Root Letter: Last Answer – Announcement Trailer | PS4

Root Letter: Last Answer – Announcement Trailer | PS4

Product not yet rated. [MUSIC PLAYING]

57 thoughts on “Root Letter: Last Answer – Announcement Trailer | PS4

  1. oh come on, since i finished the story, i've been waiting for another story in this supposed "collection" of stories and finally we just get the same thing again, but without the lovely art?!

  2. Huh. Never thought that this would ever get localized at all. Between this and the Sonic movie trailer dropping a few hours ago, this day is looking to have a lot of surprises coming our way.

  3. Meh, no thanks, i already have it on my ps vita. Also why should i buy it again with ugly real people when i can play it with anime style waifus?

  4. The presentation of Root Letter is beautiful, the story is somewhat intriguing, but NEVER buy this at full price, wait for a generous sale. It has multiple paths, but replaying it is a chore. Its mystery does not hold its price, if you are into that you should play Ace Attorney or Danganronpa instead. The main music (that you listened to in this trailer) is amazing, but you hear it so often in the game you start disliking it.

  5. I literally just started playing Root Letter yesterday. It had been in my backlog since forever and I was finally getting to it and now this happens. By the way, what is it?

  6. I'd like to play visual novels more so maybe I'll pick this up. I think the only Visual Novel I have played is Doki Doki

  7. So… You can either play it with an anime art style or play it with images of real people? Is this the same as the original that was released before?

  8. I'm just completely mystified that this exists. Not that I complain, though. I'm not the only one, am I?

  9. I feel Like Rayark would've made this buts its by Kadokawa it actually feels cool i'm actually now interested okay then

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