Pelosi responds to Trump’s ‘really sick’ letter

100 thoughts on “Pelosi responds to Trump’s ‘really sick’ letter

  1. Americans should be shocked and disturbed at the entire Republican party who are ignoring the facts and continue to blindly support the President when the FACTS clearly show abuse of power. If they refuse to take the trial seriously, (MCConnell has already made a decision without before the trial has started and that's disturbing) they are a corrupt bunch and should be removed from office. If Clinton was impeached for lying to congress, Trump must be impeached for the many lies, obstruction and abuse he has committed. How could a party keep a man who commits criminal acts in office?? This is not about democrats hating Trump, that is besides the point and facts. The Republicans have no evidence and continue to spew words with no back up! How can they get away with this lack of accountability to their positions? The Republican Party on a whole is a national security risk. They are immoral and corrupt. What happened? Evil bunch the whole lot of them

  2. Oh, give it up. Nancy hasn’t even impeached Trump. Until she sends the case to the Senate, there is no impeachment. You know that. Do some real reporting, why don’t ya?

  3. He's an idiot. He didn't write that letter. I believe he did have someone else write it. He can't even speak properly. And the little I saw the punctuation was correct and there is no misspelling. He couldn't write half a paragraph, without fucking it up.

  4. For those who do not understand encryption, turn on the closed captions. The background music acts as the encryption key that garbles the spoken words resulting in an unintelligible garbage that is the captions in this video. You are welcome.

  5. We democrats won 40 seats in the house in 2018, but those were the moderate republicans who lost. What's left is the real hard core right wing trash. 19 more republican congressmen have announced they quit and will not run in 2020. If we pick up another 40 seats in the house the republicans will become a regional rump party in the south and midwest.

  6. Democrats have nothing against trump but. Keep on shiff and nadler and there dumb leader Nancy Pelosi are a bunch of butt pirates. Pelosi sounds like she a mouthful of rocks. Trump 2020

  7. Can't stand Pelosi or Trump but since Trump is the president of my country I want him to do well and I believe that he has done some positive things while he has been in office. I think this whole impeachment thing is a huge waste of time and I personally think Trump is innocent. The Democratic party has been at Trump's throat since day one and the "news". Oops. I mean propaganda, doesnt help any since you have 2 sides saying opposite things from one another and bashing each other in the process. United we stand, divided we fall. I feel if we were all more open minded and civil with one another, despite of having different views and opinions; things would start improving. I don't expect us to all agree on the same things BUT there needs to be a compromise and It's hard for people to get along when there's constantly hate being spewed on BOTH sides.

  8. I personally read that report and the only liars is you ya bog bag of dicks yall are a fuxking trip i only watch uou cock fags for amusement idiots dont have an imagination btw pelosi looked pretty good for a fucking corpse


  10. I used to admire Wolf Blitzer when I was in college. As O grew older and wisdom kicked in, I realized how mediocre he is. Another fake news loser!

  11. Donald Trump do you ever take responsibility for anything . it's always somebody else's fault. not your fault how many times have you met with Putin . and you didn't let the people of the United States know it Donald Trump. Is a liar a drug addict. and he can't read Donald Trump start taking responsibility for the things that you do… He's a bully.

  12. Yep who has time for the vitriol and drama of the self centered confusion that surrounds this prez. It's the nation's business that needs attending too!
    Good for Pelosi –
    I've been working – someone has to. Clearly this figure head doesn't- for the nation's interest.
    Yet again we're back to topic Trump constantly over and over again while urgent matters are at our doorstep.
    Perfect response Pelosi.

  13. Hey Trump supporters presidents don't do this this is what dictators do how are you so blind to see that this man wants to abolish the rules in this country and Rule as a dictator

  14. I like how John Stewart describes Trump. He says he is a salesman of some franchise company. He was able to transform the white house, but the white house was not able to transform him.

  15. Lies? Agreed cthe dems lied. Too bad we don't. Have an honest media instead of the Dem propaganda machine. USA is being brainwashed by Dems. separate media and state!

