Sathriyan – Tamil Full Movie | Vikram Prabhu, Manjima Mohan, Kavin | Yuvan Shankar Raja

Trichy. Situated in between the
scenic mountains of Malakottai. Sitting on top of the mountain
Lord Ganesha rules this place. Churches, mosques.. This place is always
pious and disciplined. People of all religions Without any disparity
live here harmoniously. Several intellects and several
visionaries have emerged from here. Our former president Abdul Kalam Also studied here. Looking very beautiful and calm This Trichy is a hotbed. Not very sure but
because it’s a hotbed Or for some other reason Without gaining visibility the issue of thugs
is deep rooted here. Between the gang
war of two groups The blood that drips from their
knives no longer hurts our eyes. It just leaves a strong
stain everywhere. It’s a story about this stain and a love that gets embroiled in it. Listen! Should I make coffee or tea? Wait! Let Niranjana also come. Won’t it digest if
you have it with us? You only want to have
it with your daughter. Hey Pankajam! Around this time Niranjana should have
been back from college, isn’t it? She’ll come.
Be patient. Won’t you wait for 10
minutes at the bus stop? If it’s for 10 minutes. But how many set of 10
minutes should I wait for? I was talking to my friends. Only when they leave can I come. Whatever it is come inside
the house and fight. What’s this on the road! Father! Will you have coffee or tea? Will you have coffee or tea? What can we have? Coffee? Father!
– Daddy! You go ahead. It’s fine.
You ask. No you are one who messes up.
So you go first. Dad!
Whose Samudharam? Which Samudharam are
you talking about? I believe that Samudharam
is a big rowdy in Trichy. Until in school didn’t hear about him. As I stepped into college… Any issue in college,
they only mention his name. I was curious to know
about him and enquired. Was told that he’s the
rowdy who rules Trichy. Wanted to know how he looks… But nobody knows how he looks. They say his photograph has
never come in Any paper, book… Or for that matter,
even in a poster. I sent you to college
to get good education. If you ask about some
educated person it’s fine, but.. No dad! Hey! Come inside Instead of studying you want
to know about some rowdy. Come. Look at the question of
a college goer! Get in Tell me, you wanted
to ask something. Nothing.
– Why are you hesitating? Ask me. Even I wanted to know
about Samudharam. He’s in a boy’s college, it’s not
a big deal to talk about a rowdy. Even in my college, among
girls they talk about him. Is he such a big rowdy? Have you seen him? Should I tell him separately
and you separately? Naughty one! Tell me, Sir!
– What, Samudharam! Where are you?
– I am at home. Please talk without
mentioning my name. In the whole of Trichy, some
random people are using your name They are up to
several activities. Somehow you are… I want to be unidentifiable and want to
educate and bring my children well. It’s not incorrect. It’s a good thing in fact. Alright, are you in between some work?
– No brother Tell me.
– It’s an important thing. Can you come down to our
old factory in Thuraiyur? Will come down
Don’t bring anyone along Samudharam. Don’t bring anyone along. It’s my personal work. When you tell me, what’s there
to think on? Will be there. Niranjana, bring my shirt. If I tell your mother… She won’t allow me to go. So, tell her after I leave. Fine, dad.
– Bye! Samudharam would
have started by now? I think so. Call Manapaara Shankar. Shankar
– Brother. Samudharam will come
in about 30 minutes… to my factory in Thuraiyur. Till date among the
rowdys he’s the king. From tomorrow you can
be in that place. I have asked Samudharam
to come alone. You finish the work in a discreet manner.
– Will take care. Thanks. He shouldn’t cross line. It’s nothing. I groomed Samudharam from scratch. Last week without my knowledge… He has met the
opposition party MLA. What will he do? He probably wanted to grow
in strata like his name. It’s not about crossing lines. Tomorrow Shankar, even if
you want to outgrow me.. I will have to cross
lines with somebody else. What to do? I should also be the king in
this political arena of Trichy. What I am saying
is right isn’t it? Brother! Not just today. I will always be faithful to you. Till you are, I am glad. Tell me, brother!
– Ravi. Where are you?
– With the chairman of Kulithalai. Oh! Alright. Is the corporation
meeting today? Anything?
– The minister called And told me to come to his
Thuraiyur factory alone. Here there’s no one. And his phone is not reachable. What are you saying?
– Hey nothing!. I will take care. If our boys are close by.. Ask them to come immediately. Call Guna. Hello! What’s this?
– What? You have hit me and walking
without apologizing. Get lost.
– What? What do you want?
– You are carelessly asking me to get lost. Do you know who I am? Look.
– Who are you? Do you know Samudharam?
– Samudharam? Which Samudharam? Which Samudharam?
Come here. I will come. In the region of Trichy
the greatest rowdy. He’s my uncle. I just spoke to him. When?
Now?! Why?
What’s your doubt in that? I believe you.
You also look affluent. What should we do now? You should apologize. Sorry
– Hey! Pencil faced fellow. Not you, ask him to apologize. Sorry, fine?
Go. You should have that fear. Hey! Big brother! You both shouldn’t meet me. If you do then.. Get the bike here.
– Okay. – Move the barricade. Why is he covering his face? Can’t you be watchful? Guna.
