Preschoolers Learning to Write with ABC Letter Tracing

Preschoolers Learning to Write with ABC Letter Tracing

Hello and welcome to another demo On an educational app My name is Justin and I do reviews and Demos on educational apps that you Can see on my website Please go to my site and like our Facebook page, our Google+ page and Follow us on Twitter so you can stay Connected with our most recent reviews. Thank you and lets get started on this demo The educational app I am going to demo Today is called ABC Letter Tracing The ABC Letter Tracing app is designed to
help Your preschooler practice writing all the Letters in the Alphabet This app is designed for an iPhone but Can be used on an iPad because of the high Quality resolution when you expand the window
size When you touch the next letter on the Screen it moves ahead in the alphabet and a voice says the letter so your Child can learn which letter they are tracing The app provides a dotted outline for letters So your child can practice Writing in both Upper and lower case Your preschooler simply traces the letter
with Their finger and they have the option to Erase what they traced to practice the letter Again or they can move to the next letter I recommend you downloading this Free Educational app for both your iPhone and iPad so your child can continue to engage
with The letters to help improve letter recognition
and To work on Developing writing skills I hope this demo was helpful and please subscribe
to our Youtube Channel Thanks and Have a Great Day!

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  1. this is great but is there a way you can make your videos more kid friendly meaning adding songs and colorful instructions. Anything that will keep a pre-k's attention….thank you for this video and app

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