Promoting Your Self Published Books with Book Brush

19 thoughts on “Promoting Your Self Published Books with Book Brush

  1. I have yet to use it. I signed up, all ready to try it out and turns out I didn't put the files to my latest book covers on my NAS so I can't access it yet. I can't wait!!!

  2. Thank you so much for this, Dale! I have never heard of this website before. I made an account and tried it out and I really like it so far. I decided to go ahead and get the plus plan. Looking forward to playing around with different ideas.

  3. Have you tried Book Brush yet? What are your thoughts about it? What are other ways you make images for promoting your book?
    Find out these other viable options for promoting your self published book:

  4. Dude this looks pretty cool! I’m gonna check this out for my eBook covers and and ads.

    …wondering if this is good to use for YouTube thumbnails

  5. Hey, I have two questions.
    I will be very much grateful, if you answer those.
    1. Like for kindle book, to check Profitability we see BSR rank.
    It is generally said that if kindle ebook has better than 100,000 rank then it is a profitable market.
    But what about paperback books, how to check their Profitability ?

    2. What is the relevance of number of pages in a book ?
    If in my particular niche, everyone's book has minimum of 80 pages, then will I be able to defeat them if I had less than 80 pages, lets say 50 or 60 ?

  6. I love book brush I made a couple of trailers for my book. It helped out so much when I was promoting my book.

  7. I am still so confused. I need to click on the video that I understand. I posted something on your FB group. Somebody, please help!!!

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