Quilling Letter G – How to Make Teardrop Shape and Confetti – Quilling Tutorial

Quilling Letter G – How to Make Teardrop Shape and Confetti – Quilling Tutorial

Hello, I’m Cecelia Louie of Paper Zen. I
really wanted to show in this case how items can actually spill outside the
letter you can get a little tricky because there isn’t always a set length
where you’re going to be spilling out the way I’ve drawn here or you might
have a different letter so I just want to give this as an example of what you
can do the letter G is similar to the letter C in that it has an inside shape
in my book quilling letters the length of the paper wasn’t long enough to show
this entire strip in one piece it gets joined right there at that corner but
that’s not really a big deal because it’s really easy for you to connect one
two and three on one strip of eight enough well one strip of eleven length
inch lengths of strip so that’s what I’ve done actually so I’ve made one two
and three one strip and then I continue on with four up to eight now if I was
only outlining the letter and let’s just say you had a longer length of paper
than I’m working with what I would do is similar to the letter C I would secure
this strip down and this strip down and then deal with the inside shape then
working your way all around here that should be eating easy enough to slip
glue along underneath these strips and then work your weight backwards that way
but in this case because I’m making these shapes spell out I’ll show you my
methodology and hopefully that’s going to help you these teardrop shapes I
think I saw them first on Yulia bread sky hands work and who doesn’t love you
Leo’s work is very energetic it’s dynamic I just love my EFI’s name begins
with the letter G so I just thought this would be a great time for me to make his
next birthday card and kill two birds with one stone as you well know by now
I don’t like to do the same example twice so in this case I was rummaging
through my drawers and found a card that I had already prepared a while ago and
didn’t end up using it’s already 5 by 7 it’s made out of Stardream metallic
paper cardstock so it was already ready for me to go as blue and sometimes with
quilling it’s hard to do things for guys so I thought this was going to address
quite a few issues so I’m using more boyish kind of colors and hopefully this
will help you generate some ideas for the guys in your life and as usual
you’ll be able to download this 5 by 7 template for free just substitute my
letter using this base line and center line with the letter that you’re
choosing it’s just a little bit offset higher from the bottom so that it just
sits well when you place the card on the table when you’re done
so I’ve already shaped my outline and laid it on top and made sure that my
curves are generally following my outline and as I mentioned so strips 1 2
3 have already been made in one strip and then this is separate from that so
let’s get started with gluing this one down so I’m only going to glue this part
in this part I’m going to let this part hang free until I determine how these
cut through the shape I’m putting glue in a thin layer on this
plastic card and I’m only going to dip just the straight area right now I guess
I uh call it this way in part because it’s just easier when one part of its
glued down and there’s less items hanging in the air that are wet with
glue that might touch my card and accidentally leave some glue there so I
really should let this dry first but what I’m going to do is just move this
guy out of the way it’s not a big deal it’s just a fold it’s very easy for the
paper to come back to where it needs to be and I’m going to test how this strip
is looking now I made sure it was pretty much following my curve so I’m not sure
how if you can tell but it’s actually pretty bang on so I feel really safe in
putting this strip on top of my card and I’m lifting with this hand I’m
lifting this part of the strip so it’s actually not touching the card this is
when you wish that you were an octopus but I’m keeping it in the air and then it’s like watching an episode
of Jacques Cousteau I realize I’m holding my breath so that it doesn’t
disturb my focus it’s quite funny sometimes when you said that back and
realize now sometimes like in this case I did kind of apply my glue puddle a
little thick so I do see a little bit of glue on the edge so that’s not a big
deal I just kind of before it dries I just take my tool and come along and
scrape it off so this part here it can get tricky because I don’t want to have
any of this thing overhang or this to be short I want it to be just right and so
I just put my card up against this edge and so when I when I go to glue this
part it just tucks up and meets up with it so it’s a nice sharp corner so
because it’s kind of hard to get into here and because this is all angular it
should be a lot easier to deal with in this little animal so I feel confident
in gluing up to from here to here so it really depends on how comfortable you
are at your stage of quilling you don’t have to follow what I’m doing to the
letter no pun intended but it just comes down to what you’re comfortable with and so that’s how I get that corner
piece to match up and a lot of times I will rotate my work to make sure it’s
always facing me where I have the best angle of things and because the glue
hasn’t dried I don’t know if you noticed but I actually picked this part up and
it turned that ended up picking up that one it’s not a big deal because it’s not
quite dry yet but you want to place it back down and let the glue set properly
so even though the aleene’s tacky glue is quite thick it still allows me some
workability around that now I’ve already created my shapes so it’s going to be
easy for me to apply that here now so I’ve put all the elements of the letter
on top of the card none of it is glued down just yet it basically allows me to
see do I have the spacing the way I want it to be a lot of times even though I
draw things a certain way it actually doesn’t turn out looking like how it
ended up being in my drawing so just so you know it’s not sometimes the paper
just kind of dictates what it wants to do and I just kind of let it the drawing