Don’t do it. Don’t do it. Listen. Don’t do anything. I don’t go for anything now. I am not even armed. Check. Check. Listen. They have seen a
girl for me at home. I love her. I am planning to get
married and settle down. Spare me! Get inside. Believe me. Please. Get inside.
Why invite trouble? I don’t go for anything now.
Please… What happened? In Shankar’s gang.. There’s a person called Vetri? We were told that he’s going to
get married and will settle down. Yesterday as he was
drinking in a bar… He said he’ll turn an approver. He blabbered that he’ll
blurt out the truth… On who has done
what in this city. What happened Guna?
– Nothing. Why are you in disturbed thoughts? Nothing, this guy Vetri was
blabbering that he will turn approver It must be Shankar’s work. It’s not good for us
to have him alive. Minister is in favor of Shankar. I am not sure what will
happen if we do something. I was wondering how
we should do it. Who? Vetri? Vetri? If I think, Guna will execute it. You go to Palakarai station… and surrender.
– Okay. Carry him. Let’s celebrate. Make a blazing sun
and keep it inside. Imagine that you are
the uncrowned prince. If someone draws boundaries
Laugh from within. Who is he to determine your growth? Just spurt. Only with defeat will
you face victory. Understand that my dear. With God and that faith.
Hold it tight. If you load your hearth with worries,
It will weigh you down. Throw that down and
we can fly high. We can go high.
We can go and rule this world. We can go and dance.
We can dance to its glory. Make a blazing sun
and keep it inside. Imagine that you are
the uncrowned prince. If someone draws boundaries,
Laugh from within. Who is he to determine your growth? Just spurt. Shunning you this
world is moving. Why bother on that? Stand alone and win over.
This world will look for you. You will lead. With all that wounds
that you face… You will emerge. All the pain that you go through
will heal the anguish you went through It will be the remedy
for your kind heart. The path to victory You will go in search of it. Life with finally tally its dues
in its own way. Even if you fall..
When you raise… Your value will soar high.. If you pass or fail… The throne that you
stepped on will tell you. Make a blazing sun
and keep it inside. Imagine that you are
the uncrowned prince. If someone draws boundaries
Laugh from within. Who is he to determine your growth? Just spurt. Make a blazing sun
and keep it inside. Imagine that you are
the uncrowned prince. If someone draws boundaries
Laugh from within. Who is he to determine your growth? Just spurt. Even when the city is in our control,
they have murdered our man. Without a head they are
behaving like this. We should not spare that Guna. You know for sure it’s him. Why don’t you hand him to the
police with Minister’s help? Get lost. Don’t I know to go
to the Minister? The police will smell it. They will arrest him… And then he will
turn an approver. Then we all will be behind bars. Look at you. All that’s happening here
is known to the department. They will turn a blind eye. Wanting us to clash and
die amongst ourselves. That good for us too. Guna is the key person there. If we knock him.. They completely collapse. Come here. Yes, brother. Draw a plan for Guna. We don’t understand. That means? Why are they talking in
the middle of the road? Wait
– Hold on! Sorry,boss! You should have that fear. You look like a nice boy. You seem very haughty. You will get caught alone. You will be gone. That day will be your last. You are not skinning him? You are sitting and
talking to him? He looks like an insect. What can we do to him? Sit. From behind he looks so terrible. We have to look at
his face and talk. Hey!
Go. I can’t see, can you
help me cross the road? Monday, one guy… Tuesday, another guy, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.
each day one person follows. Leaving aside Saturday and Sunday,
They commence from the same order. The reason for all this
is a dog in between. He believes he’s a Romeo. You say there are 5
people who are following. Why are you angry with the
person who is not following? They are just the arrows. He’s the one who is
controlling them. One day if that Romeo
comes behind me. I will stab him and go to jail. What’s funny about it? No.. You should have born
to your dad as his son. It’s has changed and you are
born as a girl and he as a boy. What’s your problem now? What’s your problem now? If they trouble you
again, you give me a call. I will take care of it. If there’s a problem,
I will call and inform you. You think they will wait
and watch till I call you? If you can’t just send
me an empty message. I will understand. Smile! Wait.
I will take care. Tell me.
– Where are you? Here or outside?
– Here, tell me please. Can I know your name? For what?
– Just like that. I can’t tell you. Then do you want to know
my name. – Not necessary. Hey!
Stop. What? You think you are the
crowned princess of this place? What? You think you are the
crowned princess of this place? Leave me. – I want to know your
name and you are acting so stern. Leave me.
– Will you lessen if you tell your name? You think there are no
other girls in this town? I have just torn your hand. If I know that you are troubling
this girl further.. Then I will.. You go I will take care. Collect it after 2 pm.
– Okay. I was worried that
you will leave. Initially you were so audacious
and will leave alone. Now that you are in
trouble you need us. At least now she’s with us. Be happy.
Let’s go. Everyone looks like his friend
and I feel they will trouble me. Sorry. Sorry even I don’t see. It’s alright. Excuse me.. Dude, see there. She nice isn’t it? She is. So want are you going to do now? See now. Don’t show your work here. We have come from Thirunelveli
to become doctors. Don’t want to get
reported in the papers. Nothing will happen.
See now. What? Who is it?
