Selecting & Changing Fonts – Working with Design Space – Tutorials for Beginners

Selecting & Changing Fonts – Working with Design Space – Tutorials for Beginners

Okay. In this video we’ll cover how to
select and change fonts because, while the default font in Design Space is great –
it’s called Cricut Sans – we have a ton of fun options to explore. Plus, who’s not
obsessed with finding the perfect font? To get started, select the text to make
it active. Then, come up here to the Font drop-down. And, let’s just take a moment
here to take in this beautiful font menu. The name gives you a visual preview of
that font, and you’ll also find whatever installed fonts you have on your
computer listed here, too. Up here we’ve got options every font-obsessed creative
couldn’t live without, like Sort, Search, and Filter. And, over here, we have the
font name (this Cricut Access icon means that the font is available in Cricut Access),
and the font styles, and we can see the font style itself here, in the
visual menu. Now, back to those Sort options. Right now we’re viewing All
fonts available in Design Space but, just like that, we can sort by System fonts, or
by Cricut fonts. System fonts, you probably know, are the fonts installed on
your computer system; hence the clever name. Of course your system fonts are
free for you to use in any of your projects. Cricut fonts are fonts you can
only find here in the Cricut universe. Some are free, some are available to
purchase, and some of them are part of Cricut Access. You’ll be happy to know
that this whole font world is searchable, and in ways you might not even imagine!
For example, let’s search for “bird,” and, yep! That brings up all fonts that are in
some way associated with a bird. Love it! I’ll go ahead and clear that so we can
review Filter options. We have My Fonts, Multi-Layer, Single-Layer, and Writing.
These options correspond with the font types you see here, so you can quickly
find what you want. To really dial it in, use it in conjunction with the Sort and
Search options. When you select a font the change happens on your Canvas, and you can do this as many times as you like until you
find the perfect font for your project.

13 thoughts on “Selecting & Changing Fonts – Working with Design Space – Tutorials for Beginners

  1. The new font menu is horrible. I liked it better when just highlighting a font showed the actual preview of my text. I've lost productivity now by having to select each font and waiting for the update on screen. Please add the preview before committing back.

  2. Hi can u help me please , Im having a hard time try to find my saved projects , I have tons… of starwars saved in my projects and when I type it in on the right with Command F Its only bringing up one of my saved projects !!! Am I doing something wrong , why wont my saved projects come up? I would appreciate a video if you have time too make one please ty

  3. It would be a great feature to be able to add fonts to a favourite list and to see them first. Lots and lots of great fonts, but also frustrating when you are searching for one at the end of the list.

  4. Please note: although it certainly isn't made clear, the ability to sign up to Cricut Access (to access up to 75,000 Cricut licenced images online) is ONLY available to customers in the US, Canada, and the UK – if you're anywhere else in the world, you will not be able to join Cricut Access. You also cannot purchase single images directly from Cricut – which means you likely won't be able to make most of the Cricut projects as featured. You can purchase (or design your own) svg or png files online and use those instead. I'm disappointed that Cricut makes such a selling point of Cricut Access when it isn't available to all customers.

  5. You can't 'really dial it in' when you can't actually get Cricut Access! Why is it only available to Cricut customers in the US, Canada and the UK. What about Cricut customers in the rest of the world?

  6. I was trying to use “character map” to change some of the fonts I used … the issue was that I couldn’t copy and paste from the app on my desktop but I COULD from the online version of design space …why is that??

  7. Why can I not right click in Design Space? I pay so that I can have all of these fancy fonts that I cannot actually use the way they are suppose to be used. This is very disappointing and makes me wonder if the subscription is worth it.

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