Sesame Street: Letter M Monster Meal

Sesame Street: Letter M Monster Meal

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HERRY: Hey, Cookie Monster. What letter is that that goes
up, down, up, down? COOKIE MONSTER: That the
letter M, Herry. HERRY: Hmm. COOKIE MONSTER: And the letter
M reminds me of a lot of wonderful things to eat. [MUSIC PLAYING] HERRY: Hmm. Let’s think of some. COOKIE MONSTER: OK. [MUSIC PLAYING] COOKIE MONSTER: Mmm– marshmallows. HERRY: Mmm– meatballs. COOKIE MONSTER: Mmm– ready to munch! Mmm hmmm! HERRY: Mmm- malted milk. COOKIE MONSTER: Mmm– mustard. HERRY: Mmm– monster want lunch. Mmm mmm! COOKIE MONSTER: Mmm– macaroni and melons. HERRY: Magnificent meal. COOKIE MONSTER: Oh, yeah! If monster had food now, how
yummy his tummy would feel! Oh, getting hungry! HERRY: Mmm– monster want marshmallows,
meatballs, milk, melon. COOKIE MONSTER: But we
got none of them. BOTH: So mmm– monsters who are so hungry! We’ll just eat this
big letter M. [CRUNCHING]

55 thoughts on “Sesame Street: Letter M Monster Meal

  1. THIS IS OLD SESAME STREET WHICH IS GOOD. NEW SESAME STREET IS OKAY, BUT THE OLDER SESAME STREET IS RECOMMENDED. Sesame Workshop, keep them comin' (Refers to Old Sesame Street parts, especially the Test Pilots, which I want to see.

  2. I used to have this song on an audio cassette when I was little. Actually, I think I still have it. Time to check.

  3. @hbzylnz so right on that, this track makes me go hard BTW peeps use this to get this in mp3 >>

  4. Actually, thanks to COOKIE MONSTER, a NUMBER OF OTHER LETTERS would be missing from the alphabet–W, B, and K, to name a few. I'm talking about Kermit's early lectures–the W lecture was in the premiere episode, in fact–that Cookie would crash, by eating the letter Kermit was teaching. In the K lecture, though, CM did not eat the K, but gave it a KARATE CHOP, and right after "behaving himself," by helping Kermit out with K-words. Still, that WAS the end of Kermit's K, as well as B and W.

  5. This song reminds me about MMM Mcdonalds, and MMM meals there such as MMM Mcdouble, MMM McChicken, MMM Mcnuggets, MMM Mc Flurry and MMM many more yummy things to eat. FYI, That letter M in that song is NOT far off from the Mcdonalds golden arches. MMM Im loving it.

  6. I hope Herry comes in a future season with Cookie Monster so they could both eat cookies together or some inanimate object so Cookie won't be the only one.

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