– This girl. What? You are arrogant that you’re
Samudharam’s daughter? Your father was
reduced to nothing. What will be your fate? Today we are taking my friend
from the hospital to his house. He can’t lift one hand. If something happens to his hand… Will throw acid on your face. Don’t mistake me. Those boys have
threatened Niranjana. Till college is over… Can you send somebody with her? Wanted to ask you about that The boy who came that day. Guna, can I send him? Whomever you think
is suitable you… Send them, Ravi. No, the boys who are
with us are skilled. But they should also be faithful. That’s why. From tomorrow Guna
will escort you. Okay. Guna!
– What? We are constantly waiting
outside the college. That girl is inside the college. Can we go and come
back by evening? They have come near the
college and threatened her. How can we be assured… What? She’s awesome. You were supposed to
be here in 5 minutes. I’m waiting since half an hour.
Where are you? Give me a confirmation. Else I will take an auto. Nothing alarming. Why did you just slap me? They say that even garden
flowers have a fragrance. That’s why… Flowers will have its fragrance. But, it’s from some other garden. That you need to remember. Niranjana! The bus is about to leave.
Come. Tickets please. What are you searching for? Tell me the truth You love him, don’t you? Keep quite. Don’t imagine things. Turn this way. What’s in a girl’s mind may
not be obvious to the boy. But another girl will
clearly understand it. Tell the truth. Nothing like that. For the last 2-3 months, I
have been seeing him the most. That’s why. Suddenly when I don’t see
him it seems strange. That’s called love. I don’t know that. I want to keep seeing him. That’s all. Kavi, Guna is here. Can we go somewhere?
– Where? Take this. Will call you then
bring the bike. Wait a bit,
I will also come. We can go on the bike itself. They are walking.
We can’t just drive the bike and go. I will go ahead. Will call you.
You bring the bike later. He’s coming. Don’t turn around. I am telling you. You go ahead.
Myself and Kavi will follow. Okay. Why did you stop? One minute. I am calling you, come here. You’re too bold. Have to tell it
sometime or the other. Why delay it?
Go, I will come. What? You don’t want me to have trouble and
you come to protect me isn’t it? Yes
– Then why this distance? You can come with me. No. Till you go to college, I have
been asked to escort you. Not to go with you. Oh! Now I am telling you. Come with me. No. That won’t work.
– Why are you scared? What’s to be scared of in this?. I thought you’re scared that you will
fall in love if you come near me. What?
Have you been here for a long time? What’s the problem? If I tell you I’ll be
here in half an hour… It’s normal to be
delayed by sometime. Within that time you have called
me 9 times and sent me 4 messages. Here.
– No, sister-in-law. Hey! What if he doesn’t drink? Won’t I have it?
Give it. Go. What is it that you want
to talk immediately on? If I am asking you to
tell over the phone… You insist on telling in person. Brother, hereafter I am not going
as a security for that girl. Send someone else
– Whom should I send? These 4 days Suppar went.. We can send him. Why?
What happened? Yesterday that girl’s
tone was not appropriate. That’s why… Not appropriate? She’s taking in some other way. How can I explain
everything in detail? Even if not for that girl… We need to do this
for Samudharam brother. Guna, listen. I don’t know about that
girl and her nature. However… I believe in you. My Guna… Won’t hide anything from me. Just for 4 months. For my sake. Alright. Hello! What’s it that you behave
as if you haven’t seen me. What do you want?
– Nothing. If I smile just a
small smile in return. That’s all. I am not used to all that. Get used to.. Is it so difficult to smile?
– Look. Listen. You leave. I should understand
what you think. You won’t understand what I think. What should I understand? Why? You don’t understand as yet? I do. As you think, this
love won’t work for me. Why? Because I come as
an escort for you… Do you think I am small kid? Try telling my name in the Malakottai police
station or any other station in the district. Even if they don’t
see me in person… From the lowest rank
to the Constable… they fret hearing my name. From the Minister’s PA to the
regional level officers to every one… They stand up for me. From college kids to
the petty shop man… They are proud to know me. Half the people in this
town who know about rowdys… Fear the name Guna. If they know that for
the sake of love… I am running behind a girl. I will become the laughing
stock of this place. Go.
Do some other work. None of what you told is a lie. But can you do one thing for me? What? You always have a knife
with you don’t you? Just tell me.
I won’t tell anyone. Yes. Can you be without any arms
or knifes for just 24 hours? Why? Can’t I? If I do, will you go away
without disturbing me? First you do it. Then I’ll ask you a question. You should answer it honestly. If it’s an answer
that I didn’t expect… Then I won’t trouble you. Can you be without any arms
or knifes for just 24 hours? Niranjana, your boyfriend. Are they in mutual relationship? Don’t keep ogling at him. It may disturb him deeply. Stop looking at him. These guys all over the place
when I don’t have the weapon. Sir, order please. Get me a tea. Guna. Come here for a minute. Sir? One tea. Another tea. Didn’t go to college? No. I was waiting for you. For me? Why? No, last night you wouldn’t
have slept proper. I Knew you’ll get up
late this morning. That’s why. Why wouldn’t I have slept well? I slept well. Yes.
