Practical Penmanship: Ambidexterity

12 thoughts on “Practical Penmanship: Ambidexterity

  1. 6 Steps to Becoming Ambidextrous:
    Keep the long term in mind if you're embracing the practice.

  2. How would you apply this to classwork, note taking, and studying?
    Would you suggest taking notes in class with my left hand? Or rewriting them with my left hand, or is the process of learning to write ambidextrously enough to boost my retention?

  3. That 'd' in 'backwards' was mind blowing for some minutes, I just can't get that it's a 'd' not a 'b'… thanks for the thoughts on ambidexterity, I've been thinking about this kind of stuff, juggling or doing pen spinning tricks in both hands (juggling 2 balls in one hand, clockwise or anti-clockwise); even tried some time ago to write with my non dominant hand, now I'll start again. It's a blessing having someone sharing his experience gained in years.

  4. i just got carpal tunnel and that technique of yours helps me a lot in school. I woke up 3 am to practice my writing using my non dominant hand. It really works even though my handwriting is horrible still gonna practice more

  5. I'm glad I found your link on reddit. This has helped tremendously! I'm naturally lefty, but I was forced to use my right. It feels so natural now. Thank you.

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