Process Video Using the Four Section System – Soccer Tournament

Process Video Using the Four Section System – Soccer Tournament

Hi, I’m Leah, and I’m going to be showing you
my process from the start — from start to end. So, first I’m going to be picking out photos. I tend to pick out photos as a batch so I have like three or four options of what layout to work on and so I’m going to be picking out
photos for several layouts. I have them organized in totally-tiffany fab files a lot like chronological sections — like “After College”. and then I’m
pulling out some college photos and I’ll pull out some high school photos I like working on pages that are
from different time spans because my albums are mostly chronological (at least
in chunks) and if I make layouts around the same time they tend to look similar and I want the most similar looking layouts spread out across different albums plus I seem to be inspired by different photos from different time periods it’s sort of more fun this way — and that one came with some
journaling because previously I’d printed the photo and written down the story that one I just pulled out is the one I’ll be working with today but I’m gonna pull out one more photo and then I’m gonna pick out backgrounds for all of
them. I think what inspired me to do this layout — when I was watching a Shimelle Lane
video from her “Ready Set Scrapbook” class and the one of the three process videos was
of a single photo on some really fancy paper and the idea was that you don’t want to
save the supplies that you like the most — you should use them right now. which is something everybody says but it was very practical because was like here is a layout that you can use and you can mostly see your very fancy paper and I immediately thought of these kraft card stocks I have these four that have
different gold foil and then that one with the black raised dots and I also have this pad of embossed kraft and so I picked one — the gold on kraft and then I’m gonna pick up different ones for the other photos. Most of them are going to end up being foiled although I tried to love the embossed cardstock okay we’re using the quadrefoil gold foil on kraft this is so fancy it comes in packaging unlike every other kind of paper. I believe this was a bazzil basics and so I’m putting the photo where it’s gonna be in the sketch — it’s about a third of the way up from the bottom in her layout and I have this one on the left because everybody’s facing to the
right I’m making a sketch; I’m not sure how well you can actually see that but so I have a sketch of the photo and then there’s gonna be something behind it and there would be a title to the right like the whole box around it and then some embellishment on the upper left-hand corner and then some
journaling below the photo those are three areas and like the
thing you can do with the sketch is to swap up the journaling versus the title
versus the embellishments and so I’ve stuck the journaling draft I have there
so that I kind of know how much journaling was gonna be there and like
if it’s a little bit lighter than like it should work out okay I think that’s
like not a totally unreasonable amount of writing to put on this sketch and so
now I’m gonna be picking out more twelve by twelve papers just as most I don’t
have that many paper scraps yet most of them are either are twelve by twelve
right now or are six by six so I’m considering what to map the photo on and
I’m considering what is going to go on that full width panel behind it and so
I’m considering I believe red and navy are the colors I’ll be considering
throughout so it’s gonna be like crafting gold and red and navy which i
think is a really pretty color scheme and so by twelve a total papers are also
in totally-tiffany five files just the big version and so I’m going through
this is the red through green section multicolored and yellow through orange
two pink are in a different one and my neutrals don’t currently have a box so
I’ve gone back to the blue section and pulled out a navy I think we’re gonna
make probably will consider a few more in ATS or Navy ish
colors to see how they coordinate I’m also going to be using gray as a second
second neutral in here but a relatively light gray not the sort of dark blue II
gray that I was going out there I was also considering green because there’s a
lot of green in the full doe photo but I don’t really have a green that I like
with this even though that green was a pretty good match for the grass so I I’m
gonna pick out embellishments now so all those like smaller things 6×6 paper and
smaller I know there’s some told I told paper in there but I’m not using any of
it today so this is the this is everything that’s themed I sent my stuff
either into there into rainbow by color or based on like the pictures or words
as to what it means and so we look past animals and books and celebration and
now we’re looking at the feelings section this is where I stick sort of
these since there’s general who live do like express explicitly negative things
or like sort of encouraging because things are going poorly things in
scrapbooking I put all those together under feelings along with things that I
have some other like they seem like feelings to me and I’m looking at
friends now because this is like I was playing in a soccer tournament with
friends in high school and so I’m looking at I have examples of some
stamps I have a lot of project life cards and I have some stickers when I do
twelve by twelve layouts I used way more stickers than project life cards so I
need to do some more pocket scrap with to use those up so that we that was me
pulling out I have some sports team stickers in games I’m taking good health
because this was exercise was all running around home and then flipping