I can see from your eyes. Reddish. What do you want now? You tried what I
told you yesterday? What? One day without the knife. Tell me the truth. Whole of yesterday even for 10 minutes
Weren’t you scared? Scared? Me? You thought I will be
scared without arms? Don’t judge me as weak. I only asked for the truth. Tell me, Guna. Were you scared or not? So at least for a
minute you were scared. Why were you scared Hearing the name Guna,
entire Trichy is scared. Out of respect everyone
stands up for you. They move away from you. Everyone from the MP to
the lower rank know you. All that is fine. Such a big person that you are. Why were you scared
for a minute? Because the opponent had
arms. You didn’t have it. That’s why you were scared. Isn’t it? Then is it the fear on you? Or is it the fear of your knife? When others are scared of you… Or move away from you… It’s not because they
are scared of you. They want to be
away from this evil. Some people respect you. Shake hands with you… To be familiar with you… Or to be proud knowing you… If you think it’s out of respect… Then you are probably
the biggest fool ever. Those who respect you… Will want to use you sometime later. The weapon that you have today… Isn’t yours. Was with somebody else yesterday. Today, it’s with you. How long will it be with you? The day you lose strength… To hold that knife firm. It will go to someone else. In this life of uncertainty
you are living… Thinking that no one
can destroy you. If it closes its eyes… The cat will think
the world is dark. That’s exactly how your life is. Wake up and see. A life for you. A family for you. A child for you… Who will say out your name. That’s your identity. The identity of a common man. Don’t be confused. Think.
Be calm. If not today… Someday you will understand
What I said is right. That day you come looking for me. Till then I will wait for you. Like a drizzle on
the hard rock… You came and fell into me. Like the wind that
breaks the cloud… You broke me. Don’t teach me to forget. If I forget
My heart won’t bear it. I jump like a child… In the aura of your
breath I blend. Like a drizzle on
the hard rock… You came and fell into me. Like the wind that
breaks the cloud… You broke me. Don’t teach me to forget. If I forget
My heart won’t bear it. I jump like a child… In the aura of your
breath I blend. My heart frequently
looks up for you. It’s wanting to know
more about you. I am struggling like a doll… With its eyes blindfolded
in the forest. You are god’s precious gift. I am in a penance to
get you in my arms. Like a drizzle on
the hard rock… You came and fell into me. Like the wind that
breaks the cloud… You broke me. The legs make way as wings… The body flutters in joy. I fly high in joy. New love emerges within me. The struggle of loneliness… Is known through your eyes. The time without you… Burns like fire within me. The person that I
was till yesterday… Stands defeated
that I enjoy though. I am seeing this earth… As a totally new
planet from now. What Guna? What happened to you? You are calling me frequently
and want to see me immediately. Sending me messages asking where
I am and when I will come. What’s your problem? You want to say that you don’t want
to go and I should send someone else? Leave it.
Will send someone else. No brother.
Nothing like that I want to tell you something. So..
– What? I am thinking, how
do I tell you. It’s alright tell me, Guna. If you misunderstand me… I won’t. Tell me. How do I tell you… Don’t get me tensed. Either tell me or leave. You can later tell me in a polished way. No, brother. I should say it without delay. I don’t know how. What happened to you? You are always very precise. You never struggle like this. It’s about love. That’s why. What? What do you mean? Is Guna in love?
I can’t believe it. It’s something to be happy about. Why are you hesitating on this? If someone loves us… What can be more joyful? Who is that girl? What?
Are you shy? Who is that Guna? Guna? Who? How do I tell you? Guna! Niranjana? Its Samudharam
brother’s daughter. Guna, don’t. Don’t. Forget it. It will be a tale of deceit. From tomorrow you
don’t have to go. I will take care. I will take care of it. It will be unfaithful. Leave it. You don’t need it. He will be watching
us from above. Listen to me. After Samudharam brother,
I like you the most. If I have a sister Or a daughter of
marriageable age… I won’t even think twice
to get her married to you. But that girl… Forget her. Forget brother’s daughter. One day if my sister in
law comes in front of me… And raises a question why
your boy did like this? And if she cries… I don’t know. I might even stab you in anger. Forget it. You don’t do this mistake. Guna! Guna! Hey! What? You are leaving without
saying a word. Love and war is the same. If you have to win in that… One should not see
its right or wrong. If you think of the right
or wrong in the arena… One cannot win. You never talk like this. Who thought you all this? That girl taught me. Mind is like a magical key. If you believe it… It will make the
greatest of miracles. Till the last second the
life leaves the body… We should never think
that we will die. I have that faith. Am I the one to die so soon? Guna. This is your time. Play it. Till the last second the
life leaves the body… We should never think
that we will die. Throw him. Lift him. Hold him tight. Brother!
– What happened? The police is still here. What’s this, Chandran? You have given the treatment
without discussing with the Dean. Now the police is here. If it’s a Court case, who
will take responsibility? Sir, if I had not given treatment at
that time, we would have lost a life To save one life… Should I sacrifice my life! What happened, Chandran? Sir! Medical aid is to save life. Not to let one die. The day medical aid has become a business… The value of life has come down. Hey!
– Yes, brother. This girl should not see Guna. Hello! One minute.
Please stop. You’re Samudharam
Brother’s daughter? Yes
– Have you come to see Guna? You should not see him. Why? I don’t know. Ravi Brother told me to tell you.
Please leave. Is Ravi brother my father? Hello!
Listen to me. What happened? What’s the problem here? Guna is admitted in the ICU. We are here to see him. I don’t know who he is.
He’s not allowing me to see him. You? I am the one who is
going to marry him. Then why are you stopping her?
