mgahd epic gamer moments… holy fudge 50k oh ok o k “You know what my next video won’t contain any text so other people can subtitle it” Lies……… bad mistake Got that right you epic heckermen we walk into tower now. No way I couldn’t even see that who turned the lights off. you idiot/ o im kinda stupid took you this long xD. e l e v a t o r w o a h v a p o r w a v e t e x t ok famsquad we’re at the top of the tower xD ⁽ᵉⁿᵈ ᵐʸ ᵐᶦˢᵉʳʸ⁾ k yo i get to write my own thing now so by the way uh sub to this boi I guess here the script TAKE IT NOW summoning hostage …. k o god he became edgy oOF leaked SM64 speedrun route actually funny why do i even record these anymore you tell me cheif help me please no vengeful x sonic crossover pt. 1 k then controls are on the bottom right if you’re curious Why would I be AAAAAAAAA!!!!1!!111! b o o m v a p o r w a v e t e x t a g a i n casually jumps off a building yep everyday thing vengeful x sonic crossover pt. 2 SUCK MY DICK FOOL YOU ARE GEY oof i missed so hows the weather? sike u thought “For his neutral special, he wields a gu-” OSHI- GET OVE- this script kinda cool though – editor 1 add me on roblox @enteropathy – editor 1 dummy : MY COMRADES, OH GOD MY COMRADES- dummy : please end my suffering vengeful please it hurts ok lolno dummy : b r u h . . . wait why is it not worki- -“For his neutral special, he wields a gu-” ᵇᵒᵒᵐ wait nvm the script works again come here you piece of sh- dummy : yo wait vengeful i kinda change my mi- ᵒ ᵒ ᶠ dummy 2 : ay vro im still aliv- ok we done with script now dancing.mp4 (only the cool kids will remember this)

98 thoughts on “ROBLOX SCRIPT SHOWCASE: Fallen Anger

  1. Vengeful, I ran into you on the void script game mode and one dude was freaking out in caps lock and I was using the meme script

  2. i'd use it if i dind't get banned for a hacker in the game giving me a script that i dind't know was on me that insta life banned me.

  3. The fact it doesn't use owner.Name is

    cringe :/

    Also helkern didn't fix shit, when I got this from a friend before Zuu got her module logged with it (because I gave it to her), it already was like this l0l

  4. Tommorow my birthday My dream for you b my friend When you write it thank you. Name: mmishka2008

  5. Vengful how do i play the game when i joined it kicked me out of the game pls help comment me im in mobilw

  6. How can I add these scripts to the game?

    If you know, can you tell me if you can add this to admin commands only and how can I do it?

  7. It doesn't work for me… and yes, I replaced ''name'' with my username. It's just not working for me…

  8. At 0:57 theres body poke then GROUND PEW GROUND PEW and another GROUND PEW then music audio starts then dancing

  9. My family life in this world has gone through the years 6th centuries 0 to centuries to have been born with this kind and the most important of all of our life in this world

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