back past travel all the way to the calendar which is where I keep things
that are sort of outdoorsy hiking theme and also weather related and this was
clearly a sunny day so I figured I could pull out the sunny sunshiny stickers to
see if those would be a match so I grabbed a project life card I probably
to cut that up Tuesday on the layout and the stickers and I’m checking this
was from the end of June so I’m gonna see if I can get some summer themed
things so things that say June preferably so that some stickers there I
think I also consider that project life card it says June and then that’s all
for themed stuff like I’ll probably flip through the back of the calendar but
that’s it and next so this this binder because it
doesn’t fit in my mini scrap rack more from Turner with totally-tiffany so I’ll
put the themes behind your back and I’m gonna pull my craft binder which is the
like three-spined air version of the scrap rack and this is where I keep my
alphabets and numbers and then neutral starting with metallics so I’m gonna be
pulling some gold stuff since there’s gold foil on the background I figure
more gold foil goes and so I pulled some sequins which I’m excited to use because
I have it I just got those recently I didn’t previously have sequins also
anything that seems like gold foiled but not spread Cleo oh this is all so
exciting so I also recently got gold foiled
vellum and 6×6 and so I’m picking out one of those to use and I so I pull out
the Chevron I think it’ll well with the Quadra foil things I’m looking for some
soft gray and then I think I had some I think I pulled some soft gray stickers
from the feelings section they was there like from the Ally Edwards brave story
kit and so I’m looking for a similar grades and also raise the other dark
grades that will go out with Navy I’m also gonna need a place to write so I’m
pulling out some options for that I said not to use wood veneer because I’d be
just too much with the craft because they’re different very neutral Browns
don’t want the cork also too close to the craft like very similar
yet different I think this is where I get my journaling lines from yeah I look
at the bold stripe but on the left over there I’m also gonna pull out that
narrower straight so I’m also I’m adding a dark brown so I have two tone they
have craft I have the dark chocolatey Brown I have a relatively bright red and
then the Navy and then gold so for America colors in this layout
although I guess thought not like super a time before trying to keep it to a
like relatively narrow color scheme I’m checking in Riblet room I put the
multicolor stuff at the beginning of the rainbow rather than the end because I
want to look at it all the time to see that coordinates where the color scheme
I’m actually using and then I flip past yellow orange and pink to red
I have tabs on the edge to make it possible to figure out where the next
section is even though you can’t really turn the pages by the tab I pulled out
some washi tape I keep my skinny I should tape in the rainbow thicker washi
tape so you have to just leave a stamp all cuz they they don’t fit in the
pockets and so I’m looking at I have so I got some 6×6 pads of paper and so I
have a fair amount of blue and red 6×6 paper like that seems to be the most
common color especially if you include aqua in with blue I have a fair number
of everything that’s a piece of a tag that I saved that’s maybe considering
whether that transparency it might work on the cardstock or the vellum looking
at everything I that’s maybe I’m gonna pick some relatively plain Navy things also the Navy in red since I did that
since Navy and red is the post-game I’m using here I think those came from I got
those pretty recently they came there’s like some kind of sort of patriotic
looking those of us pulling out my pop that’s my off-brand potlucks so a lot of
this Navy is coming for about six by six pads are coming from this like vaguely
patriotic one that has like Buffalo’s one of the other sheets but
also a lot of like denim and florals so now I’m picking out stamps and so I have
my stamps in a 4×6 totally-tiffany table file this video is not sponsored and so
I’m pulling out any stamps that I think might have relevance sentiments like I
do index them in the scrap rack but there’s so many sentiments on each one
that like it’s easier for me to look through a single box of stamps and pull
out the ones that I know could work and so I have Ellie Edwards braid story
stamp I’m you also using Ellie Edwards black but black bean ink that’s just the
black one I also have her craft by the dairy this one is first one was brave
this one is friends and then I also have this is a very like I will head wears
this when it’s project life it’s from I don’t where I got it it was just like in
some store but it has well I picked it out because it has a lot of it might be
one little bird it has a lot of labels like sort of the outlines of label they
didn’t have any label stamps before so now I have some label stamps and it also
comes with like some little reading so I figured maybe I could breathe be like
how good the tournament was and stars and how much fun it was to hang out with
friends and hearts and I also just got the center of banner stamps so I’m
excited about fishtail banners so I figured I’d I might end up using that in
money at the base of the embellishment cluster so I’m gonna I don’t actually
end up using any of those stamps but I wanted to show you the entire process
I’m trying out this thing where I stamp a bunch of the stamps into this sort of
like peach kit stamp index of like these are things would be relatively relevant
to this topic but I don’t actually use any of them it works better on the
preview I did a previous page that I also did the stamp index for and it