– No sir… This is a hospital. As Doctors we will
decide everything here. You come. He knows very well who did it. Sit, see how he proves
that he knows nothing. They are firm that we should
not earn even 10 bucks. Precisely said. What kind of ethics is this! You go inside. Guna! Niranjana! Why are you crying? See, he’s Chandran. He brought me to the hospital. If not for him… I wouldn’t be alive now. Thanks. Tomorrow I will be a doctor. It’s my duty. You didn’t go to college today? What is it? Niranjana! I am asking you. Don’t you understand? I didn’t go. Then where did you go? To the hospital. For what? To see Guna. Who is Guna? The person whom you sent
as security for me. It is him. Niranjana! What’s between you two… That you have to visit
him in the hospital. (Hums a famous Tamil song) Niranjana. That you have to visit
him in hospital!. I asked you what’s
between the two of you. Niranjana! Until college gets
over he’s my security… I thought it will be good
if he’s with me for life. Is that enough? What did you say? Irrespective of what you do… This is what is wish for. I have told you. Why did you spare her? You should have slapped her. When she started at me in anger… It was exactly like how
your father stares. That’s why. I think it’s unnecessary for you
to be so rude to your mother. You were so audacious there.
Here you are crying. I also know what you
are talking about. What can I do? If I explain it in a calm way… My mother won’t agree. What? Guna gets
home food from now. Very basic stuff. He’s getting to be normal. Just saw him. Don’t worry. In about 10-20 days, he can be
brought back to his old self. In about 10-20 days, he can be
brought back to his old self. You go see him. Thanks. Should I ask him now? No need. It should not be averse. Should not delay all this. If you think about
I should ask. I..
– That day… No need this game. You, tell me. Sorry. For what? That day in anger I
didn’t even consider… it was a public place
and I slapped you. That’s why. It’s fine. I am also at fault. Sorry. Leave it. I got back what I gave. So we are equal now. Does your phone have what’s app? Yes.
It’s there. Why? Nothing. If there’s some interest message
will need to forward it to you. That’s why. Sorry. Only if I know your mobile
number can I message you. That I forgot. Does your phone have what’s app? So can I send a message? Careful! Take a seat, brother.
– You sit, Guna. How are you feeling now? All well.
Will be fine in a week. Hey! Wait outside. Come. When you were holding the
knife and standing tall. Nothing happened. But.. As you fell in love… Did you see what just happened? If you chose the knife… Your death is always
through it only. If you decide to
abandon it midway. That day death will
start to chase you. Don’t try to leave it. It’s a double edged sword. It will attack us both ways. It won’t spare you and me. There’s no way out. We are on a one way track. If we try to turn back… Or turn a new leaf… With that day the journey ends. Take care. Guna. Why are you here? It’s not appropriate, Niranjana. I can’t answer your mother. You leave immediately. No will talk to him for
sometime and leave. No need. You first leave. Where we are.
We are clueless on what happens. Try and understand. Seeing him?
Leave now. Brother. What? Keep quite. You leave.
– Brother. What?
Don’t you understand? Brother… Leave her.
She’ll talk for a while and leave. Keep quite.
I will be harsh. Go. Don’t come here. Brother. Brother. You leave. She’ll leave in a while. The boys are here. Will call you if I
need something. You could have
called before coming. Why?
Can’t I come? He won’t understand when I
don’t answer the phone. Hello.
– Niranjana. Tell me, Guna.
– Where are you? I am at home. Did you eat Guna?
– Wait. How dare you talk to him
when you are at home? If father is no more… You think there are
no men at home? If you talk about him here… If I know that you
are seeing him… I kill you both. I’ll not forget him for ever. See how she’s reacting
despite all the beating. Guna. Will you take me somewhere? Somewhere far away… Don’t you understand? Can we elope? Even if I die
I should die with you. Do you understand? Brother!
Leave this work to me. I will take care of it. Enough. I saw the way you all joined hands
And made a mess of the whole thing. That’s enough. Why are you talking like this? That time you trusted Muthu
and gave him the job. After me if it’s you or Muthu,
your fight for supremacy Keep it after I die. Only politicians will
fight for a post Even as the one ruling is alive. Shameless! You too? Sir? Shankar? You have left
something unfinished? I was keeping away Thinking it was something
in between you both. Thinking it was something
in between you both. Within the party… There’s a talk that Shankar’s
team can’t do anything. In fact that boy’s name is
surfacing here in a mild way. Without me showing a way… No one should grow in this city. That boy is growing by himself. If he becomes the head… Then… Not just my words. He won’t listen to anyone. Nip it in the bud. Else… It will be convenient
for the opponents. Take care. Shankar brother.
Trust me. This time I won’t trust anyone. I will handle it myself. To do away with
him should I come? That’s why I sent you. If he has shown the
way to you all… He’s not just skilled… He’s also intelligent. Too many cooks spoil the broth. This time… We don’t need a crowd of 10 or 100. Apart from me… Just 3 more people. Who… When and where… I will tell later. Dude.
Don’t mistake me. Last time the plan to nab you was
know to me only in the last minute. I was surrounded by people
and could not inform you. This time Shankar is
targeting you again. He wants to do it himself. Further the minister is
coming on line on your case. I have no issue with the Minister. Why is he after me? If you grow without
anyone’s help? Will they spare you? It’s going beyond our limits. Careful. If Shankar goes crazy… He will chop you to pieces. He is witty.
