has on this world. You are amazing. have a lovely Mother's Day. Thank you for leading the way #JenniferMcGuireisawesome

  33. Jennifer, Love these cards, The embossing really makes them stand out. They are all so darling!! I really like the backgrounds on the cards, great technique. tfs

  34. I just love these cards and I'm with you on spreading kindness! I love the idea. It's just so you Jennifer 🙂 Thanks for the ideas and I need that hello stamp set.

  35. Every year I make 60 Mother's Day and 60 Father's Day Cards for the men and women of my Church. I also make 250 Christmas cards for the military. But I will still join your challenge.

  36. You have such a kind heart, always thinking about others. You make me a better person because of your reminders about the impact we can make in someone's life. Your cards are beautiful and so are you.

  37. First thank for your classes Jennifer, I am making thank you cards, I am delighted with your idea, This will be a great way to make a better World, showing apreciation to people friends or not who are in this beautiful World!!! Yeaaaahhh 🙂

  38. With you on this! You're such a kind & wonderful woman. Its a blessing to all of us to have found you! You've encouraged me to share cards with so many… I'm doing cards for "Cards for Hospitalized Children"… Hope others will join me in making cards for these children & their families!

  39. Darling idea…you are amazing and I will be glad to do this also. Love it. I really like these cards and had not seen the turnabout stamps. Keep up the great job!

  40. Linda Dotson pointed out something her and her sister do that I thought I'd repost because I felt it was very important and kind. They make birthday etc cards for residents in nursing homes. I think that's just brilliant and so very kind!

  41. Ms. Jennifer, I think you may have just started something really awesome here! Good for you! You are truly an Angel on Earth!

  42. Love the thought. I am also a card maker LOVE what u do!!! Love creating. Was trying to think of things to do with cards I make. Think this is a wonderful project. Can't wait to get stated

  43. What a great idea!!!! This is inspiration for me! Everybody can use a dose of kindness in this world!!!! Keep using your super powers, Jennifer!

  44. My daughter and I are huge advocates on the fight against bullying. My grandson has ADHD. He had suffered greatly from being bullied on a daily bases. We felt the school just ignored the problem. My daughter and were so frustrated because we were not getting anywhere. It was like the bullies have more rights then the children they bully. So many parents felt helpless. We pulled my grandson from school and choose to home school. I went to the university took night classes on special education to learn the skills needed. Which covered ADHD, ADD, DISLEXICA and AUTISTIC. Now evenings and weekends I private tutor children with special needs, free for families that cant afford it. My daughter and I THANK YOU Jennifer for your huge part in bringing attention to bullyng, with spreading kindness. As I have mentioned before. My day job at the clinic I love leaving a card on a patient's recliner during their chemo when that patient seems to be having a tough day or they're down. Many blessings to you Jennifer.

  45. I have been looking for a long magnet like the one you use and cannot find one…can you tell me where you got yours?

  46. What a wonderful idea!! I absolutely LOVE that turnabout stamp. What a great idea!!! Thank you for sharing your talent with all of us.

  47. I heard NY's Timothy Cardinal Dolan say that he keeps a supply of dunkin' donuts gift cards in his pocket and when he sees a homeless person, he gives him/her one. I've taken to bringing them with me and give them out when I head into the city. Now, I'll add a card! I'll probably use one of the "hug" card sentiments. thanks so much, Jennifer, for your efforts. You always give me ideas! Sara

  48. Hi Jennifer ~ Just had to come back and mention that I had SO much fun
    with this particular stamp! I created a dozen cards and had such fun
    coming up with different color combos. Will finish them off and hand
    them out randomly. Thanks for the inspiration. ~HUGS~

  49. Awesome! …just AWESOME! What a great idea! You are a blessing…I'm going to give this a try, we need more kindness in our world ❤️

  50. Jennifer, you inspire me so much. I know your challenge was much earlier this year but I plan to create some cards and share them soon. It may be a project I do in the next month or so. Thank you so much for sharing all of your ideas!! I don't have accounts where I can share them but maybe someday…. thanks again

  51. I bought the Kindness set. It has so many great messages!!
    Actually as I watch the video I now have almost all of these stamps (bought the globe one because of this video). I am now creating cards with all of them and having so much fun!!
    My mom just had knee replacement surgery and I am creating thank you cards for some friends who have sent gift cards or provided a meal to help out during her recovery.
    Thank you so much for your inspiration!!

  52. Love this idea Jennifer! The world is getting darker by the day! We need to share the light! You should do this monthly… can u imagine the impact if all your viewers do this? Thk u!

  53. I love all that u do, you always make me feel good about “life” in general…knowing that there are good people in this world! I just started cardmaking last fall, so if you do this again I would love to join! Thank you Jennifer for everything!!!😊💗👍🏼

  54. Jennifer, you are The Best in card-making industry. Watching your videos for many years and you still keep surprising me with your creativity and great taste. Thank you for inspirations given to us and generosity sharing your skills.

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