Quand ils font de la pub – Palmashow

Quand ils font de la pub – Palmashow

So I think it’s a good thing that we are having coffee before the big meeting, huh to set out the first ideas. I don’t know what you are thinking about it JB? I agree Ludo, I agree, I agree… So with Ludo we did a conf call about the product… we did a whole recog to find the market axis. exactly and then 2 or 3 PPT to prepare the PPM I think we found THE great idea. Yes so the main words are sweet, aestheticism, intelligence, and strength. I didn’t understand, Explain to me. We had at first this idea. *fifty five* *slight* *delicate* *fat-free* *derinded* The new Matranche, Paris It’s… ‘concept’ huh… Yes but there it’s not a perfume commercial! It’s a ham commercial! So I would like that the jerks, the customers, the… Viewers. The viewers understand! They need to recognize themselves in the product! Yes, well, we have got an idea for this too Yes yes yes of course! Imagine 4 men… Then Michel, did you assured your new car? Don’t speak about it, it was closed. Oh? Why? Because I bought some ham! So what? Well, I ate it! It was good? Oh yes, hmm It was some Matranche. Matranche? So good! What is Matranche? Oh the other one, he doesn’t know Matranche! Tududut tududut!!! So good ham! Derinded! Salt-free! Derinded! 5 including one free! Wow! Tududut tududut!!! Squeek derinded! Tududut tududut!!! Oh! Matranche! Derinded! Wow! TUDUDUT!!! OHHH!!! Matranche! Derinded!! Matranche! [jingle] No, listen, I prefer that there is only one comedian. Yes, well, that is good! Take… A technician… No problem, we will take care of it Hello, I am Olivier from Carcasse You know, this customer, he had an impact about the size of a 2€ coin on his windshield. Fortunately we applied our ham, otherwise… Crack! Look at it. No no no no no! Forget the comedians, I don’t want comedian! Okay? I want something clear! Huh? That the morons, the… Viewers. The viewers! Yes yes yes yes yes! Well… We have that… We have that? We have that! Go back in time and live again the best moments of ham of your childhood. Collect beautiful pieces of ham. With its water pearls and its good smell when we open the packet The number 1, the rind and its fascicle Only 23€ at your news agent. Alpaga Just needs to plan isothermal envelopes, huh… It is super! Here is your gold! So join them! Send us your gold and we advertise you! Some good advertising. Some very good advertising! You just have to send us your gold to the address which displays. And we advertise you as soon as possible. Some good advertising. It really works! They are a pain in the ass with their commercial there! In any case it’s useless! Down! Down Gugu!

100 thoughts on “Quand ils font de la pub – Palmashow

  1. Je viens de réaliser que le son du cochon à la fin c est le son des cochons dans Age of Mythologie, des génies jusqu'au bout !

  2. Je trouve la comédienne très bonne.
    Pourrais-je avoir son nom ?
    Je suis producteur et je suis prêt à la recevoir dans ma chambre d'hôtel pour discuter et signer un contrat avec elle.

  3. C'est qui les 4 mecs dans la voiture s'il vous plait ? Y'en a un je le vois partout mais je sais jamais qui sais (celui a l'arriere cheveux noir)

  4. Parfois tu parles a des gens , tu crois que c'est les bons gens mais en faite c'est pas les bons gens (jambon ) Comprendra qui pourra xD

  5. Comment s'apelle l'acteur de la scene finale avec le cochon autour de la table, je cherche partout je trouve pas merci

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