Don’t get trapped. Be careful. You will never listen
to what I say. I am still telling. Don’t go around thinking no
one can do anything to you Abscond for some time. If pride goes it’s fine… If life goes nothing can be done. Be careful. I don’t know if I can inform
you in the last minute. Anything can happen anytime. Be alert. What happened? You silence suggests… It’s a big problem. Don’t worry, Guna. When you are rational
you can win anything. Is Amma there?
– Who are you? I am Guna. She’s not here leave. Who is it? Come inside, please. Sit down. It’s fine. No. Please sit. What’s with you? You are treating him with
respect and seating him? Can you be quite? No. Go inside. I am telling you.
Go inside. What’s the matter? Niranjana would have told you. Forget what she says. You tell me. I want to marry your daughter. Then? You should tell us. No. I can’t give me daughter
in marriage to you. Why? No big reason. Now I have no plans
to get her married. If you get her married… You think I have no
strength to keep her well. I am not thinking that way. Then? You think I am not well educated… Or not earning well? You know something? I am a student of National college. During the second year
a friend hit me… And I hit him back in rage. It started there and
it has come here. Else I am also a
degree holder today. What else? Money? Even now if I think
I can earn in lakhs. You can even earn in crores. I can’t give my daughter
in marriage to you. Why? Because you are a rowdy. Was your husband a Collector? He was also a rowdy. I didn’t deny it. Being married to a rowdy I know
all that I have lost. I am taking from my experience. That’s why I am saying this. Believe me. I will take care if her well. Even my husband
kept me very well. When I was sitting next to him… When we used to talk alone… Let me be blunt. Even as I slept with him… I tried to talk… and change his mind. He was not ready to leave
this life of a rowdy. What happened because of that? Now I am widowed
and standing alone. My children are fatherless… And standing orphaned. You tried several ways… But could not change him. But your daughter… Didn’t have to struggle
hard to change me. One day.
Just one day. She nailed it right there.
She was firm. From that minute, I was
ready to shun everything. I was ready to lead
a life for her. What else should I do? Today you say that you
have shunned everything. But what if the
sins from the past… In some way… Haunt you… And reduce you to nothing. My daughter who
comes trusting you… What will be her fate? What’s with you? You are telling the same
thing over and over again. Get out.. Get out.
– Stop. Will kill you. My mother is being
so polite with you… You continue to just
keep talking to her. Get out. I will kill you.
Why are you staring? Why are you staring?
– Try and kill me. Try and kill me. Try and kill me. Kill me.
– Guna! Will you kill me? Come try doing it. What? I will just topple you over. With a lame knife you are
trying to threaten me? Look at me. Sit down. What’s this? Are you happy? Are you happy? This is what you wished for? You told me that he
has left everything. He has left it for me. Where? It is still in his hand. What are you going
to tell me for this? They can’t leave it. Irrespective of me or you… Those who have
taken this in hand… Won’t leave it for anyone. You want to trust him
and make a life. Go ahead. Go throw sand on your head. Get lost. Did you eat, Guna? Yes. Fine.
Will leave now. Where? Sleep and leave in the morning. You will study. Why should I be here?
It’s won’t be right. People in hostel are up
to all sorts of things. You think this
will be incorrect? Just rest. It’s really unearthly hours. That’s why I insist. If we are scared we have
to be scared all our life. If we have to let go,
courage is the only weapon. We have a long way to go, boss. We won’t exit so soon. I will leave now. Tell me
– Brother. From that medical college hostel… Guna is leaving all alone. You go stand near
that market gate. Okay.
– Guna will come in the bike. Let me know if it’s
him or someone else. Going there call me.
– Okay. Okay. All four of us should
be on the same page. Go. This time we
mustn’t let him go. We have plan well and nab him. This time we should not miss. Okay. Hey. You go there. You go there. Okay. Why?
– He’s still not trained. Let him be at a distance. Will do it with a single
shot of your gun… Why are making it complicated?
– Hey. I already shot
Samudharam with my gun. If I use the same bullet… Won’t the police match the
bullets and catch me? Don’t I know? Put you bike inside
and go to the other side. I’m about to reach. Stay on the line. Kani… Brother.
– Stay on the line. Muthu.
– Brother. All three need to be connected. Alright. It’s him. Just listen to what I say. No one should talk. Until I give instructions
no one should move. Got it? Hey, Kani.
Kill him. Shankar brother. I am moving away from all this. Listen to me – Why
should I leave you? A girl loves me. I want to marry her
and go far away. Listen to me. The same way Vetri
pleaded with you. You didn’t listen to him. Now I should listen to you? You have killed my boy. I need to settle scores
with you on that. For killing my Vetri,
you should die. For Vetri’s death you
want to settle scores. Then I need to settle score… for Samudharam brother’s death. Shankar brother… Run.
Will kill you. Run for your life. Get all details from him.
– Okay, Sir. Also his address. Got it. Tell me, Sir. What’s happening in the city, Vijayan? So many of you are here,
what are you all doing? No sir.