worked really well I used like three different relevant stamps that were from
three different stamp sets and I felt really good about utilizing my stamps
and then I feel like the the foil background on this page combined with
the neutral being a navy lega there wasn’t there wasn’t a lot of
places for me to stamp and like I had some little stamps that might have sit
in between the Quadra foils like there’s a little we are
from the friends stamp but this isn’t just didn’t line up with the rest of the
how the page went so mostly I’m using my stamps to stamp index pages topical news
pages for the for the layout yeah I think I’m really bad at matting photos I
tried really hard to sort of get those edges even because I wanted a little bit
of a white border around that and I’m gonna pop this up on pop dots
usually like if I pop up anything on a layout it’s the photo because I figure
the photo is like the most important thing on the way out like there’s the
journaling but that’s like and sort of a I tend to write small so it’s like an
optional detail okay so I have the paper cutter out I’m sorting it so I pulled
out that big pile of stuff most of it is not gonna end up on the layout someday
I’m going to learn not to pull out way more stuff something gonna use can I’m
gonna have to put it back again let’s so I pulled out basically everything that
might be relevant I’m choosing between the Navy and the red as the a background
strip I want to use that bright red do your best card because like you know do
your best in the tournement it seems like extremely topical and so
then I need the Navy so that the red doesn’t like really sink in the
background as well like Navy with the crafts and like you the three in the
Navy and then the green in them that her bright red uniform sort of I think I’ll
go out really well together this is a gold foil and white card that I was
trying out so I try to try a bunch of like project life cards to the right as
like especially the ones with big texts this one can be like the title and well
I’m fiddling with that I’m cutting down some of the vellum to be sort of an
inside stripe bringing the gold to the front one of the things I didn’t notice
here while I was doing it is that so I meant to do have the this Navy cardstock
has two sides it has one with dots and one with that’s right there I wanted to
grab that clip that I’ve been trying to use forever it says oh what fun is
christmas-themed I don’t do much Christmas scrapbooking but it can also
be used stark a Stickley which is what I was doing here because this was not the
little bit you know overwhelming soccer I’d not totally know how to play soccer
before playing in this very casual tournament but so I wanted the then that
maybe cards flag is printed it’s printed on both sides one side has a polka dot
and one side has another Quadra foil I meant to put it on the polka dot side
just so it’s not exactly the same pattern in a different scale but it
ended I ended up noticing it when I put the adhesive on it and it was fun like I
put the adhesive on the bad inside and I was like oh well I guess I’m quite a
foil side is going up so I’m separating the photo some more from the Navy I gave
it some Brown I meant to put leave the brown over there to put the title on but
I failed to do so so I’m also matting it with a little bit
of red now just like adding more layers to make
the other if you notice the pause after that first strength adhesive which is
when I noticed that I was going to meet while your royal side up this is me
realizing that if I put the photo not centered but to the west as I had
intended I do not have I did not have not cut enough fella so I decided to cut
another strip because I’m trying not to be too precious about the vellum and so
I’m going to use one chunk – but I already cut to the left and then I’ll
use the remainder this new cap thing I’m cutting is going to be to the right I
insert my mate in half my time I eat and a half cutter I would not recommend it
don’t like how the blade lines up bit like much much harder to cut very small
amounts but the six inch one is excellent and so I swapped over when I
realized this was small enough to do on the 6 inch cutter which works
beautifully and so I’m setting up I’m trying to figure out I’m filling with a
sponge I’m trying to figure out how do I want my red and gray and navy on top of
the gold foil but not too much red because that I have this tournament
stickers I’m going to use part of my title soccer tournaments I go
for very direct titles generally and so I’ve got a little bit of normals from
the cluster on the upper left with the that maybe washi tape sticker that was a
great AG and the read everyday bravery and then to the right I’m trying to
figure out how I want to combine things and I’m thinking I want to have some
more red so the tournament is not alone actually
really like the red on the edge of that label that’s red I pulled off one of
those dark red stickers those are from Le Edwards I think it’s a reflect story
kit from December 2016 2017 anyway so what I want to remember most is what I
put on in the middle of the journaling so I have like some space to say what
happened and then at the end to be a little bit more reflective I also use
some of those are more general like some of the other stickers on there are like
not journaling prompts but it is sort of like more general like words or phrases
and so I just took a couple of those elsewhere on the layouts to bring that
same moon read this is me trying so like I’m pretending that I have 12-inch
elements that have six-inch vellum and it took awhile to find something that
was a straight edge that would hold still as I try to line up the vellum
this worked remarkably well so everyday bravery was a chipboard sticker but if