  16. Is Trump so psychotic he really believes attacks on our elections are divine intervention and "climate science is a hoax perpetrated by the Chinese" or is he simply a sociopath who doesn't give a damn? #MoscowMitch stated Republican senate jurors will have the same strategy as Trump's legal team. So the GOP is practicing insanity. Who hasn't seen Trump solicit election tampering, obstruct justice, threaten whistleblowers veterans witnesses "rats" "human scum" or civil war?
    "I have the tough people but they don't play it tough until they go to a certain point and then it would be very bad, very bad." – Don Trump
    Even Tricky Dick ("I am not a crook") Nixon wasn't that unhinged.
    But while he also had the now convicted creep Roger Stone, Nixon didn't have twitter Facebook Fox & friends, fact free drug dealers promoting Russian disinformation, corruption and denial or criminal insanity while also attacking Serpicos in law enforcement, whistle-blowers, Hill Kent veterans Taylor & Vindman for serving this country with integrity.

    Why must the FEC keep reminding folks any foreign government's offer of assistance in US elections is illegal and must be reported? Now Pompeo, Mulvaney Barr & Giuliani are implicated in extortion of Ukraine's help to attack a 2020 opponent and Trump publicly solicited election tampering from China after he made Ukraine an offer they couldn't refuse. How could anyone who swore an oath to uphold the constitution condone that and oppose impeachment? Some GOP strategists initially suggested calling Trump's public confessions failed attempts at jokes.

    The House can issue more subpoenas but who wants to watch Mob Wives of the GOP continue to ignore the law and argue obstruction of justice is not obstruction when the crime boss directs it? Pardon me? Law? What law? "Get over it."

    Who wants to see the Don's lawyers resurrect Nixon's claim, "If the president does it that means it's not illegal" or Trump has "absolute immunity" and "could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody" or hear the profiteer in chief proclaim "the phoney emoluments clause" of the constitution is dead or claim foreign and US taxpayer money routed to Trump businesses is a "hoax"?

    So why haven't Congressional Republicans asked the crime boss and his lackeys to resign?
    Why is the GOP gas-lighting us, blowing off obvious lawlessness as "a joke", mocking democracy and our intelligence? "When you're a star they let you do it; you can do anything; grab em by the p****y"? Since the self-disclosed serial predator in the White House endorsed alleged pedophile Judge Roy Moore (whose answer to, "When was America great?" was under slavery) Lindsey learned Republican primary voters, Breitbart Q Fox & The Daily Stormer followers, prefer fiction to fact and care less about attacks on veterans, people of color, women or girls than about subservience to Trump and convert Vichy Lindsey has had no interest in enduring the rage unleashed on anyone who accuses a star of the GOP of abuse.
    Better to be Fox than be targeted as an "enemy of the people"?
    Most people are not heroes but the mob boss' entire lackey network is beyond cowardly.
    Veterans of WWII and the Lincoln Brigades are vomiting in their graves.

    How many times must we be told we cannot trust demonrats, RINOs, the enemy of the people or our eyes before most go blind or insane? #ImpeachConvictAndRemoveTheJoker

  17. Trump is 100% correct. Anyone with eyes, ears and a brain to process the input can recognise that the Democrats’ impeachment campaign was a goal looking for a justification and it began before Trump even took office. Leftists should learn that characterising an argument as ”bizarre”, or a ”rant” is not an argument, but an attempt to dishonestly invalidate and dismiss without an argument. Try being the intellectuals you pretend to be.

  18. It takes one to know one , goes the saying ! Trump knows so well how to victimize others that he is using this phony excuse to deny his obvious torts ! A very common pervert narcissist narcissist technic probably suggested by this bunch of unethical Senate Republicans who think that clinging to their seats is more important than the world wide respect of the Nation at least in the eyes of the 10 Real democracies that we can now find on the globe . 90% of the world being lead more or less by obvious immoral crooks addicted to power and greedy for money !  
    Trump is the karma of the US wether we want to accept it or not . Now we must decide if we are adding to that what the Senate may cost us !  No lies nor sophist rhetoric will be able to spare us the consequences of the destiny we have created to ourselves !
    Nobody forces us to bet on the devil’ s horses ; it is our free choice .