I have commenced the enquiry. Don’t I know about your enquiry? Even after the date of
FIR filed has lapsed… You will continue to
conduct the enquiry. By then the culprit.. Will erase all the evidence
and will walk free. If we have 2 such
murders in a year… Won’t the public panic? I don’t care what you’ll do. Within 24 hours
arrest the murderer. Give people the hope to
live in a fearless way. What your Minister
is instructing me? Sir? Then what? He thinks I am his puppet? I should not initiate action
towards the rowdys he detest? I should initiate action
towards his favorable rowdys? If your Minister calls me regarding
the rowdy murder further… I will publicize all the links
that he has with the rowdys… I will drag him into it as well… As I leave. Then his phone will
have no power… to order the officials. Sir, why are you
telling me all this? Even you are collecting your
regular tips from him every month. You think I don’t know that? With this case I know
what I should do. (wanted criminal found dead)
Police on the look out for the murderer Ranjankudi fort
(Permabalur District) For someone’s act we
need to be in hiding. For someone’s act we
need to be in hiding. Police is waiting
to enquire everyone. No one should be in the city.
Have you told all our boys? Told them
But Guna’s phone is switched off. What are you saying? Yes, I also tried
about 7-8 times… Did Guna do something? Minister is not in our favor… That’s why I am staying calm. What I am supposed… He’s doing it now. If we give him some space,
he wants the throne. Hello. Tell me. You want to talk to brother. Samudharam brother’s
son is on the line. What is it? He wants to see you immediately. Ask him to come alone. Don’t tell him the place. Ask him to wait at the bus stand. One of you go and pick him up.
– Okay. Hey! Keep a watch all over
– Done. We can’t predict the enemies. Got it? He’s here. What’s the urgency to see me immediately? Don’t cry. Tell me whatever it is? I will take care of it. Brother… Niranjana is missing. From dawn she’s missing. I have searched at all
her friend’s place. No one knows. Mother is heartbroken. I don’t know what to do. Without Guna’s knowledge
nothing would have happened. He’s controlling her. Where is he now? Thondi
Ramanathapuram District. Before Shankar brother’s
16th day ritual… He should be dead. Why am I like this? Looking at the knife
makes my body shiver. I was born to the man who
controlled the whole place. I don’t know why I am like this. Yesterday he came to my house… In front of my mother,
He was ready to stab me. What are you saying?
– Yes. From head to toe… I was shivering. I know very well. He must have taken my sister. Call him. Call him. His phone is switched off. Brother. Then it’s him. It’s him. Confirmed.
It’s him. When you told me your sister’s
phone is switched off. I could clearly understand. Brother. You always say you are like my father’s brother. You wanted me to
ask you anything without any hesitation. You frequently keep
telling me this. I have never asked you anything. But, now… I am asking you something
my father’s brother. Kill him and bring
my sister home. What are you doing? Lift him.
Don’t prostrate. Get up.. Don’t be like a child. I am respecting
you as my father. Don’t say no. Don’t cry. Take him. If my father was alive,
would this have happened Don’t cry. How will I answer my mother? (consoling) First stop crying. (consoling) Hey Jothi! I was considering Samudharam
as my older Brother. I considered Guna as
my younger brother. If I have to choose between
the one I created… And the one who created me… Samudharam brother is
more important to me. Call our boys… Ask them to finish Guna. Okay. Okay. Two mynas.. Two mynas.. Searching for their
destination in great pain.. There is love. There is tears. With the eyes there is fear. Chisel a mountain… to form the tunnel. Will trust you and
go as your partner. Slay the dark with the light… It will take to a new path. She came all the
way trusting you. Two mynas.. Two mynas.. Searching for their
destination in great pain.. There is love. There is tears. With the eyes there is fear. You have a birth. I have a birth. There is task to unite us. Bracing the shore… The river walks with pride… You hold me tight And take this journey my dear. I was in between the
sickles and knifes. But drawn through the
dagger power of your eyes. I am killer who came
escaped this place. I got stuck with the
bells of your anklet Both my hands are daggers Both my feet are firmly rooted I will definitely win
this battle of love. Chisel a mountain… to form the tunnel. Will trust you and
go as your partner. Slay the dark with the light… It will take to a new path. She came all the
way trusting you. Sir! In Shankar’s murder case It’s even confirmed through
authentic sources… That it’s Guna who
has killed him. Now within themselves
they have issues. In fact Ravi is keen
on killing Guna now. In this case everyone thinks you
are angry with the Minister… And not initiating any action. Now they say, because
of your action… The Minister is very happy. Really?
– Indeed. Only now the Minister is aware that
I am keen on nabbing the accused. Yes, Sir. Okay. That’s exactly what I expected. So the Minister trusts me? Now stop the enquiry… And slow down the action. Sir? You also don’t get involved
very deeply in this case. I receive appreciation from the
Minister on my actions in this case… It will not be believable if the
same Minister says it’s not good. The Shankar who died… Is he a legend? He is also a rowdy. The task that we have to do,
they do it amongst themselves. Just think that our
job is minimized… You and your Minister… Just sit down and watch
what’s happening. Hello!
– Chandran, Guna here. What happened?
