Practical Penmanship: Zen of the Pen

Practical Penmanship: Zen of the Pen

hi friends so in this week’s episode
we’re talking about the Zen of the pen journaling became a staple in my morning
routine several years ago the act is so integral to my morning routine now that
I’ll forget to brush my teeth before I forget the journal not that I ever
forget to brush my teeth it is genuinely the most important ritual I have ever
embraced it not only brings me peace but it also reminds me and gives me purpose
and if you think you don’t have time well make time I highly recommend
journaling first thing in the morning to anyone looking for a little bit more zen
in their life picking up a pen and asking myself what do I want it is how I
keep my dreams alive it’s a way for me to know exactly what it is I want to
manifest whether in that day in this week or in a month a year my life and it
makes what I’m going after each and every single day crystal clear if you do
this every single day write out what it is that you are after what it is that
you want to manifest in your life you’re going to find yourself extremely
motivated each day you wake and so if you’re somebody who’s not quite sure
what you would like to manifest in your life simply start by writing what do I
want on the top of your paper and have that conversation with yourself one of my favorite sayings or quotes
I’m not quite sure if anyone said it first goes like this the more you’re
grateful for the more you’ll be given to be grateful there is so much to be
appreciated for in each one of our lives we all have the most unique blessings
and it’s important that we acknowledge them I was speaking with one of my
incarcerated participants recently and he was telling me about this condition
that he has it’s a heart condition and and at any given moment his heart could stop
beating and the only way to combat this is they use some electronic device that
they actually install into your chest and it’s hooked up to your heart heart
on this side and what happens is if the heart were to ever give out it gives it
a little shock so that it continues to beat and I believe they call it a
pacemaker but this individual was telling me how he thanks God every
single day that he went to prison because if he hadn’t gone to prison one
he would have never known that he had this condition and two he would have
never had the money to buy that electronic device to attach to his heart
and he says he would most likely be dead by now if he hadn’t gone to prison and
so he is extremely grateful for that so in each one of our lives we can find
things to be genuinely grateful for and so maybe you’re like me and you don’t
know what to write when you want to express some gratitude so just start off
really simple I’m grateful for my hands I’m grateful for my peach I’m grateful
for wet grass I’m grateful for Mother Earth my family my sister laughter just
expressing a little bit of gratitude in your day can make a world of difference
in your mood sometimes there just isn’t anything to
say and that’s absolutely okay you can still use the pen to find a little bit
of Zen I often use whole arm movement and muscular movement drills in order to
create a meditative state through the pen and this exercise can be extremely
enjoyable being extremely mindful of all of the little details that take place in
this movement the placement of my arm the activation of certain muscles the
movement the breathing that coincides with the movement all of these little
details turn the whole arm drills and the muscular movement drills into an
incredibly mindful exercise and you can find a whole ton of Zen through this it can
be a little challenging at first as with any other type of meditation but as you
practice you will get to see yourself grow through this process it is a great
exercise to ground yourself in the present moment and it will also improve
your handwriting in the long run peace and penmanship progress in one setting
now that’s practical we’ve ever been going along minding your
own business and all of a sudden you’re attacked by this horribly negative thought maybe
you’re driving and it’s the thought of car accident maybe you’re having some dinner
and you imagine yourself choking maybe you’re walking through
your school quad and your worst nightmare came true when you stepped
over the ledge and didn’t lift your foot high enough and stumbled and fell on
your face in front of everyone but of course to just imagine whatever
the thought is I know you know that I know that you know what I’m talking about because it happens to
us so sitting down and having a conversation with self through the
pen is a way of shaping this inner dialogue and tailoring it to the
experience you want to have today without even thinking of it when I sit
down to journal almost every single day the first thing that I write is wow what
a beautiful day or another beautiful day or isn’t it such a beautiful day and even
if in that moment I don’t exactly know why it is I have trained myself to
subconsciously emit that thought so I don’t have to think about it it just
happens it comes out the same way that negative thought pops into your head
I’ve created this positive thought that will pop into my head and I’ve done it
through writing and I’ve done it by writing it over and over and over for
months now and so since I’m attracting this positive thought first thing in the
morning I’m not as often bothered by these negative thoughts when they pop
into my head throughout the day and when it does happen because we can’t control
these thoughts that pop into our head so when it does happen I just laugh it off
and say but it’s a beautiful day and so I really want to encourage you to take
the time out of your day to sit down and have a conversation with yourself
through the paper it’s truly an incredible ability that we as humans
have to sit down and articulate our thoughts in this way that physically
manifests instantaneously on the page so friends I want to thank you all for
tuning in today I hope you have enjoyed today’s content and do let me know in
the comment section below if you go out and experience a little bit of Zen
through your pen tonight I hope to see you all next week in the next practical
penmanship episode thank you for tuning in you guys know what to do
take care

5 thoughts on “Practical Penmanship: Zen of the Pen

  1. Thank you so much for making this video! I could never voice into words why I thought writing was and is a meditation. You've done it flawlessly in this video! You have a new subscriber, and please continue the wonderful, lovely, and inspiring content.

  2. Thank-you for your video. I have kept a journal off and on over the years and was initially inspired by Natalie Goldberg's "Writing Down the Bones," using writing as a Zen meditation practice. A few years ago I was cleaning out my basement and found several boxes of journals from many years. I donated them all to the recycling bin, that was so freeing. Now as I finish a journal, I put it in the recycling bin and let it go.

    I have not written in my journal since last spring (6-months ago) and your video was a nice reminder to start up again. Given these political times in America, I have been rededicating myself to my meditation and other spiritual practices. For Gandhi, Satyagraha was first and foremost a spiritual practice and secondly a practical method of social change. Writing has been a part of my meditation practices and one I have been feeling called back to. Watching your video helped. Again, thank-you.

  3. This is a channel you can be proud of. Quality videos, beautifully made. Like your journals, you’ll be able to look back to these videos with satisfaction.

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