Hello everyone alen I am very happy to meet you today in this new video to present my top 5 perfumes for teen boys so if now I have prepared a top 5 3 of the amphi if you still have not seen I wanted but very fair in below endosse cription invites you to view them it can always be interesting so suddenly without further ado we start immediately the video We must know how teenagers do not necessarily have the same needs the same desires to be perfumed as the adults so suddenly it can still be cool to know a little ranking of my top 5 fragrances to adopt for a teenager and so the blow in number st I placed the men’s home gardin stone it’s a fragrance that begins with its fresh and fruity modern notes we will find including red apple to a spicy cocktail as well as a wooded base break and balancing who in fact it is an aromatic woods and so I find it really very expensive air at the same time I have not too strong Sincerely, this is the kind of fragrance I recommend for the shower in fourth place I put the instinct of David Beckham you are the star of football it is always a pleasure amputee so we suddenly find in top note bergamot leaf of tangerines in the heart we will find the star anise of the cardamom of 4 spices make some shade of patchouli and vetiver that sometimes has both fred or but not too strong really it’s a happy medium between the strength because the teens they want to be very big etc at the same time it’s a perfume that has a whole punk who really wants to go crazy carmes to go far it is a perfume that can be used for all events banks are in the evening during the day during the sport etc it can really be a cool perfume in third position I have placed the only the brave of diesel it will consist of leather lemon as well as embrace a scent that has punch that is electric we really want to get started we will really have this aspect this unique title that will raise all this sensation and that will be a very sensational perfume and very electric at the time in second place I placed you one million at paco rabanne It will be composed of Pepper mint Peppermint Absolute Rose accord leather a number that spreads also so it’s a fragrance that is spicy both fresh me when I feel it right now that sugar limits and I do not know why but in any case I know there is a lot a lot of teenagers who previously had this scent and I thought he was doing very well at number two it’s a scent that both full of elegance vigor energy I find who is intense at the same time finally not too intense finally you see what I mean finally I hope in any case it is sometimes too that slams because frankly the bottle with the gold bar is very pretty to see and so here it is sometimes when I advise you the second fragrance tests in number 1 is the wild dior sure value it pascrell we will find bergamot reggio calabria of the absolute he goes neither papua new guinea so I think it’s a very interesting agreement it’s both intense if now really you have a teenager who really wants to have a perfume that scares the air that makes us want to move to go further than possible who can wear anytime in the evening for halo classes that I am also for the afternoon take it at charles pasi brunch the good here it can always be nice and here is a chameleon perfume that can be arranged in any event and that’s if he just wants a perfume for everyone ben it’s packed it’s weighed sure values ​​so I hope a thing my selection will have pleased you do not hesitate to tell me your selection in comment to tell me what is your favorite teen fragrance that you will advise and it’s always interesting to read that we will make a second episode also we in any case we find ourselves very quickly in a future chronicle of course I invite you to like the video I invite you also to subscribe by activating the ratification clause it was with the help and I wish you a pleasant fragrant week

1 thought on “PARFUM ADO GARÇON 👦

  1. ALEN tu devrais tellement te laisser pousser la barbe mais pas la barbe la grosse barbe non ça ne t irai pas du tout
    La barbe courte légère bien entretenu tous les 2,3 jours
    Ça t apporterai ce petit coté viril mais pas trop
    Se serai vraiment top
    Sinon tes videos toujours un plaisir
    Enta ralwa ! Traduction en Français tu es un vrai bonbon on dirait plus un petit sucre

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