Where are you? I am absconding on this
Shankar’s murder case. What are you saying? No one knows who did it. They say they are clueless. This was the interview given
today by the Deputy Commissioner. Chandran! If police say that they have
found evidence in a case… It means they haven’t
found anything. If they say they
haven’t found anything… It means they are
nearing the culprit. Why should you abscond for that? I was the one who did it. What are you saying? Will tell you everything later. I want you to do me a favour. Tell me what I should do. Go to my house… My passport, RS 70,000 cash… And most importantly my mother’s
sacred marriage thread. It’s all there. Take it with you. At the time that I tell you… Can you bring it To the
place that I tell you? Is this a task? Let me go now. Chandran don’t rush. As you think,
under the given conditions. It’s not so easy. I will take care. You should not get into
trouble because of me. Can’t I do this for our friendship? Shall I hang up? Chandran, one minute. I have never told
this to anyone. I am now in Thondi. Keep this within you. You have trusted me. I won’t tell anyone. Enough! There’s a light in the house. What are you saying! He’s there. He’s searching for something there. Be vigil and keep a track of him. I will be there.
– Okay. You rogue! Slay him..
– I’m not Guna. I’m not Guna. Hey, stop. Hey who is this? We have seen him somewhere. He’s that medical college guy. He saved Guna from
Shankar’s team. Idiot. I asked you several
times if it’s Guna. I asked you several
times if it’s Guna. Carry him. Hey! Where is Guna? Where is he? Tell me. You won’t have even
the remaining life. Where is he? Tell me. You have stabbed
me with a knife. Will it hurt if you hit
me with your hand? Tell me. Tell me. Tell me. Where is he? Answer. Don’t lose your
life for no reason. I know. Share it. Come on. Even if I am to die,
I won’t tell you. Get lost.
I spare you. Tell him. Even if not today… Even after 10 years… Will behead him… Widow her and bring
her to her house. What happened, Guna? Ravi thought that it was me
and tried to kill my friend. If I was caught… Would he have killed me? I wanted to crush anyone
other than Brother Ravi… To rule that city… But… To him more than me… Samudharam is important. I don’t know what Samudharam
Uncle was thinking of Ravi. But I was thinking him
as my own elder brother. But… He didn’t think of me
as his younger brother. To add to the fury… he said that he kill me someday… And said that girl who came
trusting me, will be widowed. Should not spare him any more. For long can I be in
hiding fearing things. If we are scared… We cannot live. Let’s see… If it’s me or him. Will it take 4 hours
from here to Trichy? Don’t do it, Guna. That girl has come
here trusting you. Don’t go without
telling Niranjana. If I tell her I am going… She won’t let me go. Tell her after I leave. Guna is here.
– Where? He is taking the stairs.
– Kill him. Kill him right there. Hey! What is it? You are taking the
knife in front of me? You will kill me? Brother don’t come. I will kill you. Kill me. Don’t come. Listen to me. I will really kill you. Don’t come. You have become so daring? Do it. I was the one who
thought you everything You want to show
your skill to me? You taught me the craft. You didn’t know
that I mastered it. Now do you know? Something is happening. Come on. Stab in my throat. Hey I like you a lot. Instead of dying in
somebody else’s hand… I would rather die in your hand. Kill me. Stab in my throat. Brother… Fearing that… I will be killed anytime.. Not just for me… Even you don’t need
a life like that. For whom did I take this knife? Did you take it for yourself? Did I take it for myself? For someone… For something… We don’t even know
why we took it. It’s an addiction. More than a cigarette… More than alcohol… More than the ganja… Do you know what’s the worst addiction? That someone should fear us. The khaki uniform… And the white collared… always want to keep us stained. Others won’t wake us up. We need to come to reality. Not just me… All of us. Let’s all leave everything. Water… I don’t know if you
believe in yourself. But I do. You won’t die so soon. I am there. Just now I finished Muthu. Why did you do
something like this? Just one. If you had just had one strike This very minute… Now you would have been
the king of this place. You want to believe
that and live. When we take the knife… We never think of the
consequences even once. From the day we touched… We have lost our peace… And our sleep. It’s not a mistake to take
something without knowing. But, when we know it’s
wrong we should leave it. Not just you… Even I know very well… With just a strike on Ravi Brother… I would have been the
king of this place. Which fort? We think and imagine
there is a fort… We raise a flag… And live a dream. I don’t want such a life. Instead a being a
king to a false fort… We can be a slave
in our own house. Where is one’s life determined? Only in their death. What do you think is a
symbol of a good man? The child born for us
fears telling our name? You know who my father is? That should be the
pride of the child. That’s our identity. You know who is true
king of this place? The one in this mosque… The one in this church… Above all the one right one top… and viewing the
drama that we stage… Lord Ganesh! Lord Ganesh! We are all nothing. All those who look upon us… Salute us, greet us… Means they are going to use us. If not today someday you will
understand what I am saying. When you understand… Leave all this and come. I will wait as a
true friend for you. For them to grow… People don’t mind sacrifice
the other person. We have to be careful. After few months… Sir, a favour. Yes? For the first time I going
for a feast with my wife. Can I do the evening
signature tomorrow morning? Why are you hesitating for this? We are helping for criminals. Won’t we help you, whose
keen on mending your ways? Why tomorrow? Do it now. Thanks. Uncle they are here. Amma! Son in law is here. Welcome. Guna! Come, Guna.
– How are you? Welcome. Please come. For the first time you
have come as a couple. We should welcome you
with our tradition. You said you wanted to
be the kind of Trichy… Now we have become
a son in law. You are supposed to laugh. Come now. Take a good snap. Smile!

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