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  1. Ca donne envie de faire son propre journal. Avec tous ces explications, c'est beaucoup plus simple que l'on pense. J'aime beaucoup 🙂

  2. I am a huge Outlander fan, we have a group of 6 ladies that get together and watch each episode. I was wanting to make them something they would love and this is perfect. Thank you for sharing your tutorial.

  3. I'm so excited to try this out! I just tried out bookbinding and I'm so in love with it! What a relaxing hobby 🙂 Thank you for these incredible videos!

  4. I had to read the first book for a class I took last year about popular culture and the media. It was fun.

  5. This has nothing to do with this video but I'm looking for a way to make lines on my pages like the Lines on regular lined paper that you'd use at school. If you can help me Jennifer, I'd be super happy

  6. I am absolutely in love with this journal! Outlander is one of my obsessions, and season four could not be here sooner! Please male some more Outlander inspired projects (a dragonfly in amber, perhaps?)! I'll have to get my crafty mom to help me with this travelers journal (she loves making them!), haha.

  7. Hey Jennifer! I just wanted to tell you that your videos inspired me to start bookbinding. I've been watching since the kettle stitch/basic bookbinding vid first blew up, and I was finally convinced to make my own book after trying to convert my filofax to a traveler's. 🙂

  8. Girl you are so amazing! I am a HUGE Outlander and Jamie fan. Next to Poldark, Kurt Seyit and Sura and Velvet it's my favorite show. I am definitely going to make this but I will try to put my own spin on it. Thanks for such a great video.

  9. Love your video's! I've done most of your tutorials! (You make bookbinding so easy for beginners!!)
    I was wondering, how did you make those picture corners? Or did u buy them? 🙂

  10. i've been looking for a date stamp like that forever!! so glad i saw your video and decided to check it out!! a lot of the date stamp i've found have preset years up until a certain time and i didnt want that. thanks for your link!

  11. Will this cover "painting" method work with real leather? I have some suede I am thinking of using for a cover. Do you think this method would work for suede?

  12. I love Outlander it is my favorite series love your book you made I am newly subscribed to your channnel

  13. I love this …..I made Maitre Raymond ATCs …..but this is so sweet. Love that Episode a lot, but the best is ep 304…. 😉

  14. Have you ever thought of doing a Charmed-style book (there was also the Dark BoS & the spell-book of Tuatha; it was red, I think- at least she wore red [it's been a while!] Mia's diary in the PD movies reminded me of it)?- I loved that show, & watched it all the time- I also watched Witches of East End, but it was only ever ok to me- I liked Killian & Dash- but they aren't Cole (I love me a fellow Antipodean!) or Andy. I loved watching this- cheers from Australia!

  15. Found this bookbinding history and thought you would like to see it.


  16. Do you think you can make your version of a death note from the anime of the same name? I would to see your interpretation since the anime makes it seem like a hardcover book, but the ones sold in store are soft cover.

  17. I'd love to see you do a tutorial on the Book of Shadows from Charmed. I know that with your book making skills you can do it justice.

  18. Not an Outlander fan, just a huge Sea Lemon fan! But after watching this video, I so want to watch Outlander as well because it sounds really cool. And that journal is super nice! <3

  19. Hi Jennifer! This is the best channel for book binding methods, tips and tricks among others.
    I was wondering what is the width of the chord elastic that you used?

  20. Hi! I love your videos you are so creative. Quick question… how many pages can I use with the saddle stitch you use in this tutorial? Is there any limit of paper I can use with this stitch?

  21. Alright don't get me wrong I love how you make the books, and will definitely make some in the future but…
    at 10:57, the center of this design, I never realized the Freemason luciferian doctrine satanic symbol was even in the show… but apparently so.. That's just lovey! Don't tell me that I am the only one with open eyes viewing this.
    If I was to make this journal.. I definitely would not add that symbol, it is satanic. People research your symbolism.
    Maybe just be a bit more aware of what you are putting out there for all eyes to see. I love the show but it wasn't til now I just realized that it had that symbolism. It's not ok.

  22. I don’t watch the show, but I think it’s a really pretty design for a book! I may make one myself for a travel diary, since I travel a lot with my family and marching band <3

  23. This is rad. I’m making a gift for my first wedding anniversary, which is symbolized by paper! Perfect project for my paper and textile stash. Your channel inspires me to finally start a textile art channel. Stoked I found you!

  24. first of u are very pretty teacher who can explain very nicely secondly thanks for the idea and am an outlander fan like u

  25. Did you use the Masonic emblems of Freemasonry on purpose? Just curious if that was intentional or you just didn't know what you were drawing on the cover.

  26. Not gonna lie, stopped watching this about a minute in, that way I wouldn’t have any spoilers for season 3. Finished watching it and just remembered this video.

  27. I am a new subscriber to your channel and so glad to be here.
    All your projects are awesome.
    Planning my supply list to create some of my own.

  28. Oh I adore Outlander so much! I care so much about all of the characters and the story is so great! So cool to see you partner up with them

  29. hello miss lemon, I have to say, your enthusiasm for Outlander is contagious. The premise sounds intriguing, so I had to order the first season DVD and will be binge watching that when it arrives, and your journal above is gorgeous. thx bunches

  30. Do you sell your journals? I tried to ask on your facebook page but can't. What is the pen you use? I am on facebook E.KavanaghSteel PM me please.

  31. I love you, 'coz you look like my favourite niece online! I also like your works on these books and booklets!!! You are so amazing and soooo talented! Thanks For Showing your crafts! Ciao

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