  19. Hey MSNBC President Donald Trump is still MSNBC President. MSNBC has been exposed to no real investigation into their stories.

  20. But he is still the president, WTF, nothing has or will change!!Trump likes the attention, he is sick, his backers should burn in hell!!

  21. Nency you pray and you are lier you lie to American people You can for any BUDY but to God you can lie any can die how you gona face God….

  22. She is dragging a country into her personal hate agenda towards somebody. She is an old idiot, disgusting, perverted, agressiv, schizophrenic, hateful, wicked person. It is time for her to go to the grave. Sooner is better. The world will be nicer without her.

  23. its a "really sick" letter and it hurts my little feeling soooo bad. I'm going to take my can of impeachment lite and go home.

  24. Russian agents have infiltrated Washington DC and will turn America into a communist country run by Special Russian agent Trump. Steven Miller is a KGB agent and we turn a blind eye. Pelosi is crackind down on communism.


  26. acosta is an as'swipey just like all the demonrat as'swipeys. they all need to hang like the traitors they are. potus did not put himself in any predicament the traitors put him here and they will pay dearly. there is a neck for each rope. the sooner the better. . come on b. barr and team do your job and do it right.


  28. CNN and every other alphabet news outlet seem to be parroting off of the same song sheet. How about a little fact checking first. Mr Trump has NOT been impeached. The Senate will throw this fake impeachment out. The Democrats have become a laughing stock along with the fake news media.

  29. 1:49
    "you know it, they all know it"

    No, Trump, we DO NOT KNOW IT, and youre attempt to con us with your lying, generalization bullshit isnt gonna change that…

    Trump truly is a delusional narcicist…

  30. Every word in Trump's letter is true. Try being conservative in any communications field today, you'll find out what a double standard of justice progressives apply to those who think rationally and independently. Nancy Pelosi is devious and demented. CNN is staffed by mindless, spineless toadies.

  31. Best professional letter that this nasty witch deserves…. hey NANCY wanna play with a WINNER or do you want to stick to you puppeteers! Just Love “Q” and “Q+”

  32. Can’t wait to see what Nervous Nancy does next. I can’t see her pulling those articles of impeachment out from under her arse any time soon but I live in hope.

  33. You are all going to be put to death when we have had enough!Every Traitor we the AMERICAN people prove are traitors will be Put to death.Make no mistake about it!Justice is coming for you traitors! Demoncrats

  34. The democrats are the ones abusing the power. They are covering their own asses. All they got hes he said she said bullshit. There is no facts at all. You democrats are so brainwashed. Trump will not get impeached and he will win in 2020. Thats facts for you.

  35. Trump Again.What a fool.When will the USA eventually get rid of this idiot.I can image an extremely funny movie being made by Hollywood.It should called Make America Great again.He will probably sue or send a tweet.Honestly he is the worse president and hopefully the last in history of the United States.

  36. Donald Trump is by far the most worthwhile President the US ever had. Can’t wait to see the swamp rats turn on each other before their jail terms begin.

  37. 😂😂Sorry Alana are you actually happy with this Guy.Full facial make up .Some Botox here and there.Sitting in the chair as if to say I have to support the fool.He has loads of money to keep me looking glamorous.Wait till the IRS catches him.Then you will have to fine another sugar daddy.Or Trump can find himself a black woman .You know what they Black Don’t Crack.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  38. " i pray for the President….all of the time" omG is this for real?? she is a lying demon that died way long ago on a dark forest

  39. and CNN you have 50% of guilt on this charade …im not democrat anymore just because of you…i begin to feel that you guys went soo deep that you just cant go back anymore. Now the truth is coming up you are pedaling backwards so fast that is actually sad to watch..i watch CNN all my life, now..not so much because there are way to many lies

  40. Why are people get mad that Trump is getting out of office. Its not like nothing is going to change shit is going to be the same. The government runs the country not president! We all know trump ain't running shit but his mouth he is a puppet for Republican Party.

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