Sesame Street: Kermit Shows The Letter B to Cookie Monster

Sesame Street: Kermit Shows The Letter B to Cookie Monster

KERMIT: Oh hi. Once again, I’m here to present
a little talk about one of the letters
of the alphabet. Now today, the latter is B, and
this is a B. Now, the B sort of looks like a fat
man with his belt too tight, you know? And B is a very useful letter
if you are fond of bread and butter because both of these
words begin with a B. And– COOKIE MONSTER: [CHOMPING] KERMIT: Here we go again. COOKIE MONSTER:
[CONTINUES CHOMPING] OK, well now this is an R, and
the R looks a lot like a B with the bottom eaten off of it,
in case you didn’t notice. And R is used for certain words
like rotten and ruined. The letter P is a nice letter. I mean, it looks something like
an R with one of the legs eaten off of it. Wait a minute. Hey you, how am I supposed to
talk about the letters when you keep eating pieces
off of them? Huh? COOKIE MONSTER: [LAUGHS] KERMIT: OK. Now, P is the first letter in a
lot of different words, but I can’t think of any
at the moment. Well, it’s an F, then. It’s an F. The letter F starts
a number of words which I can think of, like– now what? OK, that’s a one, or an I, or
a small l, or a line, or– or dessert.

99 thoughts on “Sesame Street: Kermit Shows The Letter B to Cookie Monster

  1. That is a classic Sesame street bit, I remember seeing this as a kid, it made me smile just as it did all those years ago.

  2. @Adrian22Frets Man they can't say say that today – You might hurt tubby's feelings.

    and btw i'm 21 and i've spent the last hour going through sesame street videos.

  3. @DrPhilMusic eheh. I'm 25 lol Kermit the frog is my favourite! No harm in telling girls you like this, they'll think you'd be a good father..true story

  4. @wonderspace90 Yes. This was from the first season. (1969-1970) Cookie Monster didn't even have a name yet. He is one of the few Muppets from the first season that was used before Sesame Street to remain on the show, where he becoming Cookie Monster.

  5. "The 'B' sorta looks like a fat man with his belt too tight, ya know…" Hahahaha! Very non-PC Kermit right there! Love it!

  6. A recent teaser on Cartoon Network reminded me of the "fat man with his belt too tight" thing from this. Only instead of a B, it was an 8.

  7. Nothing on this planet will never be as great as this show ever. THE best children's show ever with the most wittiest humour. Sesame Street, I bow before you.

  8. From the Moment of Funny Page for Sesame Street:
    "And don't forget that even though Kermit can't at the moment think of any words for the letter "P", in reference to the letter "F" is: "Now the letter 'F' starts a number of words I can think of."
    When you think like that, it becomes funnier.

  9. As a matter of fact, Sesame Street was his first appearance. He was a reoccurring character, and eventually he became part of the group of Muppets along with Miss Piggy, Fozzie Bear, and others.

  10. Not quite, Kermit's debut was on a show called "Sam and Friends". But far as Kermit looking more like an frog, Sesame Street was the first on that one.

  11. When I was little I thought Kermit said 'The letter "B" looks like BATMAN with his belt to tight"!'Now I know he actually said a fat man with his belt to tight. How many of the rest of you misheard it like I did

  12. Why won't THIS version of Sesame Street appear on Latin America? In fact, why is it adapted for different countries in the first place?

  13. Kermit the frog appeared in sesame street beginning in 1971. The Muppet Show was created after Sesame Street and Kermit the frog appears in The Muppet Show as well

  14. B for "Bajoran" and "Borg" and "B'Elanna" and "Bashir", P for "Picard" and "phaser", R for "Riker", "Rom" and "replicator", F for….are there any Star Trek words beginning with F? Don't judge, I'm a Trekkie, and I got bored.

  15. I was expecting Cookie to fire back with: "Oh, tough luck, frog! Me no care what letter you want to talk about—me ruin you talk because me hungry."

  16. I like how you can see the break-off points on the B where Cookie Monster takes off bits and pieces of the letter.

  17. this is vintage we love these skits they are so so so funny get rid of elmo already please ! and ball bee bat broom basket bed bunny bun bridge brook

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