is more of a like a general feeling like a like a sketch or a mock-up so just
because it doesn’t look like you’re drawing not a big deal just let the
paper do its own thing and you’ll be fine after I’ve confirmed that all the
pieces fit on the card I transfer them back on to my illustration to kind of
use it as a parking spot until I’m ready to glue them back here and I remember oh
yeah that was in that area so I’ll be tackling the sky first right off with
the largest piece in the design and work my way around it I’m going to fast
forward the filming here to save you time but you can still see what pieces I
work with next I tend to tackle small pieces or pieces in your corners last if
I do need to fudge here and there it’s easier to do that with a small piece you
see even though you plan plan sometimes the pieces get glued down
a little differently than I imagined but no one else knows so you and me need
to stop critiquing it so harshly right so even though this shape here this
purple one isn’t glued down I put it in its place so that I have something to
eyeball when I’m placing this one so now it’s time to measure the
remaining stroke and I’m just going to pinch where I see it from above and it
might not be exact that’s okay I’m going to leave it being a little longer so
there’s this part here that will be missing from this stroke so in other
words what I did was I cut more like around this area so that I have a lot
left over and not under because I can’t lengthen this strip so I know I can
better tell when it’s such a long strip to cut its little interfering so this
way I can measure it again and again and be more precise as I go so I think
that’s pretty much where I want it to be I’m going to apply some glue right
around here close to the edge and then as I applied this trip I
realized this guy didn’t quite make it to the card not a big deal because this
is what I tend to do I’m just going to lift it up slide it on top of the glue
reapply and glue it down again it might seem tedious but it’s the
only way to make sure you’ve got the exact length measure measure measure
snip snip snip that’s just how it goes now in this case I’m not going to glue
the entire length I’m going to attach this corner following my score line
because it it’s kind of hard when there’s nothing to help anchor this
curve so I find it’s better to just work section by section instead before your
glue puddle dries it’s good to use the last bit of it to secure these ends and
make the overall design stronger so after making the letter I felt that the
strip’s kind of blended in with the background not blended in but I just
wanted the letter to pop a bit more so I’m using brilliance dewdrop platinum
planet is the ink color it’s just an ink pad that I plan on dabbing on just the
surface of these letters too just to make the top surface pop right off the
page and it kind of goes with the metallic paper in the background and
kind of highlights all these edges and just gives it an extra wow factor when
someone looks at it they kind of wonder how did you get just that line on top to
be so effervescent so now it pops right off the page and
when you view it from the side it still has the usual kind of color but that’s
kind of fun right now these are confetti pieces that I plan on putting around it
and let’s quickly show you how to make those I just arbitrarily took a length
maybe about an inch long and coiling it around my crochet hook that’s how I
create those shapes now to create these teardrop shapes I’m going to soften my
strip into an S and then one of these ends I’m going to tear so and the reason
why I want to tear it is because I want the joint to be a lot more smooth and
transition nicely so now I’m going to rub one section and now it kind of
curves into itself and so because I toward this end when I go to join it
with glue it’s going to be smoother and that’s how I create a teardrop shape
and if you’re wondering about this scroll here I actually don’t know the
official name of it where there’s that typical loose scroll and then another
one kind of spooning it and so I don’t know the actual term for it but maybe
someone can leave a comment below and tell me what the official name of it is
maybe I think it’s a double scroll or something anyway I just thought it would
be kind of fun to at least include some quilt coils so after you create a
typical loose scroll I tear one end and soften it and get it to mimic and find
the length I want about there and then tear this end make sure it’s matching up nicely I’ve seen some examples where people
show what they do is they have it kind of doubled up where they do that and
then they start quilling from there and adjusting I just find I didn’t like the
extra bulk in there so I just kind of do it this way you I’m sure whichever way
you decide to use it it’s going to turn out great anyway so I just basically
determined how much distance I want from these two coils and hold it in place I
sometimes use the length of my needle tool just to burnish and get a good seam
so that’s how I create that shape if you enjoyed this video I hope you’ll give it
a thumbs up or leave me some comments I’d love to hear from you thanks

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing this video, Cecelia! I love learning different ways to do stuff I already do – especially when it's going to make what I already do look BETTER. Loved the glue on the credit card suggestion (I tend to use my needle tool to apply that thin edge of glue on the under side of the strip – but your way would minimize the tendency to get too MUCH glue in a single spot!) and loved learning your technique in creating the pretty scroll. So smart! Bless you for sharing your talents and abilities, kind soul 🙂 Deb Booth, DifferentLightStudio.com

  2. What kind of paper strips do you use. I purchased some from Amazon and to me they seem very thin and like cheap paper

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    I checked the details there is no link for that

  6. just an honest opinion. it deforms the original shape of the letter with the choice of ur decor… and yes… the letter blended with the background

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