you peel and stick it off of wax paper chip boards are pretty delicate and so
often you lose the back layer and a little bit thinner not a huge deal ah
and now because I stick adhesive near the edges so like my edges to stick down
I have trouble sticking things under them like the Navy watching although
that went to me well and so at this point because I I can stick I can really
stick the vellum down when it’s underneath something so I underneath the
photo I figured if I moved it up a little bit so it was slightly under the
clip it would help the vellum stay flat I like it when things like that I’m
trying to do with this there’s a space it’s awkward space between the everyd
bravery chipboard and the little like oh what fun clip and so I tried punching
circles which is my first option for how to fill in an awkward space and most
like very neutral way it took me a few tries eventually I did use that that
last circle in brown then I cut I’m trying to use as I try to use a second
sticker from the sports themed ones trying out some stickers from the
feelings themed ones the sort of things aren’t going super well I thought I
think I’m using managed to use two two of those gray stickers that I’ve had for
quite a while I’m trying to I want to use these red stickers because that red
picks up the red of the tournament sticker I want to just like sense
tournament that I have on that red label so I’m happy that these Reds that are
from completely different sets completely different manufacturers still
coordinate pretty well with each other and the first shirt
and so I have the bright red the dark red the craft and then the dark
chocolate brown and I have a navy and the photo is lots of green although
there’s no green elsewhere on the layout and so I pulled out those but I noticed
those gold foil stickers and so I got remember up at the top and the that’s a
chip wood cigarettes pretty delicate so having people it off the every time when
packaging and stuck it to the wax paper means that it was new I had to try to do
some surgery on it to pull it back together I poked through my letter
stickers and found some needy ones these are from Ally Edwards I was very lucky
that I had enough letters to spell soccer and I put them down incorrectly
so this is me trying again trying to get some maybe straight I’m not really good
at getting things super straight I decided that I don’t care that soccer is
running off the edge of the label you can still read it just fine on the gold
foil vellum and then I put June 2007 on top of it which is when this photo is
from because I like not scrapland supercar logically I like putting the
date pretty big and that’s another there’s a gold foil chipboard hello from
the same set as the remember I trimmed it off a bit to make it fit so
hello June 2007 soccer tournament is I guess my full title I’m oh so the
because I got glue on something underneath it
the photo was getting a little bit like stick getting stuck to the paper
underneath it instead of staying up with the pop dots and so I was just making
that fixing that I’m putting down some gold sequins oh those ones I was so
excited about I picked the medium and the small side sizes and I’m using so
this is the the pink roller is the permanent thoughts adhesive from combo
as opposed to the blue one which is the permanent just like tape one that’s
solid and then I like that’s one cuz you can get it even on little things like
sequins you can get like a couple little diamonds and the sticky stuff on them
and that’s like enough for something small like that I’m also on plant I’m
trying to use up my bubbly tombow adhesive first because I like the pink
ones better so I’m just going to switch over to only getting pink really refills
once I finish off this last set of blue and that’s the completed layout I’m
actually super happy about this layout this is my favorite layout that I’ve
done so far and like a couple years of scrapbooking
I’m really glad with how happy with how it came together and how I got to pull
lots like just about every element of this page came from a different kit a
different pad of paper and it’s like I did the journaling a while ago and that
worked out well I got to reflect a bit more because I didn’t have to think as
much about the details I like how the page is balanced I like that there’s not
a ton of embellishment like I’ve been trying more layers because I’ve been
imitating glitter girl but that sometimes looks like too much and now
this is like just enough layers and just enough embellishments and I got to use
lots of shiny stuff and it’s not super overwhelming I guess maybe you could say
that gold foil and a summer soccer tournament don’t really go together but
I really like the gold and I don’t think it hurts the Sakura photo at all
so the goal of this video is to sort of show you the things that are different
about my process that I use the scrap rack the for section system from
totally-tiffany that I use a craft finder instead of a full scrap rack and
that I spend the time to tear every paper pad apart into the rainbow and
also to separate all of my stickers by theme or by rainbow depending on how
general they seem and I don’t have a ton of stuff I think you so basically saw
every piece of paper and every sticker that I have other than the pink and
yellow 12 by 12 but because I have less that means that I can actually spend
this I can spend more time organizing it so that I can pull it out when it’s as
soon as it’s relevant which is made these things embellishment clusters
super fun thank you for watching for like a whole half hour

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  1. I would love to see a video in more details of your four section system on the binders…. thank you for sharing

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