Scripting to manifest money! 3 step formula for scripting money fast | Law of attraction

Scripting to manifest money! 3 step formula for scripting money fast | Law of attraction

hi earthling I’m Trice and in this video you will learn how to use scripting to attract more money into your life fast this is the exact formula I used to manifest over seventy five thousand dollars a year and I did it starting from scratch so if I can do it you can do it too let’s get started quick disclaimer here scripting does work the universe will bring you more money but when it brings you the opportunity you have to get your cute shoes on get up off the couch and go meet it and what I mean by this is I was manifesting a financial planning practice and I had been scripting it for a couple weeks and a new friend of mine who had told about this had called me on the phone and said hey trees I know you want to sell memberships to your new financial planning practice why don’t you come with me to this meet and greet and pitch the idea to a couple people where you could sell the memberships was I scared out of my socks hell yeah but I knew that this was an opportunity that my scripting had brought me so I mustered up my courage and I got off the couch and I whipped down and pitched so you have to do that if you’re willing to do that this is the exact formula that will bring the opportunities to you so the first thing you need to do is focus on how you will feel when this happened now I always add gratitude to this part because if I’m feeling like currently like super crappy and I’m trying to muster up emotion gratitude is absolutely easiest because you can feel crappy well simultaneously feeling grateful and an example is like imagine you had like the worst day you have the crappiest job you literally work for Lucifer himself so when I scripted I put I am so happy and grateful and then you really feel that feeling now step 2 you have to know what you want and you have to specifically know what you want you can’t be like yo universe that won’t be rich yo universe I’d like some more money that is too vague you need to order up something very so for me I requested $1,000 a month I am so happy and grateful that I now earn $1,000 a month so picked a specific number the next step is the most fun part what are you going to give for this increase in fortune you must give more in value than you receive in dollar value in my financial planning practice what I decided I’d give as I would help people achieve their financial dreams so on my intake form I have what are your top three financial dreams that you would like to achieve in one year that is essentially what they’re paying for to get their top 3 financial dreams which is worth more than to them then the money that they pay me so you want to do the same in your life find what you are going to give that is more valuable to the person you’re serving than the money that they pay you so to put it all together it goes like this I am so happy and grateful that that I now make over $1,000 a month for this increase in fortune I help people achieve their financial dreams and doing this has brought me over $75,000 a year for just working one week per month I just work the first week of every month and so you can create anything that you want in your life by starting with this Weah do me a huge favor and just kiss that like button it really hopes to algorithm until next time my earthling friend ciao

30 thoughts on “Scripting to manifest money! 3 step formula for scripting money fast | Law of attraction

  1. You make it so simple, easy and fun- thank you. I especially liked the idea of naming the value we are providing others.

  2. I am visualizing getting me some cute Trice shoes! Love the third one! And by the way super mom, way to keep your focus while your little girl is crying in the background. You are a rock star!! 💖💕🌷🌳🍃XO

  3. I can see the writing on the walls, you're going to be a star. Sending good vibes. Have a wonderful week. And I kissed the like button.

  4. I’m so happy and grateful to have you as a friend Trice sweetie❤️✨. I agree giving is more important than getting. Love your outfit so glamorous, huge hugs💐😘xx!

  5. Hi Trice. I’m still a beginner in LOA but yeah seems clear visualization and believing it will work is key. Thanks a lot!

  6. 😂"Was I scared out of my socks? He'll yeah!" I'm glad you mentioned that. Breaking out of our comfort zone is so important when we are presented with the opportunity! Great video, Trice! Loving your content!!❤

  7. Trice I need to take all your tips and run with them! It’s time I get some more money into my life. 🌟… great info and tutorial my friend. I kissed he like button as always. ☺️

  8. Your videos are so vibrant I love them!!! This video is great! Yes gratitude is awesome! Great tips –

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