Print Invitations-How To Print Wedding Invitations At Home

Print Invitations-How To Print Wedding Invitations At Home

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  1. If you want to print both sides–the front side being the invitation, the back side the photo. Keep in mind the quality of the paper will affect the printed result. But yes, it can be done quite easily.
    Print the front side of your card, as shown in the video then turn the card over & re-load it into your printer. Go back to your document template & replace the wording with your photo. Send to print. It should print on the back side of your card, the wording on one side, the photo on the other.

  2. Thank you for the video. Im making my sons birthday invitations this year and i wanted to print out the event details instead of stamping or writing them out, This video will defiantly be a big help 🙂

  3. 6 1/2 x 10 is a non-standard size & may not pre-programmed into OpenOffice / print driver. Input the custom document size of 6.5 x 10 in Writer & your print driver. Writer setup is similar to Word so follow the video for setting up a custom paper size in your print driver. You'll be using the size of 6.5 x 10, not the dimensions shown in the video. A properly sized document in OpenOffice Writer and proper paper size dimensions in your print driver should be all you need to print your cards.

  4. This is SUPER helpful! I've always been afraid of printing on anything but 8×11 sized paper :S We just bought a set of "print-your-own" invitations, and I was nervous about how to do it. This tutorial makes it sound SO easy – but we'll see how they actually turn out :S Thanks for uploading!

  5. Hi this is the first time I am going to do anything like these, your video was very helpful. I understood these process. Thanks again for posting these.

  6. This is a best video I've ever seen on how to print invitations.  Everyone else just show you paper but not how to format the wording or even how to set your printer.  I think what's on the paper is the most important part.

  7. Thank you so much. I have never been able to print on anything but regular cardstock size. This is so helpful.

  8. How do you print on a bottom loading printer. When I print on my invitation it's not aligned correctly. It doesn't print center on the invitation I'm at my wits end. Can anyone help me.

  9. Hi Josh, I do not have Microsoft on my laptop can I still use this, I don't have my new printer yet so I can't try it out to find out.  Regards  Rita

  10. I was off and printing in less than 5 minutes! I started without any idea on how to get Eagle Court of Honor invitations printed. Done! Thank you – thank you!

  11. How do I print on blank invitations with an embroidery at the top it. Do I need to start half way down the page…please help me. This tutorial was very helpful though

  12. OMG ! What a lifesaver. Who would have thought printing invitations would be so easy? Thank you for sharing your video, it was very helpful

  13. How do you print on a bottom loading printer. When I print on my invitation it's not aligned correctly. It doesn't print center on the invitation. – Did anyone answer Toni? I am having the same issue.

  14. My invitations are printing crooked for some reason. The guards are aligned to keep the card straight, but they keep coming out crooked. Any idea why?

  15. great video. you can buy already made invitation and just print at home

  16. Thank you so much the video. Unfortunately, my printer continues to make the same mistake. I am not sure what I am doing wrong.

  17. I do have invitations for a gathering that just need to print the details on such time, place.
    The card is alredy been printed like this:
    An invitation to…………….
    I need to print out the gaps Does any one knows how to ?
    Thank you so much

  18. I’m trying to make wedding invitations and want to make the “invitation part “ I want to make it 5×7. But I don’t have Microsoft Word i have open office where would the page set up at? And I would like to print two invitations on one page can you help with that?

  19. This showed up for me because I like to set up invitations to play for the kids! But – super helpful for our next birthday party!

  20. you are very detailed. thank you for sharing your time for us and taught us how to do it. God bless your life even more 🙂

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