PLAN WITH ME JUNE 🖋🌾 – Bullet Journal Suomi 2018

Hello everybody and welcome finally to my June “Plan with me” bullet journal video It’s not a bit late or a bit too early but right now in the beginning of June before we start with the video I have a couple of nice and fun announcements to make about the collaboration and raflle with Teippitarha in my Instagram (@Roosamononen) last time you guys liked it a lot and we had so many participants, so now I got the chance to do it again. As you can see here I’ll be doing a raflle for a gift voucher for Teippitarha where you can find all the notebooks, pens and tapes for your bullet journals. Really love the place and their huge selection. Delivery is very quick and it’s my favorite place to shop from Finland for bullet journal materials So remember to check my Insta for the raffle and you just might win a gift card. Also if you’re too impatient to wait for the raffle to end I also have a discount code just enter “ROOSA15” a 15% discount
(valid till 17.6.2018!!!) just enter “ROOSA15” a 15% discount
(valid till 17.6.2018!!!) Code will be valid about two weeks from now Code will be valid about two weeks from now And there’s not all because some of you have decided to send me pictures of your own creations with inspiration from my videos and pictures so I decided I could should show some them here there really aren’t that many yet, ’cause I haven’t talked about this yet, but I have to say that if you get inspired from videos and decide to add them on your Instagram or anywhere else please send them to me or if you add them on Instagram plese tag me to them @ROOSAMONONEN OR @ROOSADRAWS so I can see them, like them and leave a comment and possibly show them on my next “Plan with me” video Now I think I’ve said every that I needed to tell you guys so we can begin with the real deal 😉
LET’S GO! For June theme I decided to go with a brown and gold”ish” colorway cause the main theme is “grainfields” or “graincobs” I’m not really sure if it’s grain or rye or something(???) generally these cobs that grow in the fields so used two kind of colors other ones a bit more gold like dark and the other ones more light orange way so that it wouldn’t look so plain with only one color I like to use more tones for it be more interesting the funny thing is that I got this idea from my boyfriend
(YOU’RE WELCOME) when I asked what should my June theme be cause I had so much trouble to come up an idea I wanted something new and fresh and he said that summer reminds him all kinds of fields and harvesting so I thought it was such a great idea and decided to go with it
(AGAIN YOU’RE WELCOME) then we get to the part where fun begins I got these metallic colored watercolors, as you can see it has a bit metallic glow in it so i decided to do little details with it to the golden drawings I use this watercontainer watercolor pencil for it. It has water inside the pen and when you squeeze it like this it releases water and I really think that it’s more convenient to use than a regular brush Here I’m applying gold to these darker graincobs and I think it looks pretty neat especially when you move the paper and light hits it it looks super cool and I think that the front page looks beautiful Then we get to my monthly view I think this “traditional” calendar look works best where you can easily perceive weekdays, weeks and weekends Earlier I had a one where I had everything one below another but I think it was just a bit messy for me, so I’m more fond with this traditional calendar The title I first illustrated with the Tombow Fudenosuke brushpen and with the Tombow’s normal colored brushpen decorations On the side as usual I made my Youtube and growth tracking squares There I mark my follower count on the first day of the month and same thing at the end of the month I really think these let you track your growth fairly easy Under the calendar I decided to continue with the grain theme. You’ll prolly be seeing it quite a lot in this video, so hopefully you haven’t gotten too bored by now They’re actually pretty easy to draw First I draw the stocks with a fiber pen and the I color them Don’t have to be that precise with the coloring About half of the upper part and with a fineliner rest of the cobs Once again the coloring doesn’t matter that much if it’s not on point because it brings a more relaxed feel to it Then we get to the “Tracker” opening first is my Habit tracker title done with calligraphy, still not super happy with my skills but I’m making progress on it maybe someday I’ll satisfied with it Last month I tried to track my habits with these simple kind of boxes I think this kind of method makes it easier to understand how often or seldom the habit occurs than when they’re all just in a line Like I’ve had in my earlier months I was asked what things do I track on my Habit tracker and they alternate quite a bit During summer time I only track my sleep training, two litres of water, eating healthy social media and headaches. For an example I didn’t need to add studying cause I’m on my holiday during the summer. So it changes a lot depending on the time but I think these work for summer time Yet again below grainfields but with a bit smaller and more relaxed feel also some pollen flying in the air I think it looks nice and not so empty with this design Then we get to my Mood tracker and here I first designed a big grain cob, but then I decided that it would be a bit boring, so I decided to add dates from top to bottom and then I’ll draw a grain cob to picture my mood according to my legend The shorter the cob is the more unhappier I was and vice versa Next is my Budget tracker Here I sort out my financial goings Bills, groceries, eating out, home essentials, misc entertainment and extras I tried this for the first time last month and I have to admit I wasn’t the most active user but I found it more clear than my other styles so I decided to give it another go and try to use it more this month. And because the page would’ve looked too white I made these colored stripes with Tombow colorpen Next is Ideas page Here I collect all my ideas and plans for my social media Instagram, blog, Youtube, podcasts and everything else goes to this page Next up is my “One line a day” page The goal here is to write one line per day and this has been a part of my bullet journal for many months now This has to be my favorite page cause it’s so nice to read afterwards what you’ve accomplished during the month especially when you’ve had a bad day and you just need to write down something, there comes up at least something positive about the day it might make your day even a little better If you dont have this in your bullet journal I highly recommend you to try it ’cause this is like a “GOOD VIBES THING” On the side I made this bouquet of grain cob-dumpweed thingy but actually it reminds me of midsummers day which occurs now in June when you collect all kinds of flowers and midsummer also reminds me of fields so maybe that’s a midsummer bouquet 😀 The flying pollen gives it a bit of a magical feel to it so (again) a midsummer bouquet it is Then a whole new page which I haven’t done before in my bullet journal Bucket list for the summer
I think it’s a fun idea I actually made a bucket list on my blog but I’ve come up a lot more ideas to ita so I decided to dedicate an own page for it here and here’s the first thing for the list: bungee jumping and actually I’ve already done that by now so let’s hope I reach my other goals as well during the summer I totally forgot to use my new Tombow fine liner which I got for testing from Teippitarha but remembered it at end of filming this video so now I get to test it for my first Weekly spread. This time I’m only doing a single week page so it won’t take up the whole spread because during the summer I have less things to do And here I noticed that this pen is really good because it didn’t smudge after using the ruler or when I overlined the text with brushpen afterwards So I highly recommend these Tombow Mono fine liners Dry fast and doesn’t smudge Here is the final flipthrough for my month of June It feels so warm (heaty) and summer-like and im so grateful for my boyfriend about this idea (NO PROBLEM)
Fonts and everything came out fine I’m so happy that I see my progression with drawing etc. Also if you get inspired by my art and do your own recreations please send them to me or tag me in them I absolutely want to see them, comment and like them Thank you so much for watching this video and and we’ll hopefully see again soon